Friday, 31 May 2013

My life update and monthly special

Hey everyone! :)

Ok so as you can see my laptop has not been sorted out so I'm still using the plain text, font and colour. My brother came back from his 1 week stay in Saudi Arabia, me and my dad went and picked him up at the Heathrow airport on Monday. Great day for a pick up with the weather and knowing me I love taking pictures so I took a lot of pictures of the central London :) (which I will be sharing).

Also yesterday I gave - you could say a pitch on my crafting ideas at the community centre that I'm volunteering at. They Loved it!! Which means I will be - hopefully - starting on some polymer clay works soon!! Ohh I can't wait!!! :D

Also I have been revising for my science as on my exam is next week Wednesday and then the other two is the week after that so yeah I'm going to be revisit as much as possible and cut back back on watching Gilmore Girls. It's such a great show but I've practically watched too much I should really take a break from it.

Lastly, I think I would share some pictures with you all of when I went to the airport (while in the car). I guess this would be my monthly special ;) take care all and also ask me anything ;)

Tarana xoxox

Ps some of the pictures aren't so clear - as I said before they were taken in he car so yeah...hope you enjoy it still :) xx