Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 22 (Wednesday 31st July 2013)

Salam Everyone :D

Ok today I have to say I'm not so happy. Why you ask? Well, I went into my workplace for the training and I find out that Keisha may not be able to continue her business there because of license issues which means she can't train me which is why I told her to let me know tomorrow what is her final decision and I also suggested to find a another place to carry out her business :) which again she said she would look into it and let me know tomorrow what's going to happen :)

She also told me that she doesn't want to leave me hanging and if I come across any other opportunities to take it. End of it all there is a least possible chance for me to get a job there - again I got my hopes up too soon and let myself down - so I'm back to searching for a job again.

I started thinking that maybe that this was meant to be but my ultimate goal is to be become a primary school teacher and also a famous author :) At the moment my teaching would be on hold because of the teaching experience and PGCE situation. However, I'm feeling very optimistic about my story because you all are reading my expressive writing blog so hopefully I will get out more chapters soon and update it :)

That's all for today, oh also I not been feeling well today my body has been in a lot of pain!! It's like I have RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) all over my body including my toes and my fingers.  Very painful but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about :)

Anyways I hope this doesn't sound too negative - honestly saying I actually feel really happy with my story!! I'm kind of very excited!! :D anyways take care and be positive :D xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 21 (Tuesday 30th July 2013)

Hey hey everyone!  :)

Sorry for the late post I actually kind of forgot lol but don't worry I'm back people :) Ok so as you know I picked up my laptop today but not only that I also had to go out three times today in total!! :O that was a lot of walking and thanks to that my legs are in a lot of pain so yeah and also I was extra hungry and I am like super tired! So I won't be making Sehri tonight instead I'll eat early and go to bed :)

I've sorted out my laptop Internet the next stage would be to put be data from my old hard drive into it and sort that all out until I can make a fresh start and then I'll be back on point that shouldn't take more than two day max.

Anyways I'm kind of excited about tomorrow :) I'm going to be having first day of training tomorrow! :D I'm really looking forward to it!! :D

Anyway that is all for today take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Oh yay my laptop!! ;)

Hello everyone!!

As you know I said that I would be getting my laptop today and guess what I did!! :D Yay!!

I have pictures of it for you all to see! :D 

I love it soo much it's better than my last laptop and the screen is wide like my old laptop and also the keyboard is the best because I love the fact that it would be easy to clean! :D

At the moment my laptop is on charge and then I'm going to sort out my laptop and have it ready for use soon :)

Soo excited!!! Anyway take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 29 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 20 (Monday 29th July 2013)

Salamualaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatu :D

Hey hey all ever since my update post I have been feeling really excited because I'm really looking forward to it :)

This week will be very eventful for me with tomorrow collecting my laptop and also other volunteering in my local community. This volunteering came about from a phone call I woke up from telling me that my jewellery making workshop will be rescheduled to Thursday instead and I thought to myself I really can't do that now because I'm starting my training on Wednesday and Thursday from this week so I told her to reschedule for Mondays and I told her we will do that from now on and she said it should be fine but it also mean another week of no jewellery making but it's fine because ill be learning a whole other new side to things :)

Anyways the rest of the Ramadan was fine only thing is that me and my Youngest sister gave Aston (My cute adorable lil cat) a bath and it was his second time too and he was petrified but afterwards he was all loving and he felt really clean too :)

During Iftar we ate leftovers from yesterday except I didn't eat nothing else but the boiled potato with cheese (my fave) and right now my stomach is calling out for food so I'm gonna go ahead and eat!!

Well that was all for today until tomorrow take care think positive xoxox

Update!! :D

Hello Everyone!! ::D

Great news!! My lapop actually arrived at my uni over a week ago but silly me my number wasn't typed correctly so I didn't get the text to pick it up!! However I'm going to go tomorrow to pick it up!!! :D Soo there's gonna be a lot of changes happening to my blog as well as news that I would like to share :P

My blogs would be changing drastically! Not so much on this one as it will be on my other blogs!!

Anyways I'm excited and thought I'd share it with you all! :D

Also I noticed that this blog has become very popular and that there a lot of people viewing my page from around the world!! :D So I would like to thank you all for viewing my page and keep supporting me!! :D

Lastly I woke up hearing my mum saying that it's going to be Eid NEXT WEEK!!!! :D I was so excited that I'm looking forward to it and hopefully by then I shall be able to make a refresh of my Expressive writing blog and my Sims 2 blog!! :D Of course I'll be doing something very special for Eid for you all too!! :D

Anyways That's all for now I'm going to write an update post on the other blogs so I'll post again later today for the Ramadan Diary!! :D I just had to post this right away! Take care and think positive xoxox

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 19 (Sunday 28th July 2013)

Salamualaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatu :D

Today was very good :) as I said before that we have to prepare a lot of food for the Iftar at the mosque :D it was wonderful when we were making the food and as a result we had a very nice meal just us girls and my mum because all the boys were at the mosque :)

Here is he result of the cooking we also had pillow rice but I didn't take the picture because I forgot and by then everyone started digging in the food lol

Here's some pictures:

This food is called chick peas and potatoes side dish (ok I made the name up only because I don't know the English name for it lol) I made this side dish doesn't it look scrumptious?! :D

I would call this dish the lentil and onion fried ball (again another side dish sort of can also be eaten with sauces) my younger sister made the batch and I fried it!! :) it normally takes about 40mins but this was like treble the amount so it took about 1 hour and 15mins and it was much quicker because I used two frying pans :D

Anyway that was all for today it was pretty nice having Iftar as just us :) all the guys went out to the mosque which was nice not that I don't like it when they are here but it was nice just us girls :) it would be nice to go out once in a while!

Anyways that was all for today I speak with you all tomorrow :) take care and think positive :D xoxox

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 18 (Saturday 27th July 2013) Launch party!! :D & update & monthly special

Hey hey my lovelies :) 

Well as you know it was another Ramadan day with a special event - yep that's right it the launch party for the Serene Goddess Salon :)

So lets start it shall we? Firstly, when I arrived there my boss her name is Keisha by the way :) (I'll just call her that from now on) was sitting by at the sofa blowing balloons - heart balloons at that :P very nice :) I volunteered to help her out and she said for me to get some more glasses and to buy some balloons nearby she gave me some money and I went and dopey me I forgot what shop she said so I just winged it lol! Ended up being the only supermarket there so I thought yep it's gotta be it lol and found the helium balloons that they added in as soon as I got them I bought 3 so when I was carrying them back to the shop there were a lot of people staring at me - boy did I attract a lot of attention :P all was good :D

So when I arrived back to the shop I put the balloons down and then started to help out. Then Keisha went to pick up someone (I won't say who because of confidentiality reasons) that she knew and I played with the children that came.

After a while there weren't any new people just Keisha's aunt who for a manicure :) and I get to see it too so I started thinking I really wanna learn this stuff honestly saying I can pretty much pick it up by just observing :)

So later on I spoke to Keisha about my role in the shop and told her I wanna undergo some training for beauty stuff and she said yes!! :D I love her so much for being so laid back!!! :D she's even respectful of my religion and told me that I can do things that are allowed and don't have to do things the aren't :D I was overjoyed!! :D and I'll be getting my own uniform for it too!! :D I'm soo happy :) and for now ill be doing Wednesday and Thursday for training and when she gets her license we will be able to start up on the treatments!! :D I'm soo excited!!

I forgot to mention I told Keisha if I could take a few pictures and upload it to my blog and she said that she's cool with it so I will!! :D you'll get to see where I'll be working soon!!  :D this is another monthly special!! :D

Also I had this idea of having a beauty diary where I'm gonna record all my thoughts as well as what I learned about beauty treatments and such and maybe some ideas for my own self!! :D

I'm SOOO excited for this Wednesday because where gonna start off with manicures!!! :D

Anyways when I came home everything was normal I felt a little hungry though!! But it was good :) oh and tomorrow's Iftar will be hectic because where have to all help make a lot of food because we are going to give it to our local mosque :) which I find is special and is a very good deed indeed :)

Also one last thing I think I might start writing up my story too as I'm having a lot of creative juice flow coming!!! :D Anyway that's all for today until tomorrow take care and think positive xoxox :D 

Here's the pictures from when I first went to the salon and the. Ill out some of today's up as well :)

And here are pictures from today :)

See helium balloon :D xoxox

Friday, 26 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 17 (Friday 26th July 2013)

Salamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu :D

How are you all today? Firstly I would like to talk about my Sehri :) after we all ate and I prayed I was on my iPod read another manga (love them soo much as you can see) and when I wanted to go to sleep I looked at the time and saw that it was 6ish I thought ok I gotta go bed now ;) 

But then my right eye was causing me SOOO much problems it was itchy, red and water was coming out and I cleaned it several times with cold water and it still felt like there was something there. In the end the only thing I could do was jus l owe my eyes and not move it around.

When I woke up the next morning my eye was full of sleeps and it went puffy (like I was crying all night long - because that's what happens when I cry lol) I cooled it down algae some fresh air in the garden were I played cards with my youngest sister. It went down big time but then it was getting really hard to stay downstairs where the kitchen was so when I came upstairs I went on my iPod (I shouldn't have but it wasn't bothering it) I ended up watching an anime called Neo Angelique I really love it soo much!! Still watching it as well :) so I think I would end up watching it now until Sehri :)

For Iftar we had the fish burgers again but I didn't have it because I'm allergic to it so my lil bro went I bought me PFC so sweet of him :D

So it was a nice filling and stuffing meal I must admit :) and I just finished praying so I'm free for the rest of the night :) oh and tomorrow I'm going to the launch party at my workplace - well training for now - I'm kind of excited about it so I can't wait to get there and see how things are :) 

Anyway that's all for today's diary entry so I think I'll end it here until tomorrow take care and think positive xoxox

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 16 (Thursday 25th July 2013)

Salamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu :) 

How was everyone's day today? For me it was kind of quick and nice :) I woke up finding that the was a letter by name that came in today and I realised it was my delivery for the jewellery making workshop!! :D Yay!! I got got up made a few phone calls as I needed to one to the time share in the community centre and the other to the skill academy in my uni :)

Afterwards I cooked the chickpeas meal that we always have and a freshly made chicken curry that would be eaten during tonight's Sehri!! :D I'll show you all a picture of it!! Then later on after Iftar I helped clean up the kitchen and there was a ton of dishes which are now all washed up and cleaned :)

The. I went straight to prayer and because the time for Isha Salah goes earlier I finish my Salah more quicker!! :D how cool is that!!

Also I didn't feel that hungry or thirsty at all which was fine and later when I was praying my dua was answered instantly :) because I told my youngest sister to go and pray and she went and did it with no complains no nothing :) that made me feel soo happy inside and excited that while I was reading my Salah I was smiling and thinking that Allah has answered my dua's which was to make my family more religious and this was just the start inshaAllah :) 

Anyways that's all for now until next time :) stay safe and be positive :D xoxox

Here is my chicken curry :) hat do you think? It took me two hours roughly to make this by the way :P xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 15 (24th July 2013)

Salamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatu (this mean peace be with you) :D

Ok today was kind of scary and a miracle in a way too. Firstly, I woke up at around 12:30ish because I've been getting a lot of phone calls so I woke up and I went on my iPod (still no laptop people :( ) but I wanted to sort out my delivery as they said there was something wrong with the numbers or something. Well anyway I wanted to do it but my dad was around and I didn't want to be asked like 21 questions so I left it for now until the big news happened which was kind of scary.

Basically the neighbour next door is a rented house and different people live there. Suddenly I can hear from the walls (it's so thin you can hear a lot) somebody tumbling down the stairs groaning with a few other people making some more noises the guy was chased all the way outside the garden and was yelling for someone to call the police!! :O This is the kind of things you see in the movies but in this case it was right next door!!

My sister managed to see a lot more and told me that there was a guy who got beaten up, taser by one of the guys, stripped (not intentionally I think) and even stabbed! :O And they ran away too! :O

The police and helicopter was dispatched and the area was taped for a bit saying no one to leave or come in because it was under investigation - my dad had no idea and I explained it to him and he went outside to speak to the neighbours outside - this was the chance for me to make the phone call or else it will be too late and could end up becoming delayed so I made the phone call got hat sorted and then spoke to my sister some more. After a bit a police came and my sister explained what she saw and they took her details down - it was soo crazy!! :O

The miracle part of this was the victim and the culprit wet over the fences and instead of going over our fence they went over the other neighbours fences instead so we were safe thanks to Allah! :D we were saved and blessed.

Anyways that was mostly what happened and then I went to sleep and woke up around 8ish and had to help with the cooking and then we had a peaceful Iftar surprisingly nothing about the incident came about so it was all good.

So that was all anyways until next time stay safe and be positive :) also today marked 15th Ramadan making it half way through MashaAllah!! :D I really feel that it's going quite fast :) xoxox

Oh one last thing here is a picture of the police:

And I forgot to mention the police were armed as well so it was pretty cool!! Scary but still cool!! :D xoxox

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 14 (Saturday 23rd July 2013)

Salam everyone :)

Today I must say that it was a productive day!! :D I did everything necessary for the time being such as going to JSA to sort out my financial situation and then ordering my jewellery stuff online when I came back :) I must admit I missed two workshop session already and I don't want to make it a third one now.

When I did order the stuff I felt very grown up as I haven't ever used my card to order things online so it was interesting :) I know a lot of girls my age would do so but I'm not like most girls :) anyways because of this I was thinking of ordering the crafty things that I was gonna do in the first place so I think I might do so soon :D I'm actually kind of excited!!! :D

Anyways one of my cousin came to my house (who my dad got home from a Iftar invite) my dad also bought some very nice food too :) very yummy stuff :) I really liked it a lot :)

Anyways that was all for today honestly saying I did feel a little hungry and also really thirsty later on the day but it was fine afterwards :) the best thing is to keep yourself busy and think about other things which is why when I was reading the Qur'an I wasn't hungry at all but my throat really hurt me so I will definitely need to make a doctors appointment to see what is the matter with my throat.

Anyways that's all for today until tomorrow everyone take care and think positive :D xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 13 (Monday 22nd July 2013)

Salam everyone :D

Today was an ok day not a lot happened other than me going to the doctors with my mum she just needed to get he medication that's all.

Anyways it was ok I felt a little hurt at Iftar today because my big brother was kind of insulting me and humiliating me in front of everyone else and I really did not like it at all - I was upset by it so now I'm giving my bro the silent treatment lets see how long it will take before he cracks :P it's not revenge if that's what you're's just that I want him to learn that doing something like this is not right still...

Well because if that my mood was pretty sad the rest of the evening but I didn't let it get to me by taking it out on the others other than my mum a little because she actually joined in with the humiliation but I'm ok with her now :)

Anyways I always apologise to my mum when I do something that is not right to her because I don't like getting angry it really makes me hurt...

Anyways lets bring in some positive vibes...I think my employment job is actually going to turn out to be a training for two weeks just to see if I can cope with it all in a way I'm actually really happy because imagine being paid not doing the job you're hired for properly right? 

The job is so flexible as well I'm actually pretty happy!! :D So lets just say that I'm really looking forward to it :)

Anyways that's all until tomorrow take care and think positive :) xoxox

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 12 (Sunday 21st July 2013)

Salam to you all :D

Ok so I just finished my Salah for the day and I feel so refreshed and amazing. I'm really telling you the past couple of days I haven't prayed all my salah and because of it I've been feeling ill and what not but as soon as I started praying again today I felt wonderful Alhamdulilah :)

Anyway, today I did kind of wake up late (3:15pm late right?) but that's only because I slept at half 4...ok still no excuse lol. After a but I went to the doctors with my mum as she was not feeling well and boy did it take long to be seen...almost an hour and half by the time we got the mess and came home it was more than two hours!! :O I must admit that was a long time but it was fine because we had a nice walk back and it was great!! :D she talked and then went to the shops to buy a few things along with bueno (gotta have some chocolate after Iftar great great right?) and then we came home...I spent most of the day relaxing...we what's left of the day..

I saw on the Ramadan channel a nice unique pasta recipe and then a very interesting advert or more like reminder...basically long story short it was about a brother and how he likes to jog, meet friends, pray. Then it showed how he wasn't perfect like every human....showed how while jogging he was listening to music and while meeting with his friends he was smoking and offering one to them and he rushes his Salah. Then they showed how he was talking to a girl I the phone...and he has a car crash and dies...very strongly showing how every human would taste death...they then reverse each moment and show the scene with the soul of himself beside each one asking him to not do what he does and to spend more time doing what was asked of him...after it finished then it said 'Read your book'. 

My big sister asked me do you what book they are referring to and I said yes the Qur'an...but surprisingly she said no and told me it was the book on your life...because as Allah has said every action, word and thoughts you've ever had since you were born has been recorded in your book and we will be asked to read it and we will reject and say such things as..'I never done that or said that' and such and deny it when in actuality it's true...this was going through my mind and then I went and prayed and guess what I didn't rush it and I read it clearly and to the bee of my knowledge and Alhamdulilah I felt great!! :D I felt refreshed and good and I felt really pure.

Anyway afterwards it was Iftar time and thankfully today we didn't do much as we bought PFC (perfect fried chicken) it was nice and yummy to have once in a while :) we all enjoyed it and afterwards and cleaned up everyone's mess and just been relaxing and now I finished praying.

So a lot deep thoughts have been happening with me and also I feel like doing something creative so I think I would definitely give you guys a Monthly Special with that :)

Take care everyone and think positive xoxox :D

Ramadan Diary Day 11 (Saturday 20th July 2013)

Hello hello :D

Ok so today is a late post only because I kind of forgot and I'm not really feeling...most of the day went by me sleeping and I mean SLEEPING I have slept for 12 hours :O that is too much sleep even for me and now I'm still really tired because your body isn't used to that amount of sleep.

Anyway when I did wake up I did some employment stuff and then I helped for Iftar and unfortunately I didn't pray all my prayers today as I felt lazy and ill - still no excuse! I feel so bad about it and honestly saying my health was SOOO much better when I was praying then when I don't. Oh the blessing of praying!! :D 

Anyways Iftar was good and quiet (well I was quiet) there was a lot of complain...again I believe it is because of the fasting but other things could impact on it.

About my employment dad didn't really seemed that happy with my job that I found as he's more keen on me getting a graduate intern job..honestly saying I felt like that too but I was ecstatic for getting a job in the first place so right now I'm actually quite happy about the job but sad a little because I can tell my dad isn't that find of it. Oh well...I guess it's one of those things where I'll just work on I mean honestly saying if I can get a job as a TA I will be happy so Ill be waiting for then :D

Anyway that's all for today I know it's not much but let's just say I will be in a better position after about two weeks :) anyways take care and think positive ;) xoxox

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 10 (Friday 19th July 2013)

Hey hey people :D

Ok so today was a very fun or should I say a more cheerful day for me. It's not because something good happened to me oh no no no, it's just me in a very good mood that's all :D

I had to wake up pretty early because I had to go to the training session based at canary warf :) it was all about interviews and the do's and the don'ts of it :) I think it was actually very useful and gave me the idea of making a little tips about it to get into employment :) so ill definitely do that :)

Anyway, when I came back I prayed and read the Qur'an for a bit and I realised I am way behind too! :O so I need to buck up and get a move on with it I would most probably have to spend more time with reading then anything else during the day :)

Anyways I didn't read for long because the delivery for the drawers in my brothers room came so I thought I might as well pack up as I was upstairs on that floor. So I packed up and just read some more mangas on my iPod :)

While I was reading the Qur'an I realised that I needed to sort some employment stuff out so I had to make a call it went well but I didn't check my email so I probably would have to do that tomorrow.

Anyways I made some salad and some other things for Iftaar and then Iftar came and I was feeling really hungry feeling that it will be taking so long but finally it came and then afterwards I was talking to my brothers and sisters and my big sister made some pudding that didn't look like pudding more like mousse but a bit more in the form of jelly. I actually liked how it tasted but just not the texture of it but I did finish it because my big bro was teasing me as usual...that's what big brothers are known for right??

Speaking of big brother I really think my brother doesn't like me much I mean he always teases me and belittles me in front of my other siblings which makes me feel like he doesn't like me - honestly saying I don't think it bothers me because all I would do is just laugh and say to him that you had to criticise me all the time and he would just say the same thing as 'coz you make no sense' and I just smile thinking he always has to make a point about it.

Anyways brothers will be brothers I guess I really don't take it seriously because he has done that sort of thing since I was young - oh well. I'm not going to impress anyone because that's not me I'm only here to tell my story and impress only my lord and of course my parents in this life :) Optimistic or what lol :D

Anyway that was pretty much all that happened today! At the end of it all I still feel great and optimistic :) until tomorrow take care and think positive ;) xoxox

Oh I forgot to mention this is Astons first Ramadan with us - he's been happy and excited but ill's a few pictures of Aston recently :) also a picture of the salad that I made :D

These were taken a few days ago where my youngest sister out him on her bed and properly tucked him in soo cute right? Xx

Friday, 19 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 9 (Thursday 18th July 2013) - It's all about the potatoes! :)

Hello everyone ;)

Today was a very fast day for me only because I was sleeping half of the day because of my leg...well it's not that it was hurting me when I was sleeping just that I was really tired.

Anyway during the day I was helping my mum with pealing the potatoes and these potatoes are the most cutest and adorablest thing I have ever seen!! I just had to take a picture of it!!  :D

Don't they look just adorable? :D bearing in mind that I was fasting so I decided to keep some for myself so I can have it after Iftaar!! :D

This is the result of what I made:

It's mashed potatoes with cheese - soo yummy!! :D I just finished having it!! :) oh by the way tomorrow I am heading towards Canary Warf for training session!! I'll take lots of pictures of the scenery :)

Well that's all for today until tomorrow see you all :D take care and stay positive :) xoxox

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 8 (Wednesday 17th July 2013)

Hello everyone!! :D

It's day 8 of Ramadan and that means day 8 in my Ramadan diary :) today was pretty normal except for when it was around 4-5ish where I started feeling really REALLY tired!! But I didn't go to sleep instead I started reading - oh I just realised I haven't mentioned which book I'm reading it's The Great Gatsby I actually wanted to read it way before the movie came out but just didn't get the chance to. So anyways when I did get a chance to read it and I'm still reading it now - the book is great!! It's got that very classic feel to it I really like it a lot. Anyway I think I would recommend this book to a lot of you who are interested in the classic romance with a hint of twists and turns in it :) very great read :D

So back to y Ramadan story I was actually pretty hungry and started to feel angry later on which doesn't help but I didn't blow off any steam because I controlled my anger instead and afterwards I was in pain on my foot for some reason and its still continuing even now. I have no idea what's going on and because of it I had to cut my prayer short! :( I felt so bad and just now I spoke to my big sis about it and she said that I would have to book an appointment with the doctor!! Which I would have to do tomorrow's really hard getting an appointment in my doctors for some reason - it just makes me feel I would need to struggle and strive for everything :)

Anyways I think tonight would be the first night that I would not be preparing the Sehri because of my foot. Oh well I guess I would have to see what the doctor would say when I see them...well that's if they give me an appointment.

Anyways that's all there is to it oh by the way the reason why it is in italic is because I updated the blogger app on my iPod and and this is the new feature :) so cool. Oh and there's no news on my new laptop so far guys not much I can do but just wait patiently maybe for a day or three!! 

Anywho take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 7 (Tuesday 16th July 2013)

Hey everyone!! :D

It's time for another Ramadan Diary! :D Day 7 wow mashaAllah!! :D going by really fast...well for me it is anyway. Like I said later on the day that I had a busy journey!!

When I arrived home I didn't feel hot but more hungry then anything and honestly saying I did start getting a little cranky near towards Iftaar. Which is so unlike me but I think it's that Ramadan shapes you to be the best from inside to out :)

Anyways today's gonna be pretty short, oh I forgot to mention my first job and I work in such a nice place -crosshabour!! :D

Soo happy about it!! :D anyways until next time take care and think all positive as always :D xoxox

Waiting waiting and more waiting :)

Hey everyone!!! :D

I thought I fill you in what's been happening today firstly let me start off by saying that I beat my alarm clock and some up at 9:30ish just like yesterday! Nervousness is what it is :P when I know I need to be somewhere I wake up early automatically.

So anyways I didn't actually wake up until 10 past 10 and thought I could slowly get ready...which I did when I went on the DRL I saw a lot of people wearing very light clothes and thought to myself that they would be feeling really hot especially in this scorching sun I thought its better to wear loose clothes rather than tight fitted clothes because your body won't be getting any air going through.

Anyways after my trail of thought ended I finally arrived at the stop I needed to and then I went in circles to find the place...well almost in a circle ;) So while I was walking towards the place I got a text from the girl and she told me that she's going to be late and arrive at 1pm! :O I looked at my time and it was 11:24ish I thought wow! :O so I texted her back and tell her that I am almost there and she told me to look for a guy named Alex and I when I did find him he looked a bit lost as to why I'm here..he thought that I was here for the beauty appointment haha :) I was a little surprised but I told him I'm actually here to meet with the girl and he told me to take a seat on this lovely leather sofa :) comfy!

I actually waited patiently for an hour when the girl calls and then tells me that she's gonna be 20mins yay! :D so after patiently for about an hour and ten mins the girl walks in! So we get to talking and at the end of it all I got the job as PA!!! :D I'm soooo happy it's gonna be my first paid work!!! :D

Even though I got the job I thought to myself that I would prefer to do the internship as its more official in terms of getting into a specific job and working as as an intern and still have the other job as par time :) so hopefully I can get that to happen!! :D

I coming in on the 27th July 2013 for the launch day so I'm kind of excited with that!!! :D xx

Anyways after that I went straight to my uni for an appointment with my careers guidance councillor speaking to her about my internship programme on UEL and my CV. When I arrived the guy at the desk didn't check to see that I was actually not booked in!! :O so I had to wait a lot more patiently for my councillor to come - which wasn't a problem as I managed to do it more then an hour and I was doing other things anyways.

Finally my guidance councillor arrived and we went over my CV (oh by the way the guy at the desk helped me with my CV and advised me really well I was so happy) at the end of the session it comes down to me rearranging and updating my CV so then I would be able to hand it in ASAP and submit to the internship programme.

So yeah that's what's been happening and I must admit I am really REALLY happy about the fact that I got a job (even if it is for the next 3-6months) ohh I'm SOOO excited!!! :D

Anyways guys I will chat to you all later on in the evening with my Ramadan diary stay tuned! Take care and stay positive and as usual please feel free to leave any comments! :D xoxox

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ramadan diary day 6 (Monday 15th July 2013)

Hello everyone! :D

I have just finished my Salah and it's pnow 11:30pm since my last post to now a few things happened. Some in pleasant things...during the month of Ramadan I know it's hard to stay positive and kind and I also know that people will lash out at times today I had a little fight with my younger was so petty but things that needs to be said...she went a little rude which made me annoyed and then I told her not to be rude but she was still being a little rude and argumentative too which I wasn't to fond of. Afterwards I thought maybe its because of it being Ramadan and fasting time it made her annoyed so I didn't say anything afterwards but I thought to myself if you think it's because of fasting then you should come to apologise first right? But she didn't. So instigated it but making small talks...but she's stubborn a little so I think I'll leave her until she's ready to talk.

There's one thing you should know about me and its that I don't like it when I'm in a fight with someone because it's always in my head and it never comes out until its resolved. Probably the same for others but it really bothers me a lot. I don't wanted to be hated by people that's all :)

Anyways because of that distraction I finished my Salah with struggle because t kept popping in my head as with the meeting/interview tomorrow!!! That went fast I must admit!!

Overall I feel a little upset with my younger sister but everything else I'm happy with especially since its the month of Ramadan I don't want trouble at all so I'm just gonna leave it until she starts to talk with me.

Anyways wish me good fortune for tomorrow!!! :D really hope I get it :) if not I'm also happy because I still have my internship :) hehehe ;)

Well then until tomorrow take care and think positive thoughts always :P xoxox

Good Morning all :)

Morning everyone! :D

Ok so I woke up really early today for the meeting, at first I woke up at 9:30ish and then realised I could sleep in. So I did. But then I woke up about 10mins till 11 and just freshened up. I didn't do anything much I played a little with Aston and that's about it. Other than that I went back to my room to get changed when phone received a text and of course it was from the lady I was supposed to meet today saying that something's come up and she has to rearrange the date.

I thought that was it I don't think I would ever get a job because I become to hopeful and then I thought...well honestly she did say to rearrange so lets make it early then usual shall we? So I decided it for tomorrow at 12 and it's set!! I'll meet her up tomorrow at 12 and we'll go over everything then :D I hopeful and excited but not too much as the result always becomes like what just happened.

Anyways I plan to read the Qur'an in a bit for a couple of hours and then I'll probably take a nap and then after Iftaar and my last prayer I would do my Ramadan Diary entry for today!! :D

I was just about to say bye when my phone just rang and guess where it's from? The Internship programme!!! :D I'm telling you this is a sign from Allah telling me to move forward with this...I think I would too as the prospects sounds very good. First I'll speak to my dad about it and then I'll go from there. Anyways I'll speak to you all in a bit.

Take care a stay positive xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 5 (Sunday 14th July 2013)

Hey hi lo! :D

I am finally updated!!! I am now on schedule with my blog and would definitely be blogging regularly again!!! :D So today was an interesting day! I woke up from a text from JSA saying my interview is on Wednesday! :O Made me really nervous...from that I woke up...I freshened up a bit and then I prayed and sat down and read the Qur'an for 3 and half hours!! I got a lot done!! :D I am taking the advantage of not being employed so I thought I might as well make full use of it and set myself a really good target!! :D

After that I read a little bit of manga (still so crazy about it but not addicted anymore lol) and it made me laugh. I also searched up the place I need to be for tomorrow and I was pretty surprised that it was in the nice ends of London! :D I'm happy...from that I started to fantasize about working in a place that looked so nice and fancy of course it was just a fantasy and nothing more :P

I made a note of it and later on after Iftar I showed it to my dad and told him of the possibility of a job but it may not be one. After a while a calls me and says to me not to belittle myself of I don't get the job as long as I'm trying and that he knows that I am and because of that I shouldn't belittle myself for not finding a job. I felt that he was being very understanding and made me appreciate myself...of course I wasn't belittling meself at all here :)

Anyways overall it was a great fasting day today - even though today was just as hot as yesterday - also I am pretty excited about tomorrow! Really nervous that it's finally here!! :D

Ok now that I'm up to date I just finished writing this post on 1:34am and would write the next Ramadan entry after my last Prayer of tomorrow of course I will update you all of the news on my interview tomorrow!! Wish me good fortune!! :D

Take care and think positive :D xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 4 (Saturaday 13th July) and update

Hey Hey people! :D

Ok so day 4 is here and I just have to say one thing: IT'S SO HOT!! :O

Ok I'm not really one to complain about the weather because I actually don't find it a problem but today was really hot but fortunately I was at home so I didn't feel the full wrath of the heat wave :)

As for Sehri it was as usual the same as ever full of food and my family enjoying it while talking very nice as always :D

As for the the rest of the day I was actually thinking a lot about the meeting on Monday!! I'm really nervous but excited at the same time I guess...but I think more then anything I feel confident that I might get the job but because of that I think it will effect my chances of getting a job because everytime I get my hope up about something I always end up losing it. So I tried really hard not to think about it.

I did focus on something else though and that's the update!! :D I have now officially purchased a new laptop from my uni and it should arrive within 10 days!!!!! :D Finally!! :D I am soooo looking forward it!!! There's so many things I want to do!! :D Sooo excited!!! :D

Anyways during Iftar it was a nice meal this time we had pilau rice and nicely cooked chicken! Yummy!! :D Really nice meal and again I made sure not to stuff myself. Another thing that I thought of was that the whole day I was thinking about Monday and I was actually kind of looking forward to it!! so I hope that I can get the job and I hope it's a permanent job too!! :D Pray for me!! :D

That's all for now take care and think positive xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 3 (Friday 12th July 2013)

Hello Hello :D

Day 3 was quite interesting, I have been praying the special prayer at night before the Fajr prayer and honestly saying it's such a miracle! Before I got into detail I'll tell you how Sehri was, firstly I didn't eat because I was soooo stuffed from Iftar that I wasn't able to eat...not a good idea hence why I said in my last post that you don't really eat like that only occasionally. Anyways, because of the stuffing I paid for it by not eating during Sehri! :O That was not good because during the day I was really REALLY hungry! :O

Anyways the miracle I was talking about kicks in right now....I was helping in the kitchen when my younger sister brings my phone...ringing I pick and guess who it was?! It was the lady I was trying to get a hold of from the Summer fete!! How crazy cool is that?! :D She called me telling me that she was busy which is why everytime I called it was unavailable. So then she told me to come in on Monday at 1pm so we can talk!! :D I'm soo happy although I'm trying not to get my hopes up because as usual I have the worst fate when it comes to finding employment.

So yeah I've just been thinking about that the whole day (even though I know I said I wouldn't get my hopes up...but you know it's something to think about right?) Anyways I went on my e-mail and guess what?! I got accepted onto the graduate Internship!!!!!!! :D This is great now all I have to do is send them my CV and they would match it with the right internship vacancy and then I would get a paid training!!! :D But again I don't want to get my hopes up so I'm leaving it for now.

I actually found out about the acceptance because I applied for JSA and I needed to check my e-mails so yeah that's how I've out about it!! Woohoo!! :D But I hope the JSA goes well too as I had a little incident with it previously.

Anyways during Iftar I stuffed myself but moderately of course (I learnt my lesson from the day before don't worry lol) it was a nice simple meal and I really enjoyed it. One thing I like about Ramadan is that the whole family gets together and enjoys each others' company - So nice! :D

Ok well that's it for now until the next day everyone!! :D Take care and think positive :D xoxox

Ramadan Diary - Day 1 (Wednesday 10th July 2013)

Hello everyone! :D

Like I said to you all I would make a special Ramadan Diary everyday but because there was too many things happening and I didn't write a daily post however I won't make he same mistake with this post. So lets get started with this before I delay it any longer :P

What is Ramadan?
Ok so as you know during the moth of Ramadan Muslims fast for the whole day eating before dawn and breaking their fast during the sunset. It is done to help become less greedy and build good characteristics. It's also to support those in need by paying your zakat (a certain amount of money spent on charity). It helps Muslims to understand the sufferings of the poor and how to survive.

Also during this blessed month Muslims become awarded with good deeds two folds then in any other month. During the fast Muslims are not to drink or eat anything for the rest of the day until sunset and to pray to their Lord and recite the Qur'an. This will help them in this life and the afterlife.

Ok so now that we got the basics out of the way let just say how my day went. Firstly it's the first day of Ramadan so it's bound to be difficult but every individual struggles one way or another right? Honestly I felt that my day was actually pretty ok with a little struggle here and there. Honestly saying I think it went really fast, only because of the things I helped out with such as the cooking and preparation of Iftar (The name given to when we break our fast). I also helped out with the preparation of Sehri (the name given to when we eat before the sun rises), I would just reheat everything and then put the plates down and wake everyone up for Sehri. Which is very nice because we all eat together and share a few stories and comments here and there.

Anyways in the we pray our Isha Salah (the name of the last Salah (prayer) of the day) and do 20 Rakat (each Rakah is the completion of standing up in the Salah prostrating and standing up again) So you can imagine how long it but its a blessing to be able to do all of it as you are always rewarded one way or another.

Anyways that marks the end of the first day of Ramadan and this post on Ramadan Diary I shall post the rest of the days next :) Salam for now and take care and be positive xoxox

Ramadan Diary Day 2 (Thursday 11th July 2013)

Hello everyone! ;)

Ok so this was the second day of Ramadan and honestly saying I felt hungry. Firstly, during Sehri time I prepared the food again around 2:10ish so everyone can come and eat, of course I didn't go sleep and then wake up for Sehri because there wouldn't be any point in doing so.

Anyways after Sehri, I prayed and then went to sleep, this time around I felt hungry and felt the day being long but I made sure to keep myself busy which is why I was working on my other blog (note the mega post update) which was dragging by the day.

However other than that I did call up my uni and asked them if I can have an appointment with a careers guidance councilor on Monday and they gave me an appointment for Thursday 11th July (Today) so I went in and I spoke to her about by situation in terms of employment. I did mention that I applied for the graduate internship - For those who don't know, it's scheme for graduates who are unemployed to support them looking for a job through internship vacancies and you get to do paid training and most likely end up with a job in that sector. I told her that I applied to it on Monday (or Tuesday I think) and told her that I am still waiting to hear back from them.

At the end of this meeting she told me that she will speak to her colleague who is in charge of the graduate interns and recommend me!! :D What a booster to getting a chance at the internship. I really thought that was nice of her and she told me that I made a positive impression on her especially if I can get past the application process and I'm able to get an interview. She really boosted my confidence! So now I'm hoping that I get accepted onto the internship scheme! :D

Anyways after I came back I was pretty relaxed as most of the I was pretty tired but happy!! At home there wasn't much for me to do in terms of helping out so I starting to read the Qur'an - my target is to finish the whole thing in Ramadan!! I hope I do though because I really want to.

Time flew by and then it came to Iftar and I must admit this was the most satisfying and fulfilling meal I ever had. It was all thanks to my younger sister who carefully made the whole meal and it turned out fantastic! MashaAllah!! :D We all took pictures of it too so don't worry I will share it with you:

So filling and I ate the whole thing and my mum's half burger because she didn't want it and my little bro wanted half so I gave it to him and had the other half. However I didn't have one thing from this big meal and it was just 1 kebab.

Normally during Ramadan it's not a must to have a feast like this, but occasionally it's nice to eat something like this, so it was really nice :)

Anyways that was pretty much the end of that day :D Take care and think positive :D xoxox

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mega update finally!! Monthly special and more!! :D

Hey everyone!! :D

WARNING: Going to be a very VERY long post! Also this is the first post where I am posting a picture of myself :D Monthly special or what lol :P

Ok I know it's been a long time since I've posted but it's only because there's a lot of things that's been happening for the past few weeks (hence the title). I always want to write about it but I ended up procrastinating so I thought I need to write it either now or never. I also did say that I would try to write everyday so I will definitely try wanted to apologise big time - I'm really really sorry!!! However I have A LOT to share and make up for it!! :) So first lets make a list of things to discuss in this blog:

1) My Creative crafts Special & Monthly Special
2) Summer Fete
3) Employment Stuff
4) Updates

~~~ Creative Craft Special ~~~
 Ok as you all know I talked about something special that would happen that's related to crafts well here it is! Basically let me start off from Saturday 22nd June. That week I was speaking to someone in my local community about running a workshop, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I registered to this time bank system in my local community (check out my post entitled: Morning breakfast Yummy! :) ); well from that I've finally been able to give something back which is.....JEWELLERY MAKING!!! Oh yeah!!! Well honestly there was going to be more - like polymer clay works - but my pitch (lets call it) was half they decided to start it off with a jewellery making workshop and if it is very successful then I can start working with polymer clay in the future - when they have more funds of course.

So anyway lets get back to Saturday 22nd June, I started watching some Youtube videos on basic jewellery making and found one that's really simple and great!!! :D I watched it once and I know how to make it :) it was the perfect way to start off with something simple. Because on Friday 21st June I spoke to the person in my community centre and she told me that I have a budget of £50 which is a really GREAT start for the workshop. So anyways I spoke to a girl that is also doing some time sharing stuff and told her if she wouldn't mind coming to Oxford street with me and have a look at a craft shop that my friend told me about, fortunately she said yes and we arranged to meet on Monday at 10:30am so we don't get caught in any rush hour.

However before that day let me just squeeze in my monthly special (well the creative craft is the extra part in here). On Satuday 22nd June I finally met up with my Undergraduate friends and we went to Nando's to eat. Of course it was just us girls - with one left over!! I really missed my other friend who wasn't there :( Well anyways I meet with my friends and it just made me think that after nearly 1 year we all have changed. For instance now my friend has a 6 month baby boy soo cute he loves my toy (yay) I was happy when I saw him playing with it. He was also really well behaved when I was feeding him, he was soo cute but then he realises that his mum is not around and then starts to cry. My other friend just finished her degree and is sorted and lastly my other friend got married and I wasn't able to go to her wedding because we lost contact somehow :( but the good thing is that we are in contact again :D

The meal was very nice and we all enjoyed it so much!! It felt great going and meeting my friends after such a long time. But it also made me think about my position. I felt like I was in a standstill not going anywhere after dropping the PGCE Primary. Honestly saying I felt I wasn't going anywhere with my life but I didn't feel upset by their achievements or success but just feel a little regretful for not continuing with my programme. However all things happen for a reason right?

Here's some pictures of the event I'd like to share with you guys:

 This is a picture of Kirsty and Damien together - So sweet!! Really made me want a baby Oh and that's the toy that I got for him! See? I told you he loves it!! :D

 This is picture of Me, Kirsty, Roseanne and of course Baby Damien all in one at Nando's!! :D

That's a picture of me and Roseanne, who I haven't seen in a long time! It was really nice seeing her again!! :D

Oh this was a gift from my friend Kirsty, It's an American sweet that's available now in UK! It's really nice!! Makes you really thirsty but sooo goooood!!! :D Thanks Kirsty!! :)

 ~~~Back to creative craft special~~~
Well anyways that was my Saturday which then lead to me looking at jewellery videos on YouTube later that evening hence where I found myself the perfect video.

Then Monday 24th June 2013 came and I met up with the girl I said I would meet up with for the little journey to Oxford Street. We met at Mile End station and here is where the problem started. My friend told me that the craft shop HobbyCraft does not exist in Oxford Street to which I then told her that my other friend told me on Facebook she said that there isn't any and I had to make the decision of either not going to Oxford Street or to forget about it - I decided to head to Oxford Street regardless and hopefully find any other crafty type shops for jewellery making.

It's a good thing I said yes because we in fact found really good stores for the jewellery making and found that they would give a lot of stuff I found this really great beading shop calling beads creative craft (or something like that) and it was great!! It was not only a wholesaler but a retailer so we managed to get some good stuff and ended up getting some great stuff from it.I bought some beads, chains, jump rings, head pins and so on. I was happy I felt that I bought a lot of stuff and that this was actually happening, that thought made me feel a little scared - I guess you can say my self esteem was being shaken.

Anyways all this good stuff came afterwards. By that I mean that when we did arrive we checked online to find out if there was HobbyCraft and found out that there actually wasn't a HobbyCraft there and I misunderstood because I checked on my Facebook and my friend actually meant Oxford!! :O Really really far!! Thus began our journey through the different other stores where the results were great.

After we got back I went to my local community centre (I just realised that I never mentioned what the name of it is - It's called Bromley By Bow Centre) and spoke to Rose - who is in charge of the Time Bank as is another girl named Hajirah - I told her if it was ok for me to take the stuff home so I could make a bracelet for demonstration and said yes.

So when I went home with the stuff I was really happy but then in the next couple of days I was losing confidence to start on the bracelet, if your thinking why....I was thinking the same thing and then I thought there's no point in delaying it because I need to present them something on Thursday so then on Wednesday 26th June in the night I made myself a bracelet and the result is below:

This is the bracelet that I made! :) What do you guys think? This bracelet also became my big sisters birthday present because it was her birthday on Monday I forgot to get her something. She liked it which was nice :) There's seven beads on this representing each of us siblings :)

The next day the jewellery making workshop taster day was a success!! There was a great turn out and although there wasn't enough pliers going around but it still worked out and then I had a number of people sign up for the next session on Thursday. Oh I forgot to mention the session was held on the coffee session that the time bank provide!! :) Anyways at the end of it all it worked out perfectly!! A couple of days later I got a call from them telling me that I can't do the workshop during the coffee session because obviously it's their coffee session so I thought ok, I can do another day or time and so we arranged it at 3-4:30pm every Thursday!! How cool is that!! I had my second session on Thursday 4th of July and it was a great success I was so happy of the end result where EVERYONE made themselves a bracelet!! and to top it off I did too!!

After doing the first bracelet the second one became even easier! Now all I have to do is order for the next session and I'm officially a businesswomen!! :) Well sort of lol

~~~Summer Fete~~~
Ok this is something that's been happening every year at the back of my house!! They always have a fete, kind of like a garage sale but in a more festive and community base way! It was great fun!! I went with my mum to check out the things and we found some very great stuff. I wore my creamish brown coloured scarf that my big bro bought when he went for Saudi Arabia!! Here's a picture of it:

 Nice right? I really like it hence the smile :P Just realised this is the first post where I am posting a picture of myself! :D

The event was always very festive and it happens every summer!!! Anyways here's some more pictures have look at them hopefully you can tell the festivities that I mean:

From the fruit of all this browsing the results where very great as well we bought many things for me and my sisters:

These were for my sister, starting with the youngest: My mum truly shows her love for her when we go shopping - we bought her the colourful hairbands, the 50p floral bracelet and the Sundae desert necklace (which we bought from my neighbor). For my younger sister we bought her the chain heart necklace with the first letter of her name on it - and fortunately she loved it! (Honestly, it's very hard to shop for an ex tomboy lol) and lastly for my big sister I bought her the bracelet on the far left which she loved.

As for myself I bought:

Some lovely Chains and a Selwar Kameez (For those who don't know a Selwar Kameez is a Traditional Asian clothing worn at home or on special occasions depending on the type of Selwar Kameez it is)

For my mum she just loved the food and didn't really liked anything for herself, as for my brother there wasn't anything for them so we couldn't get it unfortunately.

~~~Employment Stuff~~~
Ok during the summer fete I spoke to a lady who said that her daughter ran her own beauty salon I asked if she was hiring and told her I make jewellery she told me that she would definitely call me!! So I'm looking forward to that...but when the day came she didn't call I tried calling back but it was unavailable and I tried the post code it didn't work and it still didn't work so I gave up on that I thought it was in ther end I started applying to many other jobs still waiting to hear from them!! Hopefully I'l get some good news!! :D

Ok the final thing to mention is that I had an Idea that since it is a Ramadan that I would make like a Ramadan Diary letting everyone know what it's like for the Muslims on this blessed month!! :D So as soon as I post this I would make a start because it's nearly becoming the 5th Ramadan already and I haven't even made a start on it!!

Wow finally made it through and got to the point where I can start blogging regularly...I swear I won't pile it up like this ever again.

Anyways hope you all enjoyed this long post and thanks to those who read it all the way, until next time take care and stay positive!! xxx