Monday, 29 December 2014

Holidays = Potential guests

Hey Everyone! :D

So I've been wanting to do some more artsy stuff, but given that it's the holidays and living in an Asian family. There's a lot of visits to relatives, wedding invites, relatives coming over et. Which is why there has been less activity, and even though I want to do stuff I'm limited because of that.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Watercolour Painting! Step-by-Step Tutorial and Writing Event Information.

This Post Includes: A tutorial on how to make a watercolour rose painting. Writing Discussion.

Hey Everyone! :D

So as the title suggests I did a watercolour painting yesterday! I wanted to share it all with you so I decided to do so. I will break down what I've done and explain the pictures to you clearly. After I do so, I will talk to you all about the writing event (or you can just skip all the artsy stuff and go right to the bottomg of the page where I will discuss my writing part to you all! Lets get started :D

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Creative flow coming through!

 Hey Everyone! :D

So I wanted to this a little earlier but I couldn't. I occupied my time with something else. Here is a list of things that I bought and/or had delievered to my house! The first picture is the most recent and things I bought.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Yay 4000 views! :D

Just a quick note! Yay I hit 4,000 views!! :D I can't believe it thank you all for viewing my blog and be sure to keep supporting me! :D

Thank you!! :D

Update: Upcoming news, events, projects etc.

Hey Everyone! :D

I have not forgotten you all don't worry. I have a lot I want to share with you all (given the title) some parts of this would be shared later on today and others probably the next few days. My art haul will be shared with you soon (by soon I mean most likely today) I have many other things I want to share with you all so stay tuned for more.

Here is a list of things that I would share to you all:
~ Art Haul (Most likely today)
~ Writing event (Most likely today as well)
~ Creative art and crafts projects (probably tomorrow)
~ Changes to this blog (the next few weeks - slow process)
~ Blogging (Should be more regular)
~ Youtube/Filming (Coming soon - hopefully)
~ Story writing (update on this would be shared in a few days)

So as you can see there is a lot of things that I want to tell you all about so look forward to it all. Have a lovely morning, evening, night, day etc.

Take care and think positive

Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Overcame one obstacle two to go!

Hey Everyone!! :D

So like the title suggests, I have just been through one obstacle and would face another two more soon. One of the obstacle would be tomorrow, it's not really an obstacle just more of a result in waiting. Which if it turns out to be a positive then I have officially past this obstacle, and if not well then I'd have to readjust my life for the next year again. I know what you're all thinking, what on earth is this obstacle she's going on about? Well I would tell you all but first I would like to overcome it and see the result (hence waiting for tomorrow) then I can spill it out all to you as to why I'm not as active as usual. The second obstacle may take a few weeks to take affect but I don't want it to become too much of a stress so I'll just tell you all about that soon (soon meaning proabably tomorrow as well).