Monday, 30 September 2013

Making progression...

Hello everyone!!

It me again been some time right? Ok well I will get straight to the point :P firstly I got a letter from the doctors to make my hospital appointment which I received on Saturday. Of course during the weekends I couldn't make it so instead I made it today :) the earliest appointment they have is on November 6th! :O so I thought I might as well take it it's better than nothing oh and it at 3pm of course I'm not going to just keep it like that I will definitely check to see if they have cancellation! Also today I found out that my cousin who just recently had a baby has cancer so please keep her in your dua's and of course for me too :) it just made me feel that there are a lot of people in my family with cancer andTumour or other serious illnesses and I feel that I might be suffering something serious too of course it's only a thought and I don't think it would be, but you know I think this is a sign for me to start praying as I really regret not doing so.

Also about my illness the good thing is I might go to Saudi Arabia to do my Umrah!! :D (to those who are non Muslim Umrah is like the shorter version of Hajj - one of the 5 pillars of Islam - it's a must for all Muslim who can do so to complete it (if you would like to know more search Umrah on google and you will find it)) I would love to do my Umrah!!! I think it will increase my faith and I feel I will become a much positive and stronger person spiritually. Plus Saudi Arabia has A LOT of sunlight which is exactly what I need, of course if I do to I will definitely take pictures and video as much as I can :)

Also our new cooker arrived in my house it was supposed to be installed and stuff today but the gas pump is too low so now we're waiting on the council to's a picture of our current cooker which has not been changed for more than 30 years nearly!!

Excuse the lots and pans :P

Now here's our new one all wrapped up and ready to be plugged in :P

It looks huge but actually some of it is the packaging!!! :P

Anywho that's all for today...oh actually there is one other thing I was watching bubz video on YouTube in her wedding and honeymoon video really made me happy for her and motivated me a lot to work on my thang :P so I definitively will do so :P

Anyways take care all and think positive with that irresistable smile ;) xoxox

Saturday, 28 September 2013

It life's way of telling you to slow down

Hey everyone! :D

It's been a long one I know, so ill tell you what's been happening then, I won't give the nitty gritty details except that I was one step away from changing my doctors.

Before that I'll start with my x-ray result, basically they found that my bone is getting softer and that I am basically lacking in vitamin D the two main source of vitamin D is sunlight and fish! Thing is I can't have fish because I'm allergic to it so I basically need sunlight meaning I need to go somewhere with a lot of sun as you may know London doesn't really have much sunlight! So the good news is that I MIGHT be going on a holiday :D sounds wonderful!! :)

After finding out my results I wanted to be referred to a specialist because my condition is getting worse, so after I finally got to see the doctor they referred me and I have been taking the vitamin D tablets and also been prescribed a Vitamin D capsule AND a letter from the doctors about my referral to the hospital. This happened on the 20th of September 2013 and hey said it would take about two weeks to get a letter and to schedule in an appointment so now I'm waiting for he referral :) it's been a week now and I still haven't received anything so I'm still patiently waiting :)

Today I started my ICT course well it's called ECDL :) and it seems really easy so I'm sure I can manage to get a pass at level 2 but I need to look into getting a level 3 so it's of a higher qualification :) I enjoyed it the teacher was strict but not too strict which was good and the people were wonderful as well :) although my health was giving a little trouble but I think I'll be able to manage! :D

Yesterday I was talking to my sister about my health and how I'm worried that this may lead to me not being able to work or study as its quite bad and she told me its just like the saying: it's life's way of saying to slow down. While that may be true and all but I feel that I'm wasting y precious time right now and that I don't want it to be like this at all! I want to take up more course work as well and apply for the PGCE course again next year :) but my body is telling me otherwise and this is a great challenge that I need to face I believe :) it may be hard but I just have to deal with it :)

Anyways everyone, I'm going to leave it like that speak to you all soon until next time take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 16 September 2013

really can't wait to change my doctor....

Hey Everyone! :D

Hope you guys are all well! Ok so today I went to the doctors in the morning to see if I could get myself an appointment with the doctor to discuss my x-ray results. Good news was I managed to get one :D So when the doctor called guess what she said....that apparently on my records it shows that it was cancelled :O Great! So I got the doctor to make another one and she said it would be ready to collect today in the afternoon. Afternoon came I called again and told the receptionist 10mins later she tells me it's still not ready and that she will try her best to get it done, I call back after an hour and she said it's not done! :O so then I said I'll back again an hour later. An hour later and the phone is busy and continues to ring! Then I thought I might as well go to the doctors as soon as I just finish getting ready hailstones starts to fall! :O Is it just me or does this seem like a sign hm? so after when the rain settles and I go and finally managed to get it! :D But I wanted to get my X-ray done today as well so now I'll have to go tomorrow! :O

The good news is I can shop in the Whitechapel market! So fun! :D get a few things here and there nd for a bargain! Also I'll take a picture of it for you guys of the things that I buy too!! :D

Anyways later that afternoon I went out with my big sis, and on my way back home we started talking in the Northan accent! It was hilarious of course my sister can really do the accent spot on as for me not so much lol :P But it was a good laugh though I really enjoyed it a lot!! :D

Anyways that's all for now until tomorrow!! :D take care and think positive xoxox

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Update on my writing blog and happy birthday lil sis (Updated 13/09/2013)

Hey everyone! :D

Just as the title says check out my writing blog I have FINALLY posted my chapter 4 of Two of a Kind!!! :D here's a quick link to get you there:

Two of a Kind Chapter 4

Please read and enjoy I just wanted to say that I was actualy working on this all this time so there could be some typos please excuse them! Enjoy and as always let me know what you think!! :D

Also it's my sisters birthday today and she's 15!! :O So I want to give a quick shout out to her!! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby girl :P She's the youngest in my family that just goes to show how grown up we all are (well by number we are by heart we're all still a baby ;))

Take care and think positive xoxox

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Great News a must read!!! Please join! :D (Monstly Special)

Hey Everyone!! :D

Ok as you know I have been really ill (that still hasn't changed) however I felt that I really need to start working on my social part of things such as my blog and other things that I said that I would do when I get my laptop but I didn't. So I've finally made a start on it!!

Basically, I had the idea of creating a sort forum like place where people can discuss and talk!! I know there are probably a few of you out there who want to comment on my blogs but for some reason it doesn't work! so I've come up with something that I thought I might share with you all!! It's a community!!! :D That's right everyone I've created a community for you all to join on google + so that you can post and comment as much as you like on there!! :D

Also I am using this community as a forum for other conversations such as mangas, anime, my other blogs too!! :D So no will be left alone and anyone can join in when they want!!! :D

The name of my community is called The Conversations! here's a link:

The Conversation

So do check it out please!! and please join and tell other's about it!! just remember it was born today so there will be many special things coming up!!! :D

Also I'll tell you all what happened yesterday - I went for the interview and my interviewer loved my CV! :D She accepted me onto the agency!! :D Now today I'm filling out a few things and should be getting work soon!! :D Exciting or what!!!

Anyways think positive people if you're ever in a pinch you will definitely see the other end of that tunnel one day you just have to be optimistic oh n make sure to stay safe!! :D xoxox

Monday, 9 September 2013

Things are looking up!! :D

Hey hey everyone! :D

Ok so today it was a kind of slow but normal day :) firstly I went to sleep kind of early last night - 12:50am (ok well early for me lol)  I was writing up a little but of my story and I can honestly say I'm almost done with this chapter! :D I know it's taking WAAY longer then predicted and some of you would probably be frustrated by it but honestly saying I'm finding it really hard to write when I'm ill but like I said I would not be giving up so please don't worry about it! I'm getting there slowly but surely :D

Later on I got a phone call from JSA and it was about TA recruitment!!! :D so I'm feeling hopeful but not too hopeful at the same time :) but because if this I'm now feeling really energetic for the rest of the stuff I should be getting on with my life :) like my life skills and my writing and such!

Well anyways I don't have much else to say other than being really hopeful for tomorrow :) hehe excited a little :D stay safe and think positive because it really does help especially when your in a bit of a pickle :) xoxox

Sunday, 8 September 2013

No pain no gain :P

Hey everyone! :D

Lets just say what happened today shall we? (Well technically yesterday now giving that its now 1:15am). I guess I woke up late (same situation as usual) and then I went on m laptop sorted out my JSA log for Tuesday and then played the sims 2 all the way :) but honestly it didn't help as I was in so much pain but I still played and that was about it!

Although I did have the sudden urge to write up m overdue chapter that I have been delaying!! So I think I will do that right after this post! And this time I think I should probably post it by the end of the weekend honestly saying this story should've been finished by now as my aim was to finish it before my 23rd bday and then aimed to finish before the end of August obviously neither one of them happened so yeah I think I have more of a chance to complete it soon as the ICT course will be starting by the end of this month so yeah I'm pretty excited about that!! :D

Anywho I haven't much else to say so I'll end it here and say as usual stay safe and think positive and the situation will definitely become better!! :D xoxox

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sitaution like these calls for being optimistic :P

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know it's a late post (as it's alread 1:40am) and practically the next day. But I really wanted to make sure I post something today (trying to post daily again - lets see if I could get back up!). So I went to the hospital by myself because I needed to get my scan done :) Of course I explained it last night to my dad he started stressing over taking me today (such a worry wart lol) I said I can manage as I did so before (like when I needed to take blood tests and such) and he didn't say anything but I could see that he was at ease a little which was good :)

Anyways when I arrived at the hospital, I showed the receptionist my letter, after a little waiting in the waiting room she calls me again and asks me what hand am I getting x-rayed, I thought to myself I'm assuming it's either it's not specified on the letter. So I told her this and told me to continue waiting! Which wasn't long, a man who walked by the waiting seemed like a worker there but in actuality was the guy who was going to my scan! :O I was a little surprised honestly! When he called my name and I went into the x-ray room I have to admit I was a little intimidated and uncomfortable.

The reason being that the room was so huge! :O I mean there was a bed in the middle and on one side there was this glass side board that had many buttons (which I'm assumming controlled the x-ray machine on top of the bed). I mean I have had x-rays done before but not like this. The good thing as the x-ray was actually for my hand so I really didn't need to lie down or anything.

Before starting the x-ray however, the doctor told me what hand I was supposed to get x-rayed I told him either because my GP didn't mention any specific. He asked me about my pains and such I explained is everywhere but the GP said to only get the hand done that way we will know more. He was feeling a little unsure and explained to me that it's important to know exactlly which one as it's unprofessional if they don't I suggested to call my GP to find out but he said he can't so then he asked me which hand is hurting now and I said my right hand so we did my right hand :D

The x-ray was really easy I just had to put my hand on a board looking thing and the machine did the rest of the work. After that was done the doctor said he needed to see if that was enough and went off somewhere. He came back and told it's fine and that I would need to make an appointment a week from now with my GP (which I already knew) I said to him if it was something that would refer me to some specialists and he said that it will be a posibility and also I would probably have to stay there (overnight) for more tests to see what's exactly wrong.

So now I have to make an appointment! which I will do on Monday (as I was SO tired when I came back and my body was exhausted! :O) Anyways, I'm not too worried because on the bright side I'll be able to at least find out what is wrong and take the neccessary precautions and steps! :D Optimism is the best policy right now I'd say :D

Anywho that was pretty all that's happened! :D Oh and I forgot to mention it was Aston's 1st Bday yesterday (5th Sept) but we actually took him in on the 28th August! :D Here's a picture of him on his bday!! He is just so cute!! :D

Friday, 6 September 2013

A midnight update ;)

Hey everyone! :D

I thought I give you a quick update of what happened at the docs. So when I spoke to the doctor she said that I don't have arthritis just low in iron, I explained to the the conditioned has worsened and she said that I would need to have an x-ray to find out if I have an inflammation as its not always definite from a blood test. She said if they do find anything then she would refer me to the hospital and they will give some pretty strong drugs with some serious side effects - well that's depending on the condition - if they don't find out what's wrong I'll still be referred to the hospital to find out what exactly is wrong with me. 

Honestly saying I'm a little relieved! :D I mean I know I don't still know the cause but at least I can almost check off one the illnesses right?

So anyway I will let you all know about it tomorrow after the x-ray! Take care and stay positive please also keep me in your prayers and dua's!! :D xoxox