Monday, 17 June 2013

Just a quick update

Hello everyone!! :D

Ok so I just wanted to update everyone on what's been happening with me for the past few days. Nothing extraordinary don't worry just a very plain and boring life as usual. Before anything just want to quote the time and date of this post: it's exactly 12:55am and its on Monday 17th June 2013. There's no significant reason why I said that I just wanted to be specific lo.

Ok so lets start by telling you all what happened after showing you my study area. That tissue box next to it was like a best friend to my nose. As you know I was ill of course that's how things are and the best way to go about it is to not give up and to challenge myself to the top! (Well to the best of my abilities). So I did and the result was the chemistry exam the next day.

It was good! I found that the test went well and I was about to answer all the questions most of which was answered confidently. After that exam my friends were kind of happy because it as the last exam and they were so relieved! I on the other hand had one more exam to go through which was the physics retake.

They all supported me and we also planned on meeting up for a meal out! Which of course I'm looking forward to! I think it might be during results day or something but we'll see what happens :)

Ok so the next few days I was revising for my Physics exam that was on Thursday that week! While being still ill it was kind of hard to concentrate but honestly saying I tried my best! Anyway the day finally came and I must admit the revision for the those days came in handy because all I did was revise from the Youtuber online (who was SOOOOO useful!!) which then came in handy for the exam.

Well during the exam I did the same thing that I did last time which was that I spent too much time on one question and I didn't finish the paper!! :O even though that happened I actually answered the questions that were worth more marks pretty confidently but I don't know if would be a pass. Now I'll have to wait until results but I'm ok with that actually. Whatever the result is it was just meant to be.

Ok after my exam I went to my community centre because I needed to get some support for a TA job. Honestly saying I'd rather take the support then not do anything about it. Great thing is that I was able to finish the application on time because the deadline for it was the next day (Friday 14th June) when I went to hand it in I ended up going on a hike! Seriously the way my parents word things! The primary school I applied for was close by to my house - by bus - but every time my parents said it was close by they wasn't specific and also my advisor did the same thing - the guy made me walk for such a long time I mean I love walking but be a little more specific people.

So anyway I ended up walking all the way to the primary school and then I dropped my application feeling all satisfied and relieved that I applied to at least one TA job oh I but I don't walk back home I bus back home :) I was such a dits that I didn't even realise that near the school there is a bus stop - the advisor gave me a map to get there so I really should have looked carefully - but people learn from their mistake right.

Anyways the next day I get a phone call (at 9:38am in the morning) from my employment advisor - telling me that I left a part of the application form in the centre?! :O so I panicked and asked which part was left he said the declaration part which wasn't such a big deal but still was - if you know what I mean - he then asks me what do I want to do and the I say to email it to me so I can just send that part over, he then tells me that he will call me back later after having reluctantly rejecting my idea. Call me back around 10ish and asks me what I want to do with I told him again to email me and then he says well you have until noon to give it - basically pushing me to say yes that I will go and take it there - which honest thinking made me thought it was a good idea because it showed that I was dedicated. So I got up got dressed and went to hand in the applications - great thing was I got there in less than 10mins with the bus (oh yeah!! A lesson se learned ;)) - I managed to the there for about 11:10am and told then the situation I gave the envelope and felt that it was taken care of which it was. But my advisor didn't really seem all that happy about it, but he did apologise for the situation and I think because of the guilt even found me 6 other TA jobs afterwards . I'm gonna go in on Monday (technically today) and have a look at he posts and then print off the application and apply to them there.

Oh the application situation that came about was because they I wanted to have a copy of my application and the person who was told to do so left a part of the application.

Oh and oneself thing:
Bad news I spoke to my brother and he told me my laptop is gone for good! :(
Good news is that is I will get a temporary one to cover for now it should've been fixed on Sunday (yesterday) but I guess my bro didn't so hopefully it would be done for tomorrow!!

Oh and one last thing there will be a crafty surprise coming soon!!! :D

Ok guys I just realised how long his has long - didn't expect that lol but I'm done now and it 1:39am and I am off to bed Good night world!! Last last thing I'm healthy again!! :D Oh there is a few more news but I'll tell you all tomorrow! Bye everyone take care and as usual stay positive xoxox

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