Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Firstly let me just say that I'm really sorry that I couldn't give you all the winter special but I haven't forgotten about it yet it's just that I caught a cold :( unfortunately, I couldn't do much so I have been pretty weak throughout the past couple of days and now I'm just slowly recovering.

I thought that I should at least wish you all a happy new year and I hope the year becomes an even better year than 2013 :) My instincts tells me that this year will definitely be the year of change and positive attitude - I'm not talking about myself here I'm talking about everyone here! :D

Anyways I think I'll share with you all a combined video of the New Years special and the winter special on new years day so please do look forward to it! I hope that you all have a very special last 2013 day and a spectacular 2014 year! :D I just know that everyone will have many obstacles that they have been facing or about to face with great success and effort!! Do enjoy yourself and make sure to stay healthy, think positive and also be hopeful for a great future!! :D

See you all in the new year in sha Allah :D

A beaming star shining with positivity and sharing it with the world to embrace xoxox

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I have a surprise for you all! :)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know I haven't been posting for a long time but I haven't forgotten in fact you may know that I've actually been active with my gaming blog ;) so I'm not completely inactive :P anyways I do have a surprise for you all but I can't give it to you a just yet :P (because its kind of late 3:17am not a good time lol) I am working on my sleeping habits though!! Anyway when I wake up I'll be sure to share something with you all :) at least for this winter special ;) so look forward to it! A beaming star shining with positivity and sharing it with the world to embrace xoxox (yes I know I've changed my saying because I thought it was too long and also because I think this just says it all) think positive everyone xoxox

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

One of the most important thing is health :)

Hey everyone!! :D

Giving how late it is I wanted to post something because its been a long time I know!! Firstly I wasn't able to being out the creative crafty idea to you because of health reasons and also because my mum had an operation last week and now she's in the midst of recovering! I've been helping around but I shouldn't have because now my health has gone A LOT worse so I've been resting today and yesterday and have been watching the Harry Potter series that's been giving on TV :)

Honestly saying this is just to inform you guys that I would love to bring out a whole lot of creative and artsy fun but I know there's no point in pushing myself with my health the way it is. So I've decided to just give on guys posts on how I'm doing and if possible to share some artsy fun that won't hinder my health too much!

So this is all I wanted to say today I hope I haven't disappointed any of you because I'm sure you know that's not my intention at all! One good thing is that my hospital appointment is drawing near which allows me to anticipate the happenings of my health a little further!!

On the hand in the last few days the weather hasn't been so great it's surprisingly windy like a very howling wind and raining too which isn't really like London well the raining is normal but not so much the wind though! Anyways I just hope every in the UK and around the world are keeping say and are enjoying their holidays I know for most people it's special because of it being Christmas and all :) I can't wait when it's New Years because every year me and my family watching the mid night fireworks that happens on the London Eye on TV!! It's a very special and almost traditional family time that we have which I truly enjoy and I think it's very cosy especially if you have a loved one by your side ;) and those who feel like they are alone in this world just remember that there is always someone who will look out for you with or without you knowing it and that's I feel is Allah and also believe it or not I always think of others such as family, friends and even strangers so believe me when I say I do care!!

Anywho I'm really sorry for not giving something to any of you but I hope that I can at least once soon so inshaAllah I can deliver something to you all ;) A beaming star shining positively all the way to share with the world to embrace xoxox

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Yay new slippers!! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I just wanted to say that my sister and mum went out shopping and they bought me a pair of slippers!!! :D I needed one for a long time because my feet is always ice cold they are always useful.

Anyways I go overly excited by it as always so I just wanted to show you guys:

Oh yeah!! I love it!! :D

Oh and I think the crafty idea that I had would be a little delayed because I don't have the time to record and my health doesn't help either! But I would try and give you guys something this week hopefully!!! :D

So I just thought I update you all on this and I will always try my best in anything and never give up that's the best way to be :) oh and btw I am interested in Korean dramas now :) I'm currently watching the drama called The Heirs it's really good!! I really love it!! :D A beaming star shining positively all the way to share with the world to embrace xoxox

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another creative thought

Hey everyone! :D

Ok I know it's been some time since my last post (exactly a week to be precise) but I haven't forgotten I was actually quite ill the past few weeks but at the same time I thought what can I do that would not affect my health as much? Well I have it answered and I think in the next few days I'll put up a video!! :D

Speaking of video I hope you liked my first video because I'll be sure to add more!!! :D Today I'm actually feeling really creatively active so there's going to be something creative either my story or craft wise :)

Anyways that's all i wanted to tell you all :) stay tuned in the next few days!! :D A beaming star who shines with positivity all the way and sharing it with the world to embrace xoxox

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The long awaited suprise is finally here!!

Good Morning everyone! :D

Ok so I finally mangaed to present you guys with the surprise today!! I'm really nervous about it but I hope you will all like it! It is my first ever video and I've always wanted to make Youtube videos where I can share my optimisms and creative side to the world so I hope that you all would let me know what you think! :D

See I told you it was a surprsie :P hehe but I've also updated my gaming channel too so check it out! Please add me on my Twitter: @TaranaBstar I want to start using it more often as well as my blog too! :D

Like I said I'm very nervous, also in the video there is narration so I would advice you to put up the volume from 1:03 because when I was recording the narration part I was doing it in the night so I had to be very quiet! Also excuse my deep voice I have always had a slight deep voice and it varies throughout the day, like in the morning for about 2 hours (after I wake up) and in the night during the middle though it's kind of light it's very weird though I know.

Anyways I hope you like it and do let me know what you all think. A beaming star who shines with positivity all the way and sharing it with world to embrace (This will be my new slogan from now on lol I know it's long but I like it!)

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

Drawing a Simple tree

Suprise delayed by a day~~so sorry!!

Hey Everyone,

OK so this surprsie that I had for you guys unfortunately I couldn't present it to you all today because many other things happened today but I will definitely give you this surprise tommorow! Please don't lose hope! There is something that I know you would all like (well I'm hoping you will like!) I really wanted it to be done today but looks like it wasn't possible I'm really sorry you guys I guess it just wasn't in my destiny for it to happen today but inshaAllah I will do it tomorrow! :D

Anways I won't say anymore and I hope I haven't disappointed any of you today because that was not my intention at all I love you all so so much that it makes me really happy knowing that there is someone viewing my blog! It makesme feel that I am able to let the world know of my thoughts so I hope that none of you feel like I'm not honest to you or to myself, because believe me if I could I really would've made it possible for today but it just wasn't, but that doesn't mean it never will be :) Anyways I hope that you will anticipate for tomorrow! :D Take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Get ready to be surprised!!

Hey everyone!!! :D

Ok well today I woke up early and didn't do much but later on the day I did something, which I won't say because I don't want to ruin the element of surprise now :P but anyways I think this surprise will blow you all away ~ there's good news and bad news that I need to tell you all. 

First the bad news because I like to end it on a good note :) the bad news is the I won't be able to tell you the surprise until tomorrow as its already 1am here so I'm planning on going to sleep. The good news is that you will like this surprise even if you have to wait a day ;) this is going to be a very good monthly special as well ;) 

Anyways, I know I said that I'm sleeping early and here I am still up late but that's only because I can't sleep but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try and sleep - I think I couldn't sleep because I just had to let you guys know and it's making me too excited to sleep!! But I think I can sleep well now InshaAllah :)

Anyways always think positive people because is always something to be grateful for and everyone is blessed one way or another :) hardships are there as a test to see how you overcome them and the outcome will be impeccable so brace yourself for it - I'm. Of just saying I'm doing too :) think positive people xoxox

Monday, 2 December 2013

Here's the plan for now...

Hey everyone :)

Ok so remember how I told you guys I wi have my first upload by the end of this week? Well the thing is the video camera came with a CD that my big sis doesn't know where it is, so without it I can't transfer my video for editing.

However that allowed me to get into my gaming side more so I shall be uploading a lot of let's plays for now!! :D I know it's not what I wanted but I'm still happy with it :)

Also with all the mess in my house I don't think the CD will appear anytime soon so yeah I probably would be doing other recording and uploading pictures instead for now though :) 

Anyways I hope you all are doing well :) take care and think positive xoxox