Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Time is so precious!

Hey everyone! :D

Ok I know it's been a while and don't think I have forgotten because I haven't its just that I have been busy with things at home and my health as well so I couldn't really do much! >.<

I wanted to let you a know that I'm still busy but I would still like to update you all with my life (for some reason you guys find me interesting and I really appreciate it ~ I'm not popular or famous but just an ordinary Asian girl living a life ;) but of course every individual have their own stories and chapters so they are also a part of life and would have a different tale to tell - this blog is about my life and activities and events in my life and I would gladly share my life chapters with you all :D). There has been many things that I have been doing and honestly saying I think I would only mention this HUGE change probably next Sunday (18th May 2014) because I think by then it would be official :) However I would leave a picture at the end of this post as a clue as to what I'm up to. ;)