Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Great News!

Hey Everyone! :D

I have great news I was finally able to finish my first crafting video and it should be up tomorrow after I do the rendering and uploading! I am so excited!

The editing of this video took a lot longer then I expected so there was a lot to do and I couldn't record my voice in one part of the video - this was the same part that lagged on me too so you can skip that part - you will see the video and know what I mean.

Also if you follow me on my Instagram and Twitter you should get good updates and notices on my video upload! If you follow me on my Instagram you would have already seen the picture of the final product so look forward to the video!

I will post the picture on here now so you can all see it.

I hope you all like it and look forward to the video!

I will make more in the future hopefully! I also bought other types of clay and would be making some charms from them later on so there would be more videos to come!

Well that's it for today apologies for not posting as much as I wanted to I will be posting a bit more from now on :)

Hope you enjoy and take care and think positive Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox 

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