Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone! Bring On 2015

Hey Everyone!

I just want to say Happy New Year. Another year to to do all things you love and enjoy! Make sure to stay safe and have fun and of course keep it halal :)

This post is a pre-post, and should be posted exactly on New Years Day where is live. So in the UK, London. I wanted to write something special for you all so that I could be a part of your New Year just like you are part of mine! :D I normally spend every year watching the fireworks that happens in the London Eye with my family, and just like every year we have the best seats. Our living room. It's cosy and beautiful and safe as well.

On 2013 I predicted sort of how things would be in 2014, I said people would be more optimistic, big changes will happen in my family and one of those changes would be that my big sis would get married. I was shockingly right about all three! My sister did get married this year! Alhamdulilah! So that was the big thing that happened in my family. About people being more optimistic I don't know if you noticed but everywhere you look something positive is happening. For example, I don't listen to music but my younger sister would tell me the lyrics of some of the songs and they are optimistic. The same with movies and tv shows. Maybe it's just me but honestly saying that's what I feel went down.

I told my big sister and youngest sister and when these things did happen my youngest sister said to me how I was freakishly right! And no I'm not a psychic, I only have Allah to thank for what I have and believe. She asked me today (a day before New Years) what my prediction is. I said I don't think it's a psychis thing maybe just intuition. So I said to her I think in 2015, that this year would be a productive year, not just for me but everyone. For me it could be my novel? Health? Marriage? For others it could be an exam, organising an event, anything! But I believe that this year would be a productive one and there would be bumps along the way but it would be worth it in the long run even if you can't see it at the time.

Anyway, I just wish you all a very Happy New Year. Stay positive, thinking optimistically will help you be more confident and realise many things that you may not realise otherwise. I hope you all have a wonderful and eventful year ahead. Control the way you think and you would be able to avoid doing any wrong. Seek forgiveness and pray to Allah to keep you safe. Remember, He is always watching you.

If you are one of those people who managed to get a ticket to the fireworks that's happening at the London Eye, then be sure to be safe and stay with your loved ones and also help out wherever you can. There's no harm in helping someone.

Well that's it for my post. Oh except for one thing. My New Years resolution is to be myself, take care of my health. Think of Allah. Be with my family as much as I can. And to do good and spread the optimism as much as I can.

Take care and Happy New Year! Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace. Bring on 2015!! xoxox

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