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Friday, 14 March 2014

Gosh that was too long of a break!

Hey Everyone! :)

How you all been? I know I know, it's been so long since I've posted, but I've been ill, distracted and just simply wasn't able to do so. However, the good news is that I've done some artwork over the month of Feurary, and also this month so I'm not completely MIA. Unfortunately the changes I was hoping to make to my blog are still undergoing and would be done, I really hope, soon. Lastly, I have an announcement to make but I'll keep it until the end so look out for that :) Or just scroll right down and read the message because I know some of you will :P So lets get to the describing of all the pictures and photos I've taken shall we? :P

Ok this picture I have to admit I didn't like it at first because I thought it wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to. However, now that I look back at it I actually really love it a lot :P I also used my gold and silver markers that I bought and got a little excited with them (you'll see why in the next picture) (picture on: 3/2/14).

As you can tell I was having fun with my markers lol after I did my rose up there  I decided that I wanted to do some doodling of any sort using my markers so this was just me exploring in my mind. I actually had a lot of things I was thinking about but didn't express to much though. (Picture done on 3/2/14).

Ok this was when I really wanted to express positivity and optimism because some people I know were being really down and negative so I wanted to share with them something positive. I also thought that I might as well share it with you all too so here it is. The message reads 'A positive thought, is a colourful thought, think of one a day, to help your life be, full of of colourful ideas.' I really hope this helps you all out if you ever feel sad or depressed. I used collage of different colours gluing it together and using, of course, my metallic markers, to present this. It was a really fun artsy project, I think it would be even fun if anyone had a chance of making their own one themselves. (This picture was done at: Background: 3/2/14 and message 4/2/14).

This was a time when my youngest sister, big sister and mum went to the market and they bought me a few things! It was so sweet of them, just like this tiramisu it was a heavenly delight and so good!
My youngest sister bought me this candle set. It was so sweet of her to buy me one I felt truly loved that day! :D I still haven't used it yet though :P But I shall do at one point ;)

Ok this was soooo sweet of my friend! :D She really made me smile! This was a postcard from my friend who went on a holiday and I was completely surprised! :O I felt so loved and so happy to get it. When it arrive my mum said to me I received a letter I was asking her is it from the council or something related to health? She said it's a card. I was so confused and when I saw it I was like oh who sent me a postcard? I read the whole thing and it was from my friend!!! I was sooo surprised and happy! I felt sooo loved and it really made my day so much! :D Thanks Roseanne of you're reading this ;) I'm really happy that you had such a wonderful time.

This was my second attempt at the rose :P I love this one too, it actually reminded me of the other rose I did as well. I think they are both really good :) This was again one of the picture that I didn't like at first because it wasn't exactly how I visualised it but I think it came out good. I'm satisfied with the end result still.  (Picture done on 9/2//14)

I really enjoyed making those inspirational and positive messages and I think it's nice to no how to encourage it. I really hope this helps people becaue it's always nice to know if it helps someone. The message 'Don't surround yourself with the negative, surround yourself with positive and BLOOM <3' I hope this helps people in some way I truly hope that it does. I really in this too, I hope that people will take something from this. Also I was doing this while I was getting some sun outside of my house as you know I need it for the vitamin D so I'm getting all the sunlight I can get :P (Picture done on 5/3/14)

This was another drawing that I did, I really like this one a lot because I always wanted to do really well with rocks and pathways, this was my main focus on this. Even though I know there is always room for improvement I still like this one a lot!! :D This was also done outside too :) I really enjoyed doing this one a lot :) (Picture done on 12/3/14)

This was my latest artwork and I'm really happy at how it turned out. I really wanted random flowers and and blooms but having like a tangled loop going over it! :) I really enjoyed doing this too. I hope you all like it I really like this one a lot. (picture: flowers on 12/3/14 & thorns and branches 13/3/14)

Well now it's time for the final thing that I was holding back :) If you're all following me on my expressive writing blog you all would know this. But if not well then let me tell you about it!!! I started a collab writing with a friend of mine, her name is Leah, she's an amazing girl and I'm glad I met her. We started a writing collab together and well I've just finished the first chapter so let me present it to you:

Click here to view

We decided to make it a chapter by chapter writing. Of course discussing the details of it with each other and presenting the chapter and then if we both agree then I upload it to my writing blog. If you enjoy it please let me know! :)

Also follow me on twitter and instagram and my other blogs too!! :D Take care everyone and always think positive! Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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