Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ramadan Diary - Day 5 (Wednesday 31st May 2017)

Hello Everyone! 😃

Day five already, wow. That's just amazing. I feel like this Ramadan is going by so fast and it felt like we just started with day 1 yesterday. It's incredible. There is so much you can do in this month that it doesn't feel like we can get it all done.

Ramadan Diary - Day 4 (Tuesday 31st May 2017)

Hello Everyone! 😄

I apologise for the delay for this post to come out. I was quite busy and just about managed to free some time to blog. I can't believe it is now the fourth day! So fast Alhamdulilah! I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful fast.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Ramadan Diary - Day 3 (Monday 29th May 2017)

Hey Everyone 😊

Alhamdulilah 3rd day of Ramadan done. I wasn't able to fast today because I need to have my medication so I opted to not fast. I felt kind of bad for not fasting but it needed to be done though, although I am looking forward to fasting tomorrow though. 😀

Ramadan Diary - Day 2 (Sunday 28th May 2017)

Hello Everyone! 😊

Already day two of Ramadan. SubhanAllah what blessings we have. Fasting truly brings out the best in people. I believe this fully. I feel like there are a lot of misunderstandsings in the religion but really and truly if you read about it you will know more.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ramadan Diary - Day 1 (Saturday 27th May 2017)

Hey Everyone!😄

💜 Ramadan Kareem 💜

It is finally that blessed month that we know and love as Ramadan. We'll be delving into another special time. I hope that everyone is keeping themselves safe and happy. It's time to help renew your faith as a Muslim and become a stronger individual! I hope that everyone has a wonderful and incredible month and hopefully we can carry on this  enthusiasm throughout our lives even after Ramadan comes to an end.

Friday, 26 May 2017

It's Back! (And So Am I)

Hey Everyone! :)

How are you all doing? I apologise for the long hiatus I have been quite busy. This post is just to update you guys on a few things.

Firstly, this post will not be getting into details as to what I've been doing during the past few months. (Hopefully there will be another post later in the future about this). This post is to update you that I am back and also I am going to be doing the Ramadan Diaries that I do every year (I know one of the years I didn't but it won't be like that this year).

I have been eagerly waiting to do this for awhile and I felt bad because I didn't do it. So now that Ramadan is upon us I wonder what sort of things will happen during this month. I'm so curious. To those who are new to my blog and would like to know what this Ramadan Diaries is about, it's basically me giving you a daily entry on my day during Ramadan. It may not specifically be related to Ramadan itself but it's basically what I get up to during this blessed month. These range from types of food served to how I am coping with fasting.

This year I'll be doing something a little different in addition to this. I've decided to include some sort of 'did you know?' factor in the post including about fasting or even Islam in general. I will also include some tips for those struggling with fasting and maintaining their fast too, as well as including things you should and shouldn't do in general as guiding in this religion.

I'm hoping this will help others with their own struggles and hopefully it will help you to understand Islam more better.

Secondly, I would like to mention that I am active again, but I don't want to promise regular posts (excluding Ramadan Diaries (RD) enteries). This is solely because I don't want to make a promise that I know I wouldn't be able to keep.

Aside from that I hope that you are all looking forward to the next month! :D I know I am. Also just letting you all know I will be making a new post with an update on the past few months so please be patient with that. :)

Anyways, I shall speak with you all soon,

Take care and think positive
Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox