Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Just stay calm and everything will be alright! :D (Monthly Special)

Hey hey everyone! :D

Ok I know I left you all in a bit of a cliff hanger with my illness so I apologise about that and the reason why I haven't been updating was because of this illness it makes me feel really weak and exhausted.

Anyways I'll start from the 23rd August 2013 when I went to the doctors I was happy that my doctor was nice and get this whole I was explaining my symptoms she was writing a list down on a piece of paper I was thinking to myself I wonder if these are names of the possible illnesses I might have at the end of the consultation she gave me the paper and said I need to get a blood test for everything on the paper. I honestly was surprised thinking no way another blood test? And this time it's a lot more serious because one of the blood test was for Arthritis. Yep, that's right people I might have arthritis the doc was thinking the same thing as I was that I'm too young but it's still a possibility, but she also said that it could be a virus that's taking a toll on my body. 

So on Tuesday 27th August I went to the hospital to take the blood test turns out they don't do GP patients on Tuesdays and only do them on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I thought great now I wasted a lot of time for no reason but it was not in vein as I learnt something from it :) always check the details of opening times - really I blame myself for it I mean if I had checked I wouldn't have went to that hospital and would've actually went to he other one that does weekdays :)

So the next day I went and I did managed to get my blood test done and they said it would come a week later :) thankfully when I went home I made myself an appointment for the following week on Thursday 5th September 2013 :) 

Anyway other than that I went to an event with my mum it was a charity sale to raise some money for our local mosque and what attracted me on the leaflet was 'canvas painting' which straight away in my head I thought of Bob Ross (the joy of painting series) so I assumed that we were probably going to be doing canvas painting of course it made more sense later that they were actually SELLING canvas painting :P

Anyways I had my henna done and I took a few pictures of the place so yeah I thought I'd share that with you all :) 

Also these are pictures from a day after my bday as I did my own henna so yeah so I show you that too :) 

This is the henna I done on my youngest sister copied from the design book but only parts of the design :)

My youngest sis did this on me after she made me wash it the first time you can slightly see the previous design :P

The next two were me using my left hand on my right :) (btw I'm left handed :P)

Here are the results from the couple of hours that we had it on for (I would've had it for longer but my hand started aching :) 

And these are from the event I went with my mummy (yep I'm 23 n I still say mummy lol)

Also I had a Bob Ross inspiration on 1st of September and I put it into motion and I ended up with this:

This as done on my mini easel :) it was kind of hard because the paint wasn't thin but I worked around it :P

Anyways today is the day I'm going to the doctors to find out my results I tried really hard not to burden others with this but when your nervous who would know you better then your family? So yeah I didn't say I'm nervous or worried but I think it kind of showed on my face :) but one thing I didn't want is for anyone to go with me and my big sis kind of forced me to let her come with me but I was trying to say it to her indirectly but she still insisted. Honestly I think I would be feeling more anxious if she was around but don't get me wrong I really appreciate her concern. End of it a I would defo find out something whether I have Arthritis or a virus or probably something else! :D honestly saying I made my peace with it being Arthritis so I'm not so worried! :D

Also a few weeks ago I have been feeling down because of my illness if I tell you the truth :P I just didn't want to worry anyone about it you know? But I don't want it to seem like I don't want anyone to share anything with me honestly saying I would LOVE it if people needed my help!! :D but anyways coming to the point I recently am back to my old optimistic self again because I was able to get past the problem of my illness and find a solution and what cheered me up was this anime called Brothers Conflict! It's Genres are: Shoujo, comedy and Reverse Harem!! A harem is when there is a guy surrounded by many girls and a reverse harem is clearly the opposite!! :D I just LOVE reverse harem! It gets my heart beating so much!!! Ohh I feel excited just by thinking about it! :D anyways that is one of my favourite Anime :D so yeah I just thought I share and recommend (to those who watch anime) this for everyone :)

Anywho that's the major update and again I will always try and make it a daily one post!! Ohh also I have to let you gamers know (if you don't already) that I have redownloaded the Sims 2 complete collection with EVERYTHING including mansions and gardens, ikea and kitchen and bath!!! Hehe I've been playing it although I have a couple of glitches still but yeah it's there!!  Yay!!!

Anyways that's all for this post I will repost again later on if im not too tired and to let you all know what's going on :D stay safe and be positive people ;) xoxox

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Happy birthday me! :D and much more :)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok let's start off by first saying that on Saturday 17th August I went to the doctors to see what is wrong it turns out that i might have something I won't say anything now but as its not for definite and I made an appointment for this Friday 23rd August to find out exactly what's wrong. I mentioned it to my family but I think they noticed that I was actually a bit worried but honestly saying I was and I still am but I won't let it trouble my family. I will be finding it out tomorrow anyways so yeah let's just see what happens :)

Also it was my birthday on Tuesday ;) I turned 23 yay me :D but I don't feel old at all, and I know normally people would feel old but honestly saying I don't feel that old at all :) my bday was normal I enjoyed the evening part of it where my family was joking about and laughing it was really nice. 

Also in the morning I went to my uni for the internship thing so my next stage is to find a job of placement and show it to my uni and they will take it from there :)

Today I went to my college where I picked up my science results, I looked at my grades and found that I actually did quite bad on my physics the second time around lol and for my chemistry and biology I got the same grade :) but overall I passed!!!!!! :D I was so happy!! :D now I don't have to worry about it no more!! Next up ICT which I enrolled on Monday starting in September so I'm kind of excited about that :D

Anyways that's the big update for today!! :D take care and think positive as always ;) xoxox

Thursday, 15 August 2013

What shall I say?

Hey everyone! :D

Well today I didn't sleep a wink!! :O these few days I've been getting a lot of insomnia nights :O I never knew that I was the kind of person to stress over something to the point of not being able to sleep. Anyway it wasn't so bad the whole day I've been full of energy and having a full mug of coffee was a very smart move ;)

Today I took my mum to the hospital and then we went shopping!! :D and I bought myself some make up from the market! And a black glittery scarf I haven't taken the pictures of them but I'll do so tomorrow as I'm getting really tired :)

Afterwards we went to eat and I ate a nice meal with my mum ;) here's a picture of my food and another of me :)

And here's a picture of the place a little bit :) I liked the pictures hanging :)

A sink to wash your hands after your meal :)

Anywho when I came home I felt fine until now where my body is giving me problems but I think if I keep my body busy it won't be so painful :)

Anywho that's all for now tomorrow I'm going to wake up early and go to the doctors and find out exactly what's happening with me :) anyways I'll speak to you all tomorrow :) take care and think positive xoxox

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sorry for not blogging! :O Depressed but then Impressed! :D Happy go Lucky as always :) (Post about yesterday and today)

Hey Everyone!! :D

How are you all? :) Ok I need to apologise for yesterday! Honestly saying I forgot to :O I was playing on that online game :) and I totally forogt and by the time I remembered it was too late and I was going to sleep! So I'll blog for today! :)

Firstly, I was a little depressed yesterday because I wasn't getting a job but in a way I was happy because my dad was really supportive of my jewellery making home business :) It's something I have been thinking about so I will make it happen! :D I was also thinking about my life skills such as driving...yep I still haven't learnt I really want to get that out of the way. Knowing me I feel a little scared because I always think of myself as a clumsy driver that would make a stupid mistake and end up in a car accident...I know the paranoia thought lol. But it's a natural thought to have so I was thinking about it but of course I am not totally discouraged and my big sis was being very supportive which was nice :)

Anyways, I was talking to my sis about how it's hard to find a job...and I was thinking about how the one thing that is a more definite thing that can't go wrong is going wrong just made me feel like I'm cursed when it comes to finding a job! But then today I check my e-mail and I get an e-mail from my uni about the CV workshop that I was thinking would never happen...and it turns out they finally made the session on Tuesday next week! :D Of course I am happy but and a little hopeful but I won't bring my hopes up and I will definitely not give up because there is always hope! :D Also when I was loading the e-mail I was thinking that the session would be on my birthday and guess what? It is! :P That's right everyone! :) My birthday is next week Tuesday 20th August :D I'm actually kind  of happy about it it's like a new age and a new start! :) Anyways other than that my sister did find a few vacancies which I will apply to as soon as I get MircroSoft Office :)

Also I am kind of excited about the jewellery making so I can't wait to start up on that!! :D Other than that today nothing much really happened although I haven't forgotten about my chapter update! so don't worry about that I will definitely put that up soon and most probably some time this week :) Honestly I know I keep delaying it but I'm hoping I will be able to upload it this week! :D

Laptop is still not sorted out but I will be making a start on it today so don't worry about that :)

Well that's all for today take care and think positive xoxox

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

over 1000 views and updates!! :D (posted on 12/08/2013 at 12:07am)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so right now i'm blogging with my laptop :) but i haven't done anything just yet because I haven't sorted out my hardrive which i would tomorrow :)

Anyway I had my blood test today, I had a lot of pain and was resting up from it!! I was in a lot of pain guys...I had no idea I would feel this weak! :O Anyways, I'm starting to worry about this illness a lot now because tomorrow (tuesday) will mark the 3rd week with this pain :O I just hope it's nothing serious and I'm going to start praying all my prayers again starting tomorrow :)

Other than that I have to say today I was on my laptop the whole day and it felt a little weird at first but comfortable in the end :) After I come back from JSA I will definitely sort out my hardrive :) Also I started playing this game that I used to play before - and it's been 4 years since then and now I'm starting it up again - it was so fun :) I started playing from today :) and I really like it :) I basically got this message from a friend on there saying that they miss me and if i'm ever gonna play again....and I thought to myself omg That's so sweet! I have to play again :) I saw some pictures in my e-mail of the old times and it was really fun! :D So yeah i'm going to start playing again, the name of the game is Ourworld :) I'm such a child I know but that's Just me :P

Anyway I was actually kind of shocked to see over 1000 views on this blog! I was so shocked! :O So again I want to take a bit of time to say thank you to you all!! :D I would've added this beautiful thank you picture if I made one but I will soon and upload it here! :D Anyways thank you to all of you who have had the time to read my blog! it really means a lot to me! :D THANK YOU!

That's all for today until tomorrow take care and think positive xoxox

Monday, 12 August 2013

Just having those days right now....

Hey everyone!! :D

Ok right now I'm feeling a bit depressed but that's only because I really want a holiday for me and my family. 

Anyways that's just a momentary thing though. On a happier note I went on my laptop for the first time like properly but I couldn't do much because my mum started doing some random clothes cleaning which made me not want to do what I was planning on doing on my laptop however now I have to leave it off for tomorrow but I did however go on my laptop still and I started a tv show that I wanted to watch which is called New Girl it's quite a funny series I really enjoy it too :)

I did start watching it before but I didn't finish watching it so now I started it up again and I'm already on the fifth episode :)

Anyway tomorrow I'm gonna have my blood test because my pain hasn't gone yet and then I'm gonna come home and sort out stuff on my laptop :)

Anyways try and stay positive in all situation inc. when you're feeling depressed so I'll definitely be optimistic :) take care and think positive xoxox

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Henna design and other creative stuff and update (Saturday 10th August2013)

Hey everyone!! :D

Ok so today I was in a lot of pain but I wasn't doing much! I would've blogged earlier but I was making up a game with my younger brother!

Honestly me and my younger bro can always combine our ideas to make really awesome games!! :D just like me and my youngest sister can combine to make really awesome games and sims houses!! :D

Anyway the game is a card game and its about battle and stuff so I can't wait to make and play this game it's going to be real fun!! :D

At one point during the day I was looking for the henna but somehow I ended up losing it and felt bad a out it because its a brand new henna. However I did put henna on but it was one of the other packets that my mum got and it was those chemically made henna which honestly isn't really good! But I put it on and instantly took it off so my skin doesn't get damaged normally I wouldn't have out it on but thankfully it wasn't so bad, here's he result:

This is the actual henna when I put it on

This is how it looks like when I took it off! :D

Also before I put the henna on me and my youngest sister finally gave out the chocolate cake. It was scrumptious!! Tasted just like a chocolate cake with nuts from the bakery shops!! Here's how it looks like and look at Aston!! He's soo cute:

This was my piece so yummy!! :D

Also a little later that day my older brother came to me with some good news!!! My hard drive finally came and he already out everything inside!! So now I could sort out all my old stuff and add in what I really need to and also finally start using my laptop properly!! :D which means major changes to my blogs and also my writing blog will change too! :D

Speaking of writing I want to apologise to everyone about my chapter not being uploaded I really feel terrible about it so I wanted to let you all know that it will be up definitely in the next couple of days!!

I just got overly excited and took a picture of my hard drive :D

Anyways that's all for today and like always take care and think positive because when you do it really does help in life! It really eases away all the pain and stress people build up!! :D xoxox

Friday, 9 August 2013

Second day of Eid and my Eid clothes :)

Hey everyone!!

Ok so today I went to my cousins house and was having you can call it an Eid party! :D it was really nice and I took a picture of it! :D

I was thinking that I didn't show you all my Eid clothes but that's only because I wasn't wearing my hijab!! So unfortunately I was able to show it to guys! However I can show you the Eid clothes that I wore today which is one of my other Eid clothes!! :D

I told my sister to take the picture so sorry about the messy kitchen lol

This was taken in the garden! :)

Here's a picture of me and Aston!! He looks soo cute!! :D

Anyways we spent nearly the whole day in my cousins house and it was nice!! It really inspired me to become a hostess in my own house! Which I hope to do in the future!! :D

We that's all for today take care and think positive xoxox

Good morning :D

Good morning all :D

Alright so I woke up after having a nice 5 hour sleep :D but still in a lot of pain :) it's still a little dark out and I went over to the living room to watch the joy of painting series the I have recorded and then the lights to out?! :O so I changed the light bulb and now relaxing and watching some tv. Having gone to sleep at just past 11 and then waking up around just past 4 without any distributions is the best!

I think I'm also gonna show you all my little Aston who actually woke me up then by making a lot of noise with his snack in the room. :D

Doesn't he look all grown up? Anyway I'm kind of hungry now so I think I'm gonna have some roti made from rice flour!! Yummy my face!! Of course you can have it with curry but I like mine just plain!! :D

Anyway lets see what adventures I get up to today on Did :D oh yeah! Speaking of Eid our neighbour was nice enough to make a handmade Eid card!! So sweet of them :D xoxox

Anyways take care and think positive xoxox :D 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Eid Mubarak!! :D

Hey everyone!! :D

So today was Eid it was really good. Honestly saying I wasn't really up for it in the morning because of lack of sleep and for some reason I felt really grumpy?! But when I freshened up and put new clothes on I was revived! :D

The day was good we took some family pictures but I think most of us was not feeling to well from all the lack of sleep or just feeling ill. I think I was a little rude at some points with my youngest sister...jus little things started to annoy me...I don't like it when I'm like that because I end up becoming this horrible person that I really am not! Anyways my uncle came from my mums side with his family it was nice :) they didn't stay for long though!!

Then we had the cheesecake!! Looky looky picture!!

Yum or what?!

Afterwards a combination of 3 families with their children from my dads side came but just before then I was tired and exhausted because my body was still in a lot of pain but as soon as they came I automatically managed to switch that pain side off and just think about the hosting and stuff! :D

During then the children were all in one room playing with Aston who I felt really sorry for because he was so scared and petrified...all the adults were in the living room except for one of my aunt who was in kitchen with me, mum and my big sister!! :D 

It was nice everyone enjoyed it although my dad wasn't making it that fun though...anyway I think overall it was a good day, although when the guests left all the pain in my body that I managed to numb came rushing in and really brought me down!

Now I'm on my bed relaxing and going to fall asleep as I only got 4 hours among sleep and my head is kind of hurting!!

Just a quick thing I wanna tell you all something about myself:

If I'm in a lot of pain or stress out about something I tend to forget it for the if I'm needed for something but then when I'm done with it my body automatically realises and just kind of releases all that pain...

Anyways I think I really enjoyed it today and of course Eid technically lasts for about 3 days so I guess we still have Eid tomorrow!!

Oh and after when the guest left I was playing with my siblings the game called Game of Life, here's a picture of it and a glimpse of my Eid clothes:

It was nice playing it after a long time :) 

Anyways it was nice!! Talk to you all tomorrow hopefully take care and think positive xoxox EID MUBARAK!!!!!! :D

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ramadan Diary Day 29 FINAL (Wednesday 7th August 2013)

Salam everyone!!

It out final day of Ramadan as tomorrow is Eid!! Yay!! :D me and my younger sister made four cakes!! :O two as a whole 1 cheese cake and 1 chocolate cake!! We had a great time making it with a little stress at the same time!! :D here are the pictures with the process of our making and the end result!!! :D

The making of the whipped cream:

The making of fondant - never microwave marshmallows without any water lol:

Ok so me and my younger sister had some fun playing with this fondant:

Chocolate cake making:

Cheesecake time:

Crumbled digestives!! Yummy!! :D


End result of chocolate cake out of the oven:

Here is the last result of the cheesecake which will be duly completed tomorrow!! :D

The next one is a little burnt but can be taken off:

Now for the chocolate cake results:

Starting with the frosting!!

As you can see the frosting does not look so great so in the end we decided to just add the whipped cream and remove the frosting and this is the end result:

What do you think! I think it's very great for a double layer cake! The cheesecake would e sorted out tomorrow!! :D

Anyways that was the last of Ramadan Diary!! Thank you for sticking by me through the whole of this month and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!!

Until next time take car and think positive xoxox