Thursday, 6 June 2013

Oh sweet exam!!

Hello everyone!! :D

Well let me tell you how my day went today, from bad to good to kind of bad and also some special news!! :D

1st bad - I woke up at 5:30am because of my nose being blocked!! I was breathing through my mouth which made my mouth and throat so dry, and on top of that I had to blow my nose several times!! Ever since then until 8:30am I have been waking up and going back to bed because of this until I finally gave in on the sleep and got up around then. Still having a heavy nose and not only that my nose block is not on both of my nostrils but on one side when I try to break the blocked nose it effects the pressure in my ears on the sound and I end up hearing more clearly/loudly in one ear than the other. So I really didn't like that so much at which point I started to snapped at my mum who wasn't at fault in any kind of way! I did end up apologising and she so got me the nasal inhaler to help clear my nose - which I must say helps on some level then none.

2nd Good - I was doing a lot of online revision on YouTube - there is this Youtuber who does these amazing revision sessions on the breakdown of the GCSE Science that I'm taking :) It was really useful :D and ill recommend it to ANYONE who is doing their GCSE Science :)

Anyway I left my house quite early to get to college early and I got a chance to see my science teacher and fortunately I was able to get some revision done with my science teacher going over the things that I was struggling with and then my two friends joined me and we all went through the things that we were struggling and it ended becoming and mini revision group with a bonus of having the science teacher :) it was great!

Then came the exam and I must admit I was really happy!! Most of the questions that came up were exactly what I've been revising on and to top it off I answered all the question confidently which only a few that I think I didn't answer correctly but InshaAllah I get a B or an A I'm excited!!!

3rd a little bad - The rest of the day I came home and did no chemistry revision because I wanted take a lot of rest because being ill - which by the way, I forgot to mention was bothering me quite a bit just before the exam but during the exam it was fine :) - when I got home my nose became the problem!! And the fever again!! But I have been resting on my bed more than anything so hopefully I can become healthy again.

### SPECIAL NEWS ### There is something else I want to say but I think I will keep this news to myself until I am definitely sure of it and would announce it then!! So look forward to it!! That time is not too far away ;) ### SPECIAL NEWS ###

Well that's it for now!! As always thanks for viewing my page and also please do comment on any of my posts.

Take care and stay positive ;) xoxox

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