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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Morning breakfast yummy!! :)

Hey everyone!!!

It's been a long time...I'll tell you what I've been up to.. First of all I'm sure I told you all a few weeks ago that I started volunteering near my house and teaching ICT And English amazingly!! Well It's going to be happening every Friday!! :D so I know a Friday has already went and all and I thought I'll tell you I'm also doing this programme called time sharing!!! I just signed up to it this Friday.

Basically what you do is spend some time sharing a skill (you don't actually have to be qualified for it or anything) and the. However much you spent is stored as a time bank on your record where you can then learn something back..but because I only just joined and all I started by joining an art class well not necessary a class but more of an activity where a group of other people are doing artsy stuff - well actually this one is specific to water colouring - so it's amazing. Oh and the person that helped me join us so lovely that she wants me to do some artsy stuff.. I'm also thinking of a specific workshop to run as I'm going to see how that goes..

Anyways but laptop stopped working on Tuesday night and needs to be sent for repairs so now I need to back up my laptop which will take a LONG time because there's a lot of stuff in there. So thats why for the nect few posts i do they wont be colourful but I swear when i get my laptop fixed i will make sure to jazz it up again. Oh and also my big brother has gone to Saudi Arabia to do Umrah - which like Hajj but a shorter version of it - I'm so happy for him and excited as well he's so fortunate to be doing all this :D

Anyway last thing I haven't slept a wink tonight because I got TOO much sleep the night before and now I have a lovely scrambled egg on toast with coffee breakfast - which is now getting cold because I am writing all this down - so I'm going to stop writing now and hopefully you will enjoy the rest of your day/night!!! :D

Of course I have two special pictures to show you all :) any who take care love guys so so much Tarana xoxox

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