Friday, 15 March 2013

What to do now...

Hey Everyone Tarana here! :D

Ok first of all it's been nearly two weeks (tomorrow will make it two weeks) since i've dropped out of my PGCE programme. I'm still trying to get into terms with it but it kind of difficult since I haven't really had a major break in my life from studying. However, the good news is that I now I have A LOT of free time!! :D So what I'm planning on doing is some more creative stuff!! :D

I'm going to start making things like jewellery - I've already made two bracelets as my first creations!! I'm also thinking of making Youtube videos on the Sims 2 stuff. I think I'll start off with creating homes and showing them :)

This also means that I'll be having much more time on my hand creating my story!! :D So check out my other blog, my blogger name is xxangelgirlxx01 I've created that blog for mostly uploading my stories so hopefully they become more popular!! :D

Anyways, that's all for now until next time!! Oh and one more thing....I'm thinking of blogging daily so yeah I hope to get into that a lot more!!

Catch you all later

Tarana xoxoxo

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