Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Firstly let me just say that I'm really sorry that I couldn't give you all the winter special but I haven't forgotten about it yet it's just that I caught a cold :( unfortunately, I couldn't do much so I have been pretty weak throughout the past couple of days and now I'm just slowly recovering.

I thought that I should at least wish you all a happy new year and I hope the year becomes an even better year than 2013 :) My instincts tells me that this year will definitely be the year of change and positive attitude - I'm not talking about myself here I'm talking about everyone here! :D

Anyways I think I'll share with you all a combined video of the New Years special and the winter special on new years day so please do look forward to it! I hope that you all have a very special last 2013 day and a spectacular 2014 year! :D I just know that everyone will have many obstacles that they have been facing or about to face with great success and effort!! Do enjoy yourself and make sure to stay healthy, think positive and also be hopeful for a great future!! :D

See you all in the new year in sha Allah :D

A beaming star shining with positivity and sharing it with the world to embrace xoxox

Saturday, 28 December 2013

I have a surprise for you all! :)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know I haven't been posting for a long time but I haven't forgotten in fact you may know that I've actually been active with my gaming blog ;) so I'm not completely inactive :P anyways I do have a surprise for you all but I can't give it to you a just yet :P (because its kind of late 3:17am not a good time lol) I am working on my sleeping habits though!! Anyway when I wake up I'll be sure to share something with you all :) at least for this winter special ;) so look forward to it! A beaming star shining with positivity and sharing it with the world to embrace xoxox (yes I know I've changed my saying because I thought it was too long and also because I think this just says it all) think positive everyone xoxox

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

One of the most important thing is health :)

Hey everyone!! :D

Giving how late it is I wanted to post something because its been a long time I know!! Firstly I wasn't able to being out the creative crafty idea to you because of health reasons and also because my mum had an operation last week and now she's in the midst of recovering! I've been helping around but I shouldn't have because now my health has gone A LOT worse so I've been resting today and yesterday and have been watching the Harry Potter series that's been giving on TV :)

Honestly saying this is just to inform you guys that I would love to bring out a whole lot of creative and artsy fun but I know there's no point in pushing myself with my health the way it is. So I've decided to just give on guys posts on how I'm doing and if possible to share some artsy fun that won't hinder my health too much!

So this is all I wanted to say today I hope I haven't disappointed any of you because I'm sure you know that's not my intention at all! One good thing is that my hospital appointment is drawing near which allows me to anticipate the happenings of my health a little further!!

On the hand in the last few days the weather hasn't been so great it's surprisingly windy like a very howling wind and raining too which isn't really like London well the raining is normal but not so much the wind though! Anyways I just hope every in the UK and around the world are keeping say and are enjoying their holidays I know for most people it's special because of it being Christmas and all :) I can't wait when it's New Years because every year me and my family watching the mid night fireworks that happens on the London Eye on TV!! It's a very special and almost traditional family time that we have which I truly enjoy and I think it's very cosy especially if you have a loved one by your side ;) and those who feel like they are alone in this world just remember that there is always someone who will look out for you with or without you knowing it and that's I feel is Allah and also believe it or not I always think of others such as family, friends and even strangers so believe me when I say I do care!!

Anywho I'm really sorry for not giving something to any of you but I hope that I can at least once soon so inshaAllah I can deliver something to you all ;) A beaming star shining positively all the way to share with the world to embrace xoxox

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Yay new slippers!! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I just wanted to say that my sister and mum went out shopping and they bought me a pair of slippers!!! :D I needed one for a long time because my feet is always ice cold they are always useful.

Anyways I go overly excited by it as always so I just wanted to show you guys:

Oh yeah!! I love it!! :D

Oh and I think the crafty idea that I had would be a little delayed because I don't have the time to record and my health doesn't help either! But I would try and give you guys something this week hopefully!!! :D

So I just thought I update you all on this and I will always try my best in anything and never give up that's the best way to be :) oh and btw I am interested in Korean dramas now :) I'm currently watching the drama called The Heirs it's really good!! I really love it!! :D A beaming star shining positively all the way to share with the world to embrace xoxox

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another creative thought

Hey everyone! :D

Ok I know it's been some time since my last post (exactly a week to be precise) but I haven't forgotten I was actually quite ill the past few weeks but at the same time I thought what can I do that would not affect my health as much? Well I have it answered and I think in the next few days I'll put up a video!! :D

Speaking of video I hope you liked my first video because I'll be sure to add more!!! :D Today I'm actually feeling really creatively active so there's going to be something creative either my story or craft wise :)

Anyways that's all i wanted to tell you all :) stay tuned in the next few days!! :D A beaming star who shines with positivity all the way and sharing it with the world to embrace xoxox

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The long awaited suprise is finally here!!

Good Morning everyone! :D

Ok so I finally mangaed to present you guys with the surprise today!! I'm really nervous about it but I hope you will all like it! It is my first ever video and I've always wanted to make Youtube videos where I can share my optimisms and creative side to the world so I hope that you all would let me know what you think! :D

See I told you it was a surprsie :P hehe but I've also updated my gaming channel too so check it out! Please add me on my Twitter: @TaranaBstar I want to start using it more often as well as my blog too! :D

Like I said I'm very nervous, also in the video there is narration so I would advice you to put up the volume from 1:03 because when I was recording the narration part I was doing it in the night so I had to be very quiet! Also excuse my deep voice I have always had a slight deep voice and it varies throughout the day, like in the morning for about 2 hours (after I wake up) and in the night during the middle though it's kind of light it's very weird though I know.

Anyways I hope you like it and do let me know what you all think. A beaming star who shines with positivity all the way and sharing it with world to embrace (This will be my new slogan from now on lol I know it's long but I like it!)

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

Drawing a Simple tree

Suprise delayed by a day~~so sorry!!

Hey Everyone,

OK so this surprsie that I had for you guys unfortunately I couldn't present it to you all today because many other things happened today but I will definitely give you this surprise tommorow! Please don't lose hope! There is something that I know you would all like (well I'm hoping you will like!) I really wanted it to be done today but looks like it wasn't possible I'm really sorry you guys I guess it just wasn't in my destiny for it to happen today but inshaAllah I will do it tomorrow! :D

Anways I won't say anymore and I hope I haven't disappointed any of you today because that was not my intention at all I love you all so so much that it makes me really happy knowing that there is someone viewing my blog! It makesme feel that I am able to let the world know of my thoughts so I hope that none of you feel like I'm not honest to you or to myself, because believe me if I could I really would've made it possible for today but it just wasn't, but that doesn't mean it never will be :) Anyways I hope that you will anticipate for tomorrow! :D Take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Get ready to be surprised!!

Hey everyone!!! :D

Ok well today I woke up early and didn't do much but later on the day I did something, which I won't say because I don't want to ruin the element of surprise now :P but anyways I think this surprise will blow you all away ~ there's good news and bad news that I need to tell you all. 

First the bad news because I like to end it on a good note :) the bad news is the I won't be able to tell you the surprise until tomorrow as its already 1am here so I'm planning on going to sleep. The good news is that you will like this surprise even if you have to wait a day ;) this is going to be a very good monthly special as well ;) 

Anyways, I know I said that I'm sleeping early and here I am still up late but that's only because I can't sleep but that doesn't mean that I'm not going to try and sleep - I think I couldn't sleep because I just had to let you guys know and it's making me too excited to sleep!! But I think I can sleep well now InshaAllah :)

Anyways always think positive people because is always something to be grateful for and everyone is blessed one way or another :) hardships are there as a test to see how you overcome them and the outcome will be impeccable so brace yourself for it - I'm. Of just saying I'm doing too :) think positive people xoxox

Monday, 2 December 2013

Here's the plan for now...

Hey everyone :)

Ok so remember how I told you guys I wi have my first upload by the end of this week? Well the thing is the video camera came with a CD that my big sis doesn't know where it is, so without it I can't transfer my video for editing.

However that allowed me to get into my gaming side more so I shall be uploading a lot of let's plays for now!! :D I know it's not what I wanted but I'm still happy with it :)

Also with all the mess in my house I don't think the CD will appear anytime soon so yeah I probably would be doing other recording and uploading pictures instead for now though :) 

Anyways I hope you all are doing well :) take care and think positive xoxox

Friday, 29 November 2013

A planned schedule and my health news

Hey hey everyone! :D

As you all know I had my hospital appointment today for my ultrsound scan on my hands, this was to check if I have inflammation from the bones. Fortunately, there was no inflammation which is a VERY good sign because it could've been a very serious type of arthritis. However now I have to wait for my next appointment, which is in January, for a follow up and also the next stages. I told the doctors about how I'm in a lot of discomfort and if there was a possibility to reschedule my appointment for an earlier date, of course being in the area that I live where it's highly populated there wasn't much of a chance. So I asked if there was anthting I take for the time being to be at ease from this discomfort they said to me the medication that I'm taking is one of the best thing right now I told them how it's not helping (I was quite persistent because it was neccesary) one of the doctor said that I would have to speak with my doctor at the next appointment. So I just have to play the waiting game now, however I am happy that I at least asked them if there was anything that could be done currently, because now I can just wait until there was a cancellation to move my appointment forward so that's the current status.

Ok so I have some great news!! :D Firstly, I am in the process of downloading Photoshop CS6!!! :D I'm really syched about it because now I can do some more editing and videos on Youtube!! :D I'm actually really excited about it! :) Secondly, I have asked my big sis for her video camera and she said yes but the only thing is that I don't have a tripod for it so I need find a way to work around it and I am scheduling to recording and upload my first ever Youtube tutorials tomorrow!! :D Honestly, I feel nervous and excited at the same time, I really can't wait!

Also I'm still praying and for the past few days I actually been working on my sleeping schedule and I have been waking up early it makes me feel really satisfied and I feel like I can get a lot done, which I knew already because it's something that I've experienced and learnt about too but it was hard for me to work on my sleep and it effects a lot of things.

Well anyways that's all for today guys I hope you enjoyed it and I'll definitely be uploading something tomorrow!! :D

Take care and think positive xoxox

Thursday, 28 November 2013

May not be according to plan but something better instead! :D

Hey everone! :D

Ok so today all day I've been trying to get my first ever video up but there seems to be a lot of problems with the recordings (basically I don't have a camera and was using my ipod but didn't have any space so I'm going to ask my big sis for hers). So I thought what can I do instead of recording like this? And I thought of recording my Sims 2 series instead!! :D So I think I'm going to be recording that instead! :D

I know I know it wasn't accoridng to plan but I will hopefully see if I can get something up for this week! :D On the side note I have been praying all my prayer Alhamdulilah and I've also been reading an Islamic book today just to boost up my knowledge as I know that I'm personally lacking in my Islamic side a lot! Honestly my health is getting better I can feel it and I know that it's still there but tomorrow is my scan so hopefully there's some more good news! I hope it's identifiable this time.

Anyways that's all for today take care and think positive everyone xoxox

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The birth of a new project! :D

Hello everyone! :D

Ok so just as the title says I feel like I really want to start a new project (the Sims 2 game hasn't started yet because of my health unfortunately) but I thought that I'd do something a little more managable in terms of my health :)

So basically I have been watching a lot of Bubzbeauty vlogs and beauty videos and it made me want to do the same! :D I won't be doing mine on beauty though I think I'm gonna relate mine to a more crafty side of things! :D I'm sure there's always people interested in DIY's and just general artsy related things! So yeah I think I might start on something today :D but have it uploaded before Friday! :D

I hope I get support from you all if you're interested because that would help me out a lot being a new YouTuber and all :P

So I hope that you all look forward to that!!

Here's a link to bubzbeauty channel and her vlogs! Their really inspirational so I hope that I could do that too:

~ http://www.youtube.com/user/bubzbeauty
~ http://www.youtube.com/bubzvlogz

So I hope you all look forward to Youtube (It be anything like this though so yeah I hope you enjoy it!)

Take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 25 November 2013

A day late I know

Hey everyone! :D

I know I said that I was going to give you all something special since I have my first follower and all but I couldn't because I was not feeling too great and my whole house is still being done up because there's a lot of things that's unfinished...

I did however managed to do something today and that's because I had more time and also I was checking my twitter and surprisingly I found out that I now have 5 followers!!!! :D I am like super happy so I thought I'd paint today.

I had a very interesting preparation process firstly, I put down newspaper on the newly wooden floor in the living room, then I put my water colour set down and the my sketchbook and the Aston felt like playing with me he started to make a mess and run about and then he started chilling on top on my stuff. I think he wanted to paint with me haha!!

Here he just looks curious to know what my sketchbook is so cute <3

Anyways I did start to paint and honestly saying it took REALLY long only because of my body pain and to top it off I wasn't satisfied with the end result...I honestly felt that I could do a lot better then what I actually did, but that's just how art goes sometimes you're satisfied and sometimes you're now :)

Start with a blank canvas

Then some roses:

Continue with the rest of the roses:

Now to add some more definition:

Here's the finished product:

Well next time I think it will work out better and maybe I might just work on one thing like a big rose or something!! :D

Also I think I might do some doodle drawings as I was inspired by this YouTuber which I think you guys should watch it you like that sort of thing:

Here's there link

Do check it out and let me know what you think :) also remember to follow me on Twitter @TaranaBstar take care and think positive xoxox

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Omg!! So happy first follower!!! :D

Hey everyone,

Just like the post says I had my first follower, I just checked it and found that someone is following me!! That's soo cool I felt soo happy and special and really loved!! :D I dedicate this blog post to you: @francessschou I appreciate it a lot it means the world to me to know that I have a follower and I hope to get more in the future!! :D

Thanks all for always reading my posts it's so sweet!! As a thank you I will do something really special for you all (when I wake up of course it's like 1:15am here so yeah lol) I really hope to do a lot for you guys!!! :D anyways take care and stay positive because life is not all bad there is always something that will make you happy or even smile you would've done so once in your life :) xoxox

Friday, 22 November 2013

Yay! My first Twitter account!! :D

Hey hey people! :D

Just like the title says I have finally joined the world of Twitter! :D So yeah I thought I'll let you all know about it! :D I'm sure everyone has been waiting for me to join as much as I have! :D So yeah I've finally joined now :D

Here's my twitter page so do follow me if you wish:

Twitter world

Please check it out and I hope I've made it easier for others to follow me now! :D

I feel really excited about it too!! :D

Take care and think positive! Xoxox

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Congratulations to those who graduated yesterday

Hey hey people! :D

I just wanted to congratulate those that have graduated :D I'm so proud of my friends who have finished the postgraduate and undergraduate! :D I'm so proud of them all and even though I didn't go to the graduation ceremony I felt like I was part of the graduation! :D

It was nice seeing the pictures of my postgraduate friends in their gowns and some of my undergraduate friends as well! :D I really felt a little regret not being in my postgraduate gown but even so I feel like I was part of it and hopefully some time in the future I'll be in the gown proudly walking down that stage at the O2.

It reminded me of my graduation at the O2 - yep that's right people mine was at the O2 :D - it was wonderful! :D I loved it so much I had my big sister and my dad there (2 guest minimum and my mum watched it online)  it was a great moment and I felt that I have achieved something so great! :D and it is! I felt satisfyingly content and will never forget the moment - I truely felt blessed! Alhamdulilah! :D

I feel that anyone who is graduating whether it be from primary (elementary in US) school or secondary (High school in US) school or college (I think also part of high school in US) or even university (College in US - I think) is a great acheivement and you should be proud of yourselves. It doesn't end just there, I want to congratulate everyone! Because one way or another you have avhieved something it may be small to you but to someone else it could be the best possible thing ever! So be proud of what you acheived whether it's small or big it's still an achievement! :D

Anyways, I just wanted to share this to you all because I felt that it was important to let everyone know that one way or another everyone has done something, and sometimes people can't even notice their good deed without another person pointing it out. So don't ever feel that no one has ever achieved anything because one way another you have done something good! Even if it's something like a 'Thank you' is counted for as a good deed so be proud of yourself and never belittle yourself! :D

My biggest goal in my life is to work on my Islamic knowledge and be able achieve something great from it such as memorising the Qur'an or even work on meorising little incantations for daily recitations and also to definitely make a habit of praying! :D

Anyways I didn't expect this to become as long as this but there you a little something for you all I hope this helps at least one person! :D Take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Building up ideas and confidence

Hey hey all!! :D

Ok so I know I haven't blogged in some time by the doesn't mean that I have forgotten oh no no no. I actually have been thinking of my stories and it kind of hard to get any writing done at the moment with all the redecorating and stuff (yep sti happening people) but I was able to do some writing today (just a little bit though!). I was really encouraged and motivated after yesterday when I finished reading the manga Fruits Basket! Surprisingly there was a lot of things I didn't expect in the story but it was a very heart warming story overall!! :D I really loved how unexpected some things were and also how sweet it was and being the emotional person that I am I cried several times especially at the sweet ending of the manga it is definitely another recommended one to those who love shoujo manga with review harem in it and with a little twist too!! :D

Anyways other than that I was also thinking of my other story ideas which I really want to work on so I shall start on those soon too. Also I am officially getting JSA because of my health and the fact that I am incapable of working at the moment. Also I was checking my Facebook and I was reading about my PGCE friends and how they have their graduation tomorrow at the O2 which I think is very nice for them. I felt a little sad because I won't be able to be there as I kind of dropped out and I really miss it a lot. However, after I get well (InshaAllah) I will work really hard and make sure to get into it probably after another two years! It's a long term thing but I think it's a good thing though :) I am happy for my friends and I feel proud of them :) I also received a texted from my friend Kirsty who is thinking of getting into PGCE so I hope hat she will also get into it too and I know she will make a great teacher! :D

Well anyways that's all I wanted to say, I had a nice cup of hot chocolate and now I'm snuggled in my bed gonna watch Aikatsu! And then probably watch the TV show The Blacklist!! :D anyways take care and think positive xoxox

Friday, 15 November 2013

I just had to end it

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so as you all know I have my ICT classes on Friday's but because of my health I have officially put a hold to the programme until I get better. Honestly, I felt like I was helpless because I can't do what I want to do but the most important thing for me to do right now is to work on my health and my religion. Speaking of religion I have actually been praying since yesterday all my prayers so far!! :D I feel quite good I just hope that my health gets better I honestly feel that my health will improve and I hope that this will not go on for so long! :)

Well anyways aside from that I had an epiphany of another story idea which I will also be working on too!! Don't worry though I will still work on my Two of a Kind story though! speaking of which it's actually getting quite popular in my Poket Writer's acount! :D I was happy to see the like for it even though it's little but that just means people are interested in it! :D So I'm really hapy about it! :D

Well anyways, I just finished watching Vampire Diaries! :D Really good! :) I'm watching The Originals now and then I will work on my Two of a Kind story!! :D Take care and think positive xoxox

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Facing all challenges head on! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I have been feeling waay too useless because of my health and because of that I feel really motivated in many things like praying, and creative stuff like my writing! I didn't manage to do any sort of writing at all the other time but I think after I eat I will work on something I think it will help me take my mind off things.

I just finished reading the manga La Corda D'Oro it was one of those outstanding mangas that I've been meaning to read and I just managed to read and finish it today (of course I didn't just start it today!). I have starting watching the anime from yesterday on my laptop - which is also something I'm not going on as much - and watched some today and it was nice :) But being on my laptop makes me motivated to work on my ICT work which I am also working on too.

Anyways I have been motivated and challenging myself because of my health because I feel like I haven't been able to do much and it's a way to encourage myself. The other motivation is my family because everyone in my family are moving forward so it makes me feel like moving forward as well.

Well that's all for today take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Asking for forgiveness for a sin and the consequences that comes with the sin

Hey hey people :)

Ok I know it's seems like a very harsh title for today's post but it's just that something happend today and yesterday that basically made me want to blog about it. Firstly, I'm human so I will make sins too just like anyone else. I did something that I've been trying to get out of because it's forbidden in my religion. I regret doing it, and I've tried to make amends by fixing it at that time which was about a few months ago (by a few I mean 8-9 months) certain things happend then and now I thought I was free from it when I knew that that there is still a link so I've decided just recently (about a few weeks ago) to completely cut it out of my life.

Things were going great, until yesterday. This connection came back because there was another link that I didn't cut off. So now I'm thinking to myself ok I really need to make sure that I make things clear and get this out of my life and so I've linked with this and properly made it clear about it too but now I think this will be a lot harder to get rid of.

I know I'm being very ambiguous about this but I just don't want to make it a big deal but I wanted to say that because of what I did back then it's biting back right now. I regret it in a way because it's upsetting and caused some trouble not just to me. I didn't want to be a bad person and I hoped that I never do become one. I just pray to Allah that things get better and that I am forgiven and that I can move on with my life.

Currently, I feel a lot free and relieved because I've let it out and because I am always honest I will make sure to pray and feel the way peace that I do at the moment all my life inshaAllah :D

Also speaking of praying I've stopped again but I want to make it a habbit again and what better way to go for it then by starting it right now? It's never too late to start and also Allah always welcomes everyone with open arms and always forgives those who are sincere and are willing to change.

So I just wanted to tell you all that I'm actually doing ok right now :) but I will make sure to be a good person and always make sure to stay positive and pray all the time! Take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 11 November 2013

Being understanding and a good listener

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so the past few days I've been usual self, I haven't been able to post because I didn't feel like it and also because it wasn't the right time to either. I just felt like I was needed by everyone in my family and even now I am still needed. My family is big so there are a lot of us living in under the same roof it's amazing because we have a lot of laughs and fun time but there are a lot of problems that arises too.

As you all know I'm a very optimistic person, well I try to be, and so I always make sure to be smiling or saying anything positive. That being said I think my family and I mean everyone including my brothers, sisters and my parent need someone that they can just vent out their problems to. Well I am basically that person I am basically their punch bag that they let it all out. Honestly speaking I am fine with it because like I said they need to let out their stress and worries and I understand that :) It's important that an individual can do that. I know what you all are thinking what about me right? Well to be honest I don't have as much of a complain as the rest of my family when I do I do complain to my mum :) but I'm not proud of it. I'm the type of person who doesn't really like and express the negative side of things. Too much negativity and the household would break down.

Anyways, I think the best tip I can give when someone is stressed out is do something that you normally wouldn't! That doesn't mean something so drastic like leaving the country or something like that, but a more smaller change in life. Like doing a course for example, it's easy to get your mind off things if you keep yourself busy and I'm sure for some of you that's a great idea but for other's it made be a 'NOOO way I'm not doing something as dull as that.' It's not dull because the course I'm telling you to do isn't the same course as you would do for qualifications purposes there are many things you can do like creative stuff, practical stuff like sports, cooking. The course doesn't even have to be a long term one it could be a short course for a day or week or something.  I think it works out for any sort of situation too whether it's a work, family or friends sitaution just think about it.

I wouldn't say courses is the only answer sometime it's better to talk. You know, most arguements and misunderstands amongst people are from the lack of communication between each other. I am telling you all from my own perspective and from my experience and from what I learnt too! It's helpful for anyone!

Well anyways, I hope that this has helped any one of you! Take care and think positive as always with love Tarana xoxox

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hello people!

Hey people! :D

Ok so today has been a very slow day I wanted to order my air dry clay today but I went back on it because my house is still in the upside down state and having my dad as my dad is a long process lol

Anyways today as has been a very relaxed day and tomorrow is my ICT class so I'm going to that and right now I'm going to watch Beauty and the Beast with my big sis :D take care and think positive xoxox 

Expecting the unexpected

Hey everyone! :D

So as you know I went to the hospital and I actually knew what was going to happen...tests. After consulting with the doctor (who I really thought was actually not that caring) she told me to do more test to make sure if I have arthritis. So I did my blood test and at the end of this month is my ultrasound test on my hands and then my next consultation is on January!!! That's WAAY too long so I've decided to call them and see if I can move my appointment to an earlier date because its too late and the discomfort doesn't help!

Anyways that's all that's happened and so now I have to wait on my appointments to know if I can work again! Anyways tomorrow I'm thinking of doing some writing of my story so I can post a new chapter because I really don't want to sit around and not do anything. So yeah that's that's happened today so I shall talk to you all tomorrow :) take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's finally here!!

Hey everyone!! :D

It's finally come my hospital appointment!!! :D I'm actually a little nervous as well as excited because I can finally find out what is wrong with me. My dad said that he would come but honestly saying I don't want him to because because I don't want him to worry so much. There is still a slight chance that he might not come but if he does then I just have to make my peace with it :)

Anyways, today I was in a lot of pain and I'm really tired which is why I'm going to sleep early (well its early to me) and then I'll probably wake up really early too!! :D so that's all I have to say for today I will let you all know what happens after my hospital appointment tomorrow so yeah I'll speak to you all then. Take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 4 November 2013

Tarana's ACD Sample design for Cuteness & Sweetness

Hello everyone! :D

Ok so I've finally made the first ever Cuteness & Sweetness Clothing brand line for Tarana's ACD (Tarana's Arts, Craft and Design). Now it's only a sample which is why I didn't complete the dress design on the model. However for my orignal stuff I will definitely make it look more professional and my style.

Anyways I thought that I'll describe the design to you all and how the cards for the collection would look like too! :D As you can see it's just a sample and when I start designing more of the clothing I will work at it and draw it much better than this on the cards! :D


So lets start with this top! :D The top part of it is a dark red net that will cover the nape of the neck (See the mannequin for more). Then comes the ruffle light red shoulder part that wraps around from one shoulder to the other. The sleaves and the rest of the top is attached to the shoulder wrap. The hearts are a light pink colour but there will be no black outline (the black outline only drawn to show the definition of the patterns only). The hearts in the centre are actually buttons centred on the top. The tassels on the end of the sleaves will be a dark red that matches with the dark red netted part of the top.

The skirt will be a light red colour which will be covered with a dark red coloured net on top. The pattern on this is again a light pink (no black outlines will be on them) the tassels will again be dark red to complement the top's tassels as well.

These dark red boots are just below the knee (See model) attached with light pink ribbons and patched hearts on the side. (Ignore the black outline).

Just like the note says!

Ok so that's it for this one! Again I apologise for the delay and I'm sorry for it not being so perfect looking clothes but once I've designed them on my book I will move them onto the cards also I've decided to use colouring pencils so it doesn't require a lot of ink wasting! :D

Anyways thanks for the support everyone and stay tuned for more! take care and think positive xoxox

Progression on design...

Hey everyone!! ;)

Ok so like I said yesterday I was going to show a design for one of my clothing! I started working on it just a little while ago however I wasn't able to finish it because there was a lo house work happening and also because I was in a lot of pain however I did make a start and I made a start on it on the book I made. In one of my previous post I said that I would make a beauty book with tips and ideas but I didn't do it because I didn't get the job so I am going to use that book for my design!

By the way I was struggling a lot on drawing because I was finding it hard to draw a basic mannequin but I watched a YouTube video and I was able to come up with something! Anyways I've taken some pictures also the overall brand name is called: Tarana's Arts,Craft and Design (aka Tarana's ACD) I will come up with a design logo for it because it will be everything creative as the name suggests and also separate brand designs for the types of clothes that I make!

Here's some pictures: 
This is the book I created it was used for sketching but I've changed it to to my ACD book :D

This is my attempt at drawing a mannequin! 

I've already made the first design and all it's left is colour also it will just be a sample as I haven't created it in card for yet! :D anyways I hope it's not a total disappointment to you all I will most probably finish the first piece and show it all to you tomorrow!! :D 

Take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Creative November! :D

Hey Everyone! :D

Ok so I thought I share a little something with you all! :D Well it's just as the title says! Creative November, I just have a feeling that I could give you all something really creative to look forward too! There's gonna be a lot of creative stuff happening soon! :D Especially since I will be going to the hospital on Wednesday so I'll be able to slowly get back to my feet! :D

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos on different creative ideas and stuff so I think I'll definitely work on a few things and don't worry about the clothing design cards that I was talking about I will DEFINITELY show you all something tomorrow!! :D

This month will be brimming with creativity for you all InshaAllah (those of you who don't know what this means it means if Allah wills)!! :D Anyways I just thought I'll let you all know about it! :D So anyways take care all and always think positive!! xoxox

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Health Update :P

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know it's been a long time since I last blogged but that's only because I have not had a lot of access to my laptop and also because of my health. Honestly saying, my health has worsened a little since Wednesday (30th Oct) till present. My health status in terms of my bones and stuff is still the same just a little uncomfortable (as usual) but the new thing now is that my right hand side has been swollened a little...now don't panic guys! I actually went and spoke to the doctors today and she said that she can't really give any reasons as to why it's only on my right side but said it could be the cause of my bones and such which are causing my body to swell and coincedentally it's my right side and I asked her why is it then it's my right cheek, because that's not related to my joints and she said it's unusual and that it could be just swelling of different parts of the body but it just happened to be on my right side.

So at the end of the consultation I didn't get an medication for it because she said it would be best to wait until I got to my hospital appointment which is on Wednesday next week and there is no reason to give me anything that the doctor is unsure that it would work. So I'm not completely disappointed just anticipating my hospital appointment this Wednesday since it's now coming close by!

I just want to say that I didn't want to be such a downer because that's all this post is about but I'm sure it's not as serious as I'm thinking :P Anyways take care everyone and think positive! :D xoxox

Monday, 28 October 2013

Happy 1 year anniversary Aston and some special news! :D

Hello People! :D

Ok so today there are a few things I would like to get out in the open one is bad but on the other hand it's actually balances out with good points...actually more good than bad :D So firstly, lets that the bad thing out of the way, it's basically that there's quite a bit of a storm around the South of the UK so it said that it would hit just a little bit over around the South East (where I live...so basically in London). Honestly we don't really get storms and things like the way the get it in US and other counttries. So it becomes a much bigger deal in here, especially in London because it's not common and people tend to get a little apprehensive ofor their own safety and such that some don't even prepare for it! Well to be honest that's not me...or my family...sort of :) Anyways,, there is quite a heavy wind and it said to last for about 2-3 days! :O so I was quite surprised by this! :D Fortunately, everyone in my family are safe! 

Ok now that the bad news is gone, lets go on to the next point :) Ok so today is the 1 year anniversary of owning Aston!!! :D This day last year Aston was brought home to our little home! :D He's a cheeky one and the most adorably cute one too! I thought I'd share some photoa of Aston from this day 1 year ago and one for this current day too! So here it is!! :D

 Here are the pictures from 1 year ago (28/10/2012):

Here are the pictures of the current Aston (28/10/2013):

(The picture above was taken yesterday (27/10/10) I wanted share this one coz I thought it was so cute!! other than the right eye lol looks a little funny hehe)

Ok so that's all about Aston! :D The other special thing is related to my other blog stuff...more specifically The Sims 2 blog! I wanted to all let you know that I would be start a new family!! :D I would be recording this one but non commentary though because this is something that I don't want to use my voice in because of my health currently! So yeah I hope you enjoy this new project!! :D Also I would be updated my Sims 2 blog with this too! :)

Ok well that's all for now everyone! :D I hope that everyone liked today's post I know I did!! :D Take care and think positive xoxox

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Feeling really creative! Definitely something going to happen soon!

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so today I was watching a lot of polymer clay videos and also watching the Tv show Sister Sister really a classic tv shows back in the 90's and yes anyone growing up in the 90's would agree that tv was good back then (I was born in 90 so I so agree with that :P)

Also I've made a creative decision which basically I think I'm going to but air hardening clay! It's a very great way to create clay creations without the process of going through the baking process! I think I would start it off with this and then start making creative creations and then move onto using polymer clay!! :D so I'm pretty psyched about that !! :D anyways I think I'm going to order the stuff tomorrow (of course it's a Sunday so it's not really a good day to order but I still want toad I will).

Anyways I just thought I'll let you all know about it I'm actually pretty excited about oh and I think I'm going to be doing some writing after this post! :D

Ok well I think I'll leave it like this I'll chat to you all soon and wait for some really creative action in the coming week ;) take care and think positive xoxox

Friday, 25 October 2013

Just been watching tv shows :D

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so today I have been watching my favourite tv shows!! :D you know what they are The Vampire Diaries (Squeal with me people *squeals*) and the spin-off The Originals! I really love these two shows they are really good! :D

Anyways I really enjoyed it so much that I went onto watch some interviews on the casts and really wanting to know about their character in real life :) It was nice I did the same thing last week too but I didn't watch it properly. I was watching Ian Somerhalder's interview and really felt that Ian was a really honest and down to earth kind of individual that I think is unique to find sometimes. But it's not that many other's don't have that same quality and there are, there are also those with complimenting qualities too....it's nice :)

Also I have been reading a new manga and it's about a writer and a director trying to work together, but because of this manga it made me want to write my story - which I will be doing today (or what's left of today) - and I am not typing it up because from chapter 5 and onwards I'll write it up first and then type it and I know it's longer by doing this but it's better for me because then I can work on editing easily.

Anyways, I thought I'd just catch you up on my life and thoughts to you all ^^ because I want to keep it a regular thing as much as possible, I won't mention about blogging everyday because sometimes I don't so I think it would be better to just continue the way it's going! :D

#Side Note - not so important...in fact you all don't have to read this at all lol#

As you can see I'm using colour again!! (yaay) Just thought I'd let you all know that I would start writing more like this rather than the dull black all the time :) the rest of the colours on my other posts would stay the same unless of course I'm posting through my ipod which it would stay black lol. I know this wasn't neccessary to say but I felt like just getting it out there.

Well that's all everyone take care and think positive xoxox

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Drifting into endless motivation and searching for some redemption

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know it's been awhile but I must say that it was only because I haven't been feeling so great! However I thought that I would write something today because I would feel bad if I didn't. So I thought I'd talk about something that I really love and motivates me to move forward! :D

It's the thought that this illness that I have is actually a blessing in disguise! I think that even though I'm in a lot of pain it means that Allah loves me a lot! :D He only thinks the best of people and never gives any trouble or illness that a person can't handle. By thinking like this it makes me feel that I am closer to my redemption then ever before. I feel motivated by the fact that I will be able to do some creative things (although I haven't done anything yet) but I know I will be able design great clothes and create an whole new world when it comes to story writing so yeah I think I will definitely be able to work from something! At the moment it would have to be my story, I have made a start on my next chapter (handwritten) and I will work on it and of course I will work on my clothes designs because I feel the creative juice flow bursting inside of me! :D I will definitely work with that and also I hope that I could start - after my hospital appointment in November - my charms and jewellery making stuff to share with people! So do look forward to that! :D

So I thought I'd pass on some positive thoughts around the world because I'm sure somewhere someone will feel that they are in a very bad situation and feel like they can't go on any longer. My advice to you would be not to worry so much and be yourself because it does become better than you think I know because I had glimpses of the good fortune! Even now I feel fortunate that my suffering is not as bad as some because there is always someone out there who suffer something even more worse than you. So just be patient and do positive things and good will come your way when you lease expect it! :D Don't feel like you are alone because there is always someone out there who is willing to help and if you feel like there is no one then think of Allah and you will be in a good place. Allah has always said: Think of Me when you are suffering and you will be rewarded because I never leave you. (This is not the exact words but it's something like this) Also if you feel like you need someone to talk to I will always be here for anyone! Because one of the things that I enjoy doing is helping others the most! :D 

Anyways take care and think positive! :D as always with love! xoxox

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Just redecorating! :)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so today there was a lot redecorating all over my house today. It's a lot of clutter but it will be good to get it all decluttered and let the house breathe a little! :)

Other than that I've tried out the pens that I got it's really good! I think I'm going to use them of course I won't use them as colouring pens because I just want to add definition to things and I think it's the best way to go about it! :D

Anyways I think today I have been in a lot of pain so I am going to try and rest for the of the day..or what's left of the day! I'm also really going to start working on my story chapter more often so that I at least have a few chapters that I'm ahead! :D

So yeah that's all for today take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

Friday, 18 October 2013

Surprisingly ok :D

Hey everyone! :D

So today I had my ICT class and honestly saying I really enjoyed it, I thought that because it's kind of the things that I already knew it would be a little too simple but I actualy learnt a few things, just like the saying goes you learn something new everyday :D

Anyway during my 3 hour class I really thought that I would be uncomfortable and wouldn't be able to sit still for too long but in actuality I was able to sit still with very little discomfort and was able to get my work done of course I had to put up my feet on the chair and felt a little rude doing that in front of my teacher but she said it was ok and that she understood so I kept it and continued :D

So overall today was a really good day and I think I learnt a lot anyways I think I will also announce that I will start doing the drawing designs for the clothes either today or tomorrow! Really excited!! :D Anyways take care all and think positive as always! xoxox

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Oh gosh! It's here! :O

Hey Everyone :D

Ok I know it's been a lot longer then I thought and I know I said that I would update my blog yesterday and I didn't so I can understand why you all might be mad! So before anything I'll just apologise!! I'm really sorry I shouldn't have said I would do something if I couldn't! No excuses!

Ok now I'll talk to you all about the things that happened until today :D Firstly, lets talk about the mock interview that I did on Wednesday (that was on the 9th of October). I have to admit it was a worthwhile thing to do because I felt that I would make some mistakes, and of course it's always good to pratice. I think I would advise anyone who has any sort of interview to make sure to have a practice one even if it is with a friend, family or even practising yourself (by using a mirror, recording and playing back to yourself). It really makes a difference even those who are very confident in interviews, honestly saying I'm very confident when it comes to interviews but I still did it becuase I know it will help and I can learn something that I didn't know. Such as I thought that when I talk I always smile in actuality that's not true! :O I was quite suprised to find that out but I have been working on it so yeah I'll be showing more of my teeth :D

Anyways after the mock interview was over I got a lot out of it I learnt to speak more specifically about the job roles and to make sure to understand the job role completely. To also make sure to have a decent amount of hand gestures and not to go over board (I was actually very good at that part) I was also told that I did really well on my Context, Action and Result (CAR) without even realising! :O This method is a very good tool to use when describing something! You outline the context and then you give the action and the result of it at the end this is an excellent skill to have. At the end of the mock interview I think it was a good outcome.

Ok so the next thing is that I wanted to share this really delicious sandwhich that I made over the weekend. It's fried leftover chicken with green and yellow pepper (for colour of course ^^) and topped off with cheese! :D It's a must try for anyone even if it is just once and for those who are losing weight should just add lots of garlic because garlic cuts down the fat :) (oh how I love garlic but can't have too much of it because I'm actually trying to gain weight) so yeah I just thought I would share this with you all :D 

Ok this colour may look like orange here but it's actually called coral! It's like a nice rose colour that I really love and the reason why I'm showing you all this is because we have just redecorated our room and it's wall colour has been changed!! :D so I really love it! feels a little different though but there are still a lot of things to do in the room (like throwing on a new carpet and rearraging the furniture), so hopefully that would be done soon! :D

Our cooker has finally been fitted!!! :D it looks awesome! and it's great! it's absolutely wonderful!! :D I just love it soo much!! :D and it matches with our counters too! This was done on Sunday 12th October which was nice because the next day I had my interview!! :D

So Monday finally came and that meant so did my interview! :D All I could say that I was totally nervous!! :D I got there a little too early so it gave me a chance to go and pray and then do some practicing! :D Afterwards I when I went in there was not 1 but two people interviewing me! :O I so nervous FYI I am always nervous before an interview, presentation and so on but during the process I calm down and I'm my normal self!

The interview was started off with a simple question and surprised me when they said that they are looking to recruite someone who can manage a new project. Of course I knew that but at that point I felt blank probably because of the way they worded it! Well anyways, I managed to answer the questions but there was a few things that I said I didn't have skills for but after saying so I did mention that I am will to take on any training! :D It's always best to end in a positive note! It leaves the interviewers thinking that you are compentent and have a thrive for gaining new skills! :D 

Anyways I think I am really excited about it and feel I actually have a shot and also they said they will let me know in the next few days either by phone or by e-mail. Anyways I'm still waiting for an answer from them so hopefully it's a good one :D

Oh and lastly I went to Stratford shopping centre to get some coloured graphic pens to help me out with my creative drawing for clothes! Couldn't find exactly what I as looking for so I got the next best thing so I thought I'll show you guys a picture of it:

Also I have just finished the manhwa 100% Perfect Girl it's a really good manhwa and very motivating which is why I can say I feel so pumped! :D With the creative side of course and my academic side as well as my Islamic side too! So hopefully I will be like this longer and make use of it!! :D Anyways that's all for now until tomorrow take care and think positive! xoxox

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Quick notice

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that I will let you all know what happened since last week till today all tomorrow!! :D

Also it was Eid day today so Eid Mubarak everyone!!! Xoxox

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Feeling inspired :P

Hey everyone! :)

So basically today I went to JSA and my body was killing me...I wouldn't go into details about it because it's pretty much the same....that aside I actually was talking to my advisor about my trip to Whales when I went in year 9 (I was 14 then ^^), it was a 1 week trip and I was surprised that my dad actually let me go :P (actually a few months back the topic came about and my dad was indenial and was shocked that he did let me go...so funny ^^) So anyways it just felt so nostalgic when I was thinking talking about it, making me really excited and thinking of going again...but of course that wouldn't happen given my health and the timing :P

Anyways, in the last few days and still continuing, I was watching my an anime called Aikatsu! It's a very interesting anime, and very childlike :P but I still like watching it. It's about a rising idol and how she goes through all the different events and auditions to gain to the top and beat her idol, along the way she meets other idols and other things happen. Anyway, one of the key features of the anime was the clothing cards that they all have. Different branded clothes suiting different people and the outfits! It's inspired me to draw outfits in the forms of cards and share them with you all :P Make it into a collectable fashion cards too! :D So yeah I think I might start it up!! :D another thing to keep me occupied! :D

Also you all know about my job interview next week right? Well, I got a call from my uni today asking me to come in tomorrow for a mock interview! :D So yeah I'm going to go tomorrow to see if it goes well, so wish me good fortune! :D

Take care and think positive!! xoxox

Monday, 7 October 2013

Please have a go at my poll!

Hey everyone! :D

Quick message I just created a poll and every week it's going to be something different! It's a ways to help me improve my blog! :D it would be on the right hand side at the top please have a go and don't be shy!! :D

Thanks xoxox

Flowers blooming and some AWESOME news!!!!! :D

Hello Everyone!! :D

Today I am in an Awesome Awesome AWESOME mood!! :D Firstly I'd like to share some of the flowers that grew in my garden!! :D You might be thinking why am I so excited about flowers...well I'll tell you :P I LOVE flowers and roses!! :D they are like the best thing in the world and will put a smile on anyone's face!! :D They are the best thing! I'm telling you if you're down just look at some flowers or smell them they will give you a sense of momentary bliss at the bare minimum :P

So anyways I picked these flowers from my flower pot before they started to wither and thought to myself that I would make a bouquet of flower joined together and leave it as a decoration! :D So here they are! :D

Doesn't it look marvellous!! :D It's so cute and the tiny tea cup makes it even prettier! :D

Ok so I today was what made me feel so awesomely happy! :D I was sleeping in the morning when my phone started ringing and I picked up the phone - FYI I just woke up and I sound horrible in the morning (almost sound like a boy!) - so when I answered the phone I received a call from the Internship programme. A few weeks ago they called me telling me about some possible job opportunities and I said for them to put me down for it! So today they finally got back to me well the emplyers got back to them and they got back to me saying that.....I have a interview for one of the job!!!!! :D I am so happy!!! :D This is like a possible job I will be a co-ordinator and the best thing is that it's located right at my uni!!!! :D It's in my uni!!! :D so it's absolutely perfect!! :D I think it's for 3 days as well so I really can't wait to go for it!!!! :D I am absolutely ecstatic about it (i'm sure you can tell) It's like the perfect job for me at the moment - oh don't worry I still haven't given up my hope to becoming a teacher oh no no no :P - I think this would help me out in terms of my health as well!!

So yeah please please please! Keep my in your dua's and prayers!! :D I really wish to get this job so I hope I do. I know I know I'm getting WAAY too hopeful about it and it's not something that should be feeling but I just can't help it!! :D Also I asked my uni to give me a mock interview because I want to be fully prepared for this!! :D So I'm looking forward to it!! :D

Also because of my health I need as much vitamin D so I have been going out in the sun  whenever it came out and today and yesterday was no exception. Of course being a Muslim we always cover up so it's really hard to get the sunlight so what I do is at the front of my house I just cover my hair and expose my arms and feet and face to the sun - this is for medical purpose so insha Allah it will be fine! :D Afterwards, I spoke to my dad saying I'm going to the market and I was really happy that I went because it's been a week since I last went out of the house! So not good! Because I've been spending my time at home for too long! So I went to the market, but I didn't get anything for me because it was a Monday and there really wasn't anything good that was out so yeah, but because of the mood I've been feeling I have been so pumped and feel like I can do about anything! :D Including getting back into my jewellery making! Which I will start to do soon because I'll be going to another market called Roman Road Market tomorrow to see what I could get!! :D Jewellery wise I mean and of course any other things. But while I was at Crisp Street market (the one I went to today) I took a couple of pictures just to show you all!! :D

Market always have a lot of good stuff and it's always exciting to find out what they might have next! :D So I love going to markets!! :D

Anyways that's all for today again always and forever stay safe and think positive because there's no better way to  live a life then like this :P xoxox

Friday, 4 October 2013

Korean strawberry candy!! Yum :)

Hey people!!

I jus had to post this! Basically yesterday I was watching a YouTube video on Korean strawberry hard candy :) it looked so good!! :D today my sister went out and got some strawberries!! So I thought I would make it myself!! It was the first time I've ever made syrup!! It wasn't the best but giving how I made it like for the first time I think it came out pretty well and it also tasted really good too! :D

Here's how it looks:

Like I said first time but its not so bad :)

Hehe kind of feel creative :D xoxox

I didn't go instead....

Hey hey people :)

Hope you're all live and well :P I thought I'll update myself again, I ddin't go to my class today as I was not feeling well. I told my teacher to just send me the materials and I can work over them through this week :) In the meantime I ended up watching the tv shows that came out!! :D

I watched The Vampire Diaries :D Really really good :) also watched the Originals that started today which is a spin off from the Vampire Diaries :) and also watched New Girl too! :D I know I know I watch WAY too much! But what can I say that's what happens when you're ill and not working.

Anyways the rest of today I would probably just check out my community stuff and probably play here and there nothing entirely special though :P Also I'm going to watch crafty videos to see if I can enter in any contests for giveaways and things just feel like getting involved in things :P

Anyways that's all for today take care and think positive ;) xoxox

Awesome sleep!! :D

Good morning everyone!! :D

Ok well like the title says I had an awesome sleep! Well to be more precise I slept for too long from 8:30pm to 10:50am!!! :O that's way to much sleep of course I did wake up server so times here and there :)

Anyways I am having my breakfast now and going to get ready soon as I have my ICT clad today hopefully in those 3 hours I could advance really fast!! :) also I need to prepare food for the mid break the we get because its too quick so I need to eat something.

Also it's now been three days with my broken voice so yeah I'm about to introduce it to the ICT world haha!! :D anyways that's all for now I'll speak with you all soon take care and think positive xoxox 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

House bound in a way...

Hey everyone! :D

Hope your all wonderfully great! :D I felt like blogging a little earlier than usual because I felt like i was to share how I'm feeling right now with you all :)

I woke up today feeling A LOT  of pain! :O I mentioned previously about my bone condition, well when I went to collect my meds I needed to speak with a doctor about my current health situation which basically I was not capable of working. Suprisingly I did get the appointment in less than half an hour! :O

So when I did consult with the doctor he did give me my letter to see how it's like for the next 3 weeks and to see if I can work here and there and of course whatever the outcome the appropriate action will be taken :) I will be showing this letter to my agency but I will not be going in today as it's quite far away and my body won't be able to handle it today. Anyway, aside from that the doctor explained to me clearly that my bones where getting thinner? Honestly I didn't quite understand what that meant but then he explained to me that the way my bones are supposed to be growing aren't actually. At this point I felt oh gosh this sounds so serious! :O But I kept calm and asked him what is the cause of this (because once you know the cause it's easier to find out how to solve it) he said it could be numerous things and that I won't know for sure until I go to the hospital. He said in my case it's more likely to be my lack in vitamin D which I thought was the case too because that's what I'm taking and he said it takes a while for the effect to kick in.

End of the consultation I got my meds, sick letter and of course some more understanding of my condition. The main thing is that I need to wait for my hospital appointment to know any furthur. For the current time I shall be at home most of the time (I will definitely make the most of this time by trying to get other things done).

Anyway that's all for now oh and one more thing I am trying to update the look of my blog so please let me know what you think :) I think it needs a change :P Anyways take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Update on my Expressive writing blog

Hey everyone! :D

Just wanted to quickly update you all in my Expressive Writing blog as I know I said I would make some changes and it never happened.....well it did now! It's changed so please go and check out my latest update on that! :D I will also be posting this on my community so yeah please check it out!!! :D

Here's a link to my latest post on my Expressive Writing blog:

Expressive Writing blog update

So yeah anywho I will keep you all posted!! :D xoxox

feeling SUPER content!!! :D

Hey everyone!! :D

Ok so today I actually woke up a little early for once (at 10:30ish) and I had a wonderful sleep!! :D The great thing was that I didn't have no pain for once in the last 2 months! :D but then it came back after a bit and I was back at square one - but I thought to myself I enjoyed that painless moment and really appreciated it felt thought to myself  'so this is what it feels like to be pain free' haha but of course it's back again but I'm still happy!! :D

I'll tell you why I'm so happy....I just went over to my community and found that I have a NEW MEMEBER!!!! :D I really REALLY appreciate it a lot!! I know that many people may not really feel that excited but to me every one of you are special I even feel extremely happy when I see that people are viewing this blog regularly!!! Today I had 25 veiws!!! :D I mean in one day I normally get half of that! I also have a comment on my blog too!! :D So I superly duperly extremely HAPPY!

I will make sure to become more active and also I am working on my stories and my Sims 2 Blog will be updating too! So again I'm really happy!! :D I really just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all those who view my blogs and read about my things it make me really happy!!! :D

Please continue to support me as much as you can!! :D As always stay safe and NEVER forget to stay positive ;) xoxoxo

Oh one more thing here are some of the blooming flower that have grown in my garden! I'm really happy about it and I check on them everyday I will definitely cut them off before their withering stage! Let me know if you have any ideas of what I can use them for ;)

 These ones below are the ones that are from a different plant pot and it's going to be a purple flowers so I'm kind of excited about that!!! :D

Lastly I would like to say it's my younger sister's birthday today and Aston decided to celebrate it with us sooooo cute <3 :

(Text on pictures: Aston celebrating my sister's bday)

Yep he really held on to the balloon it was so cute!! :D So yeah Happy Birthday lil sis :) xoxox

Monday, 30 September 2013

Making progression...

Hello everyone!!

It me again been some time right? Ok well I will get straight to the point :P firstly I got a letter from the doctors to make my hospital appointment which I received on Saturday. Of course during the weekends I couldn't make it so instead I made it today :) the earliest appointment they have is on November 6th! :O so I thought I might as well take it it's better than nothing oh and it at 3pm of course I'm not going to just keep it like that I will definitely check to see if they have cancellation! Also today I found out that my cousin who just recently had a baby has cancer so please keep her in your dua's and of course for me too :) it just made me feel that there are a lot of people in my family with cancer andTumour or other serious illnesses and I feel that I might be suffering something serious too of course it's only a thought and I don't think it would be, but you know I think this is a sign for me to start praying as I really regret not doing so.

Also about my illness the good thing is I might go to Saudi Arabia to do my Umrah!! :D (to those who are non Muslim Umrah is like the shorter version of Hajj - one of the 5 pillars of Islam - it's a must for all Muslim who can do so to complete it (if you would like to know more search Umrah on google and you will find it)) I would love to do my Umrah!!! I think it will increase my faith and I feel I will become a much positive and stronger person spiritually. Plus Saudi Arabia has A LOT of sunlight which is exactly what I need, of course if I do to I will definitely take pictures and video as much as I can :)

Also our new cooker arrived in my house it was supposed to be installed and stuff today but the gas pump is too low so now we're waiting on the council to fix...here's a picture of our current cooker which has not been changed for more than 30 years nearly!!

Excuse the lots and pans :P

Now here's our new one all wrapped up and ready to be plugged in :P

It looks huge but actually some of it is the packaging!!! :P

Anywho that's all for today...oh actually there is one other thing I was watching bubz video on YouTube in her wedding and honeymoon video really made me happy for her and motivated me a lot to work on my thang :P so I definitively will do so :P

Anyways take care all and think positive with that irresistable smile ;) xoxox

Saturday, 28 September 2013

It life's way of telling you to slow down

Hey everyone! :D

It's been a long one I know, so ill tell you what's been happening then, I won't give the nitty gritty details except that I was one step away from changing my doctors.

Before that I'll start with my x-ray result, basically they found that my bone is getting softer and that I am basically lacking in vitamin D the two main source of vitamin D is sunlight and fish! Thing is I can't have fish because I'm allergic to it so I basically need sunlight meaning I need to go somewhere with a lot of sun as you may know London doesn't really have much sunlight! So the good news is that I MIGHT be going on a holiday :D sounds wonderful!! :)

After finding out my results I wanted to be referred to a specialist because my condition is getting worse, so after I finally got to see the doctor they referred me and I have been taking the vitamin D tablets and also been prescribed a Vitamin D capsule AND a letter from the doctors about my referral to the hospital. This happened on the 20th of September 2013 and hey said it would take about two weeks to get a letter and to schedule in an appointment so now I'm waiting for he referral :) it's been a week now and I still haven't received anything so I'm still patiently waiting :)

Today I started my ICT course well it's called ECDL :) and it seems really easy so I'm sure I can manage to get a pass at level 2 but I need to look into getting a level 3 so it's of a higher qualification :) I enjoyed it the teacher was strict but not too strict which was good and the people were wonderful as well :) although my health was giving a little trouble but I think I'll be able to manage! :D

Yesterday I was talking to my sister about my health and how I'm worried that this may lead to me not being able to work or study as its quite bad and she told me its just like the saying: it's life's way of saying to slow down. While that may be true and all but I feel that I'm wasting y precious time right now and that I don't want it to be like this at all! I want to take up more course work as well and apply for the PGCE course again next year :) but my body is telling me otherwise and this is a great challenge that I need to face I believe :) it may be hard but I just have to deal with it :)

Anyways everyone, I'm going to leave it like that speak to you all soon until next time take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 16 September 2013

really can't wait to change my doctor....

Hey Everyone! :D

Hope you guys are all well! Ok so today I went to the doctors in the morning to see if I could get myself an appointment with the doctor to discuss my x-ray results. Good news was I managed to get one :D So when the doctor called guess what she said....that apparently on my records it shows that it was cancelled :O Great! So I got the doctor to make another one and she said it would be ready to collect today in the afternoon. Afternoon came I called again and told the receptionist 10mins later she tells me it's still not ready and that she will try her best to get it done, I call back after an hour and she said it's not done! :O so then I said I'll back again an hour later. An hour later and the phone is busy and continues to ring! Then I thought I might as well go to the doctors as soon as I just finish getting ready hailstones starts to fall! :O Is it just me or does this seem like a sign hm? so after when the rain settles and I go and finally managed to get it! :D But I wanted to get my X-ray done today as well so now I'll have to go tomorrow! :O

The good news is I can shop in the Whitechapel market! So fun! :D get a few things here and there nd for a bargain! Also I'll take a picture of it for you guys of the things that I buy too!! :D

Anyways later that afternoon I went out with my big sis, and on my way back home we started talking in the Northan accent! It was hilarious of course my sister can really do the accent spot on as for me not so much lol :P But it was a good laugh though I really enjoyed it a lot!! :D

Anyways that's all for now until tomorrow!! :D take care and think positive xoxox