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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Time is so precious!

Hey everyone! :D

Ok I know it's been a while and don't think I have forgotten because I haven't its just that I have been busy with things at home and my health as well so I couldn't really do much! >.<

I wanted to let you a know that I'm still busy but I would still like to update you all with my life (for some reason you guys find me interesting and I really appreciate it ~ I'm not popular or famous but just an ordinary Asian girl living a life ;) but of course every individual have their own stories and chapters so they are also a part of life and would have a different tale to tell - this blog is about my life and activities and events in my life and I would gladly share my life chapters with you all :D). There has been many things that I have been doing and honestly saying I think I would only mention this HUGE change probably next Sunday (18th May 2014) because I think by then it would be official :) However I would leave a picture at the end of this post as a clue as to what I'm up to. ;) 

Moving on, let me update you all on my health. Honestly saying its not improving. It's hard to move around much and I'm limited to A LOT of things that I want to do. However on 30th April 2014 I went to my hospital appointment and finally was consulted by another doctor who wasn't my usual one and told them my condition. This doctor is a lot better than my other doctor because this doctor actually showed a lot more concern and care.

It wasn't that the other doctor didn't it was just that she wasn't as instinctive and intuitive as this doctor. I spoke to her about my toes. Now the thing is that I think my bones have gotten quite weak that they have affected my toes by curling them and thus causing more pain (hence why I have been as active as I'd have hoped) and of course generally my condition has gotten worse. The doctor then said that she would talk to the professor. (Side note: this who don't know the professor is actually a very high position there are doctors and senior doctors the professor is like the senior doctor - of this ward). 

After a while she came back, with the professor. So now I'm talking with the professor and he said to me my case is really rare but not unknown and that he has come across this condition before and that it's not incurable but would take two years or so. He then said that he would provide me some medication to help ease the pain and then after four months or so to have another check up.

Now the medication is to be taken at night because it would make me sleepy (btw I am writing this at night and I'm feeling sleepy because I took the medication) and that I would have a peaceful sleep. The bad news is that it's not helping with the pain as much but the good news is that I'm sleeping more peacefully. I think that because I only just started taking the medication it will help my body slowly recover back to normal (In Sha Allah) because I really want to restore my health again.

Ok so other than my health, I think that I'm only trying to rest and help where I can even if its just a little bit and well I had to put on hold my writing because I don't think it would help my health or my time at the moment. However I would like to write poems so I'm might look into that a little more but nothing too religiously at the moment.

Ok now for the clue:

Any ideas? It's related to fruit carving ;) oh and this was my first time doing this so yeah ;) I did this a few days ago too :)

Ok I think I'm about done for now :) I shall leave on a positive note: Time is precious so don't waste it on regret or sorrow but find ways to build your life in a rich and healthy and positive outlook :) Take care and think positive ;) Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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