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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hello everyone!! :D

Hello Everyone! :D

I know it's been such a long time since I lasted blogged! :O Well honestly I was doing some stuff but also just didn't want to blog some stuff. Since Sunday till Wednesday I was helping my dad with the gardening - There was A LOT of stuff that needed to be done. I had to help him with the moving of heavy things (because he's a heart patient) like the slabs (the concrete flooring that we step on when in the garden). Believe me they are just heavy, and I mean HEAVY! Honestly saying it wasn't heavy when carrying it but afterwards it took a toll on my muscles all around.

On Friday (Yesterday) it was wonderful! In the morning I went to a community centre that I'm volunteering - I've done some work there before a few years ago to do some health surveys - I'm teaching the ESOL level using ICT! I really really loved it a lot, the students there was wonderful! They really enjoyed it too!! :D I'm actually teaching with another teacher there - whose going to be there for another 7 weeks (she's doing her PGCE) - As soon as I heard this I thought to myself about my life at the moment and my time at PGCE but I didn't get depressed over it just a little sad but again I didn't let it get to me and just continued with my teaching.

As for today I wasn't feeling too great...I fell ill when I woke up in the morning so I've decided to do a lot of studying and writing of my story tomorrow. I didn't do anything today other than watch an Anime which I started watching a few days I haven't even used my time productively.

Anyways tomorrow I will definitely make sure to study, write and also help out as much as possible :D So yeah that's all for today....

Until next time - Take care and be positive!!! Tarana xoxox

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