Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mega update finally!! Monthly special and more!! :D

Hey everyone!! :D

WARNING: Going to be a very VERY long post! Also this is the first post where I am posting a picture of myself :D Monthly special or what lol :P

Ok I know it's been a long time since I've posted but it's only because there's a lot of things that's been happening for the past few weeks (hence the title). I always want to write about it but I ended up procrastinating so I thought I need to write it either now or never. I also did say that I would try to write everyday so I will definitely try wanted to apologise big time - I'm really really sorry!!! However I have A LOT to share and make up for it!! :) So first lets make a list of things to discuss in this blog:

1) My Creative crafts Special & Monthly Special
2) Summer Fete
3) Employment Stuff
4) Updates

~~~ Creative Craft Special ~~~
 Ok as you all know I talked about something special that would happen that's related to crafts well here it is! Basically let me start off from Saturday 22nd June. That week I was speaking to someone in my local community about running a workshop, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I registered to this time bank system in my local community (check out my post entitled: Morning breakfast Yummy! :) ); well from that I've finally been able to give something back which is.....JEWELLERY MAKING!!! Oh yeah!!! Well honestly there was going to be more - like polymer clay works - but my pitch (lets call it) was half they decided to start it off with a jewellery making workshop and if it is very successful then I can start working with polymer clay in the future - when they have more funds of course.

So anyway lets get back to Saturday 22nd June, I started watching some Youtube videos on basic jewellery making and found one that's really simple and great!!! :D I watched it once and I know how to make it :) it was the perfect way to start off with something simple. Because on Friday 21st June I spoke to the person in my community centre and she told me that I have a budget of £50 which is a really GREAT start for the workshop. So anyways I spoke to a girl that is also doing some time sharing stuff and told her if she wouldn't mind coming to Oxford street with me and have a look at a craft shop that my friend told me about, fortunately she said yes and we arranged to meet on Monday at 10:30am so we don't get caught in any rush hour.

However before that day let me just squeeze in my monthly special (well the creative craft is the extra part in here). On Satuday 22nd June I finally met up with my Undergraduate friends and we went to Nando's to eat. Of course it was just us girls - with one left over!! I really missed my other friend who wasn't there :( Well anyways I meet with my friends and it just made me think that after nearly 1 year we all have changed. For instance now my friend has a 6 month baby boy soo cute he loves my toy (yay) I was happy when I saw him playing with it. He was also really well behaved when I was feeding him, he was soo cute but then he realises that his mum is not around and then starts to cry. My other friend just finished her degree and is sorted and lastly my other friend got married and I wasn't able to go to her wedding because we lost contact somehow :( but the good thing is that we are in contact again :D

The meal was very nice and we all enjoyed it so much!! It felt great going and meeting my friends after such a long time. But it also made me think about my position. I felt like I was in a standstill not going anywhere after dropping the PGCE Primary. Honestly saying I felt I wasn't going anywhere with my life but I didn't feel upset by their achievements or success but just feel a little regretful for not continuing with my programme. However all things happen for a reason right?

Here's some pictures of the event I'd like to share with you guys:

 This is a picture of Kirsty and Damien together - So sweet!! Really made me want a baby Oh and that's the toy that I got for him! See? I told you he loves it!! :D

 This is picture of Me, Kirsty, Roseanne and of course Baby Damien all in one at Nando's!! :D

That's a picture of me and Roseanne, who I haven't seen in a long time! It was really nice seeing her again!! :D

Oh this was a gift from my friend Kirsty, It's an American sweet that's available now in UK! It's really nice!! Makes you really thirsty but sooo goooood!!! :D Thanks Kirsty!! :)

 ~~~Back to creative craft special~~~
Well anyways that was my Saturday which then lead to me looking at jewellery videos on YouTube later that evening hence where I found myself the perfect video.

Then Monday 24th June 2013 came and I met up with the girl I said I would meet up with for the little journey to Oxford Street. We met at Mile End station and here is where the problem started. My friend told me that the craft shop HobbyCraft does not exist in Oxford Street to which I then told her that my other friend told me on Facebook she said that there isn't any and I had to make the decision of either not going to Oxford Street or to forget about it - I decided to head to Oxford Street regardless and hopefully find any other crafty type shops for jewellery making.

It's a good thing I said yes because we in fact found really good stores for the jewellery making and found that they would give a lot of stuff I found this really great beading shop calling beads creative craft (or something like that) and it was great!! It was not only a wholesaler but a retailer so we managed to get some good stuff and ended up getting some great stuff from it.I bought some beads, chains, jump rings, head pins and so on. I was happy I felt that I bought a lot of stuff and that this was actually happening, that thought made me feel a little scared - I guess you can say my self esteem was being shaken.

Anyways all this good stuff came afterwards. By that I mean that when we did arrive we checked online to find out if there was HobbyCraft and found out that there actually wasn't a HobbyCraft there and I misunderstood because I checked on my Facebook and my friend actually meant Oxford!! :O Really really far!! Thus began our journey through the different other stores where the results were great.

After we got back I went to my local community centre (I just realised that I never mentioned what the name of it is - It's called Bromley By Bow Centre) and spoke to Rose - who is in charge of the Time Bank as is another girl named Hajirah - I told her if it was ok for me to take the stuff home so I could make a bracelet for demonstration and said yes.

So when I went home with the stuff I was really happy but then in the next couple of days I was losing confidence to start on the bracelet, if your thinking why....I was thinking the same thing and then I thought there's no point in delaying it because I need to present them something on Thursday so then on Wednesday 26th June in the night I made myself a bracelet and the result is below:

This is the bracelet that I made! :) What do you guys think? This bracelet also became my big sisters birthday present because it was her birthday on Monday I forgot to get her something. She liked it which was nice :) There's seven beads on this representing each of us siblings :)

The next day the jewellery making workshop taster day was a success!! There was a great turn out and although there wasn't enough pliers going around but it still worked out and then I had a number of people sign up for the next session on Thursday. Oh I forgot to mention the session was held on the coffee session that the time bank provide!! :) Anyways at the end of it all it worked out perfectly!! A couple of days later I got a call from them telling me that I can't do the workshop during the coffee session because obviously it's their coffee session so I thought ok, I can do another day or time and so we arranged it at 3-4:30pm every Thursday!! How cool is that!! I had my second session on Thursday 4th of July and it was a great success I was so happy of the end result where EVERYONE made themselves a bracelet!! and to top it off I did too!!

After doing the first bracelet the second one became even easier! Now all I have to do is order for the next session and I'm officially a businesswomen!! :) Well sort of lol

~~~Summer Fete~~~
Ok this is something that's been happening every year at the back of my house!! They always have a fete, kind of like a garage sale but in a more festive and community base way! It was great fun!! I went with my mum to check out the things and we found some very great stuff. I wore my creamish brown coloured scarf that my big bro bought when he went for Saudi Arabia!! Here's a picture of it:

 Nice right? I really like it hence the smile :P Just realised this is the first post where I am posting a picture of myself! :D

The event was always very festive and it happens every summer!!! Anyways here's some more pictures have look at them hopefully you can tell the festivities that I mean:

From the fruit of all this browsing the results where very great as well we bought many things for me and my sisters:

These were for my sister, starting with the youngest: My mum truly shows her love for her when we go shopping - we bought her the colourful hairbands, the 50p floral bracelet and the Sundae desert necklace (which we bought from my neighbor). For my younger sister we bought her the chain heart necklace with the first letter of her name on it - and fortunately she loved it! (Honestly, it's very hard to shop for an ex tomboy lol) and lastly for my big sister I bought her the bracelet on the far left which she loved.

As for myself I bought:

Some lovely Chains and a Selwar Kameez (For those who don't know a Selwar Kameez is a Traditional Asian clothing worn at home or on special occasions depending on the type of Selwar Kameez it is)

For my mum she just loved the food and didn't really liked anything for herself, as for my brother there wasn't anything for them so we couldn't get it unfortunately.

~~~Employment Stuff~~~
Ok during the summer fete I spoke to a lady who said that her daughter ran her own beauty salon I asked if she was hiring and told her I make jewellery she told me that she would definitely call me!! So I'm looking forward to that...but when the day came she didn't call I tried calling back but it was unavailable and I tried the post code it didn't work and it still didn't work so I gave up on that I thought it was in ther end I started applying to many other jobs still waiting to hear from them!! Hopefully I'l get some good news!! :D

Ok the final thing to mention is that I had an Idea that since it is a Ramadan that I would make like a Ramadan Diary letting everyone know what it's like for the Muslims on this blessed month!! :D So as soon as I post this I would make a start because it's nearly becoming the 5th Ramadan already and I haven't even made a start on it!!

Wow finally made it through and got to the point where I can start blogging regularly...I swear I won't pile it up like this ever again.

Anyways hope you all enjoyed this long post and thanks to those who read it all the way, until next time take care and stay positive!! xxx


  1. Fimo and Sculpey are good polymer clay brands :)

    1. Thanks a lot for the advice! :D I am actually REALLY familiar with it!!! :D I have watched sooo many videos on Youtube I am thinking of buying the things online!! :D