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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Well this isn't good....

Hello everyone!! :D

Ok so two days ago I started falling ill....and today I am officially ill I think I have a fever, I have a broken voice and I'm not feeling really well and not only that I have my Biology exam for GCSE tomorrow - OFFICIAL - I can't believe that this is be honest I am always ill when something important comes up in my life....I'm starting to think is it stress??? But I don't feel stress but then again it could be in my subconscious. Well anyways my body is feeling really weak and I haven't even been able to revise as much as I wanted to...but I'm not giving up at all!! As always I need to make sure that I am optimistic and strong.

My optimistic point of view to this is that it's always a challenge to achieve something but the result makes ones feel like they have accomplished so much more. My challenge (as always) is revising and studying while being ill. I never give up and I won't be any time!! :)

Anyways I hope everyone is doing well until next time (most likely tomorrow after my exam) take care and stay positive xxx

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