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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

200th post + Birthdays + News + Updates and Much More!!! (Part 1 of 2)

Hey Everyone :)

Warning: This is going to be a VERY long post and advice you read it on a computer or laptop then on your phone devices (unless of course it can manage it). Also this is part 1 of 2 so enjoy:

So it's finally here the mega update! It's my 200th post (ignore the update post - my previous post) so I thought I might as well make it long! I know it's been awhile and trust me I think I'll just make it into two parts, because if I don't then I think it will end up being way too big a post.

So lets first start with after Ramadan. Eid was celebrated of course, I decided not to post the dress that I wore on Eid because I know I have male viewers on this blog so I don't want to show that. (religiously it's not appropriate to do so, so I won't, sorry).

Eid day was great though, we all spent the day together and it was wonderful, my younger sister helped my mum make somosas (as did I) and she made this really cute one and you can see below the picture shows the baby somosa comparing it to the average size one isn't it cute?! :D


So after Eid, we had visitors come and go for  the next week or so of course it's to celebrate Eid and to visit one another it was a very pleasant time. My health was troublesome (as usual) but I managed to still get a few things done.

Speaking of my health I went to see a private doctor for homeopathic remedies and she gave me something to take until the next time I see her. To be honest, I was told by my dad and the private doctor that the medication takes time to take affect and the result is a positive outcome - most of the time. 

I then went to a summer family fun day with my mum. It's normally for young kids to come with their parents but since it was right near my house I decided to go to it. One of the event was a bungy racing event. I tried it out and my mum took pictures. My go that I had I landed smack down on my face with my legs flying in the air (Alhamdulillah it was covered). Honestly saying I wasn't embaressed about it, people around me were asking if I was ok and I said I was with a smile and the seond time I tried it out and it was so epic!! I didn't win but it was fun. While I was getting off the guy going on next was going up and I muttered to him "I landed smack down now didn't I?" and he burst out laughing which I was smiling at because I felt happy that I made someone smile or laugh in fact.

I tried it out again, and of course there was other activities but I didn't do much else and because we need to go out we went out and that was the result of it! Here's a picture of the activity I took part in (the lane that the guy is in was the lane that I was at - fyi he is not the guy that I made laugh so much lol):

After this incident I must admit I felt the after effects the next few days (health wise). I was in aches and pain again and to be honest with you it was excruciating pain, but so worth it for an outing after a long time of being house bounded. I still liked it and I don't regret it, I had fun, I smiled, I made people smile so it was all good in the end.

Moving on, let us go ahead and talk about my birthday. Yes I turned 24 and honestly saying I think it was just like any other day - or so I thought. While me and my younger sister just started the Harry Potter movie (part 2 coz we have it recorded) we had to hold it off because she was called by my 'dad' and when she left I was just snuggling with my blanket and waiting for her.

Then out of nowhere all my sisters come saying happy birthday and giving me something! I was totally taken by surprise I honestly didn't think I would be getting anything other than a card (which I was COMPLETELY fine with btw) but it turned out I got a bunch of gifts:

This was the card handed to me by my younger sis (that was called by my 'dad') turned out she was actually called for this. I love the card!! It's such an amazing gift! :D
Below is more gifts like bath sets a bracelet from my mum and a mug from my dad which I was taken by surprise because he was the first person to give me a gift before anyone and I was telling my mum then that he actually got me something unlike the rest (not in an ungrateful way! I was trying to say how much dad actually cares and remembers people bdays). Which my mum didn't say anything about it. But afterwards when I got the gifts she told me what I was saying about not getting anything before so I was SOOO happy and completely taken by surprised. I loved the gifts! It was the best.

It's been awhile since I haven't shown you Aston so here he is!! :D I thought I'll share that with you. Look at how he's posing while he's sleeping. He's being so obvious that he wants his tummy rubbed ;)

This was when me and my youngest sis and mum went shopping. After we went shopping we went to eat at guess where? That's right PIZZA HUT!! I  took them there and we were all hanging out and spending our time together after a nice shopping trip.

So after our shopping trip Aston decided to pose for the camera - like literally Aston loves the camera you tell him to look this way (at the camera) and he does lol he even poses it's so cute.

I love this picture, look at him posing inside the Primark bag lol. So cute!!

As you can see I just went a little crazy with Aston's cuteness! But you can never have enough right?

Anyways, there was a point where my big sis and me felt a little creative so we ended up doing some art in the garden with some chalks (as you can see) the two at the top is mine and the two at the bottom is my big sis.

Ok this picture is at Costa, I was meeting up with a friend who I haven't seen in like 6 YEARS!! So we needed a major catch up! So I got there early and ordered my drink.

Yes people I LOOOOOVEE hot chocolate!! This was like one of the best!!! If I had to choose what is my favourite hot beverage it would be HOT CHOCOLATE!!! Then Mocha, Late, cappucino, and coffee honestly saying the rest of the hot beverages just come in second after hot chocolate lol. Also got a nice wafer snack biscuit.

The crazy thing was the fact that my friend changed so much over the years spiritually. Which I felt so happy and relieved about and the fact that she has a daughter also blew me away. I really enjoyed it and was really happy for her.

This is my youngest sisters birthday! I can't believe she turned 16!! I felt so happy for her. She got this beautiful watch from my younger sister and she loved it. We surprised her with it and it was really nice and she was completely surprised.

She was feeling a little sad before so we thought we might as well give her something to surprise her with it. Just like the way they did to me she was also surprised.

Lastly, this is a picture of Aston staring with amiration at my younger sister. It was so cute he loves her so much! Like his first mum and of course I'm his second (I was his first mother but because I used to leave early and he saw more of her he ended up attached to her more). He's grown up so fast!! Still as adorable as ever though!! :D

Well I hope you enjoyed part 1 of this, in the next part I would be updating you all to my more recent events and happenings and then hopefully I would be able to catch up on everything. So stay tuned for that.

Take care Tarana A beaming star shinging with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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