Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Happy Emotion

Hey everyone! :D

How are all of you today? I shall tell you my exact feeling right now: HAPPY!! :D Why you ask? no idea :P I just posted this status on my Facebook so I'm going to share it here as well:

Has anyone ever felt so happy that they want to share that happiness with others? That's exactly how I am feeling right now!! Why you ask? No idea Must we have a reason to be happy? Can't we just smile and appreciate what life has offered us so far? Well I sure can and that's exactly what I feel right now!!!!! Wish I could share this joy with you right now!! If anyone is feeling down just me it goes a long way when you smile! Anyone sees you smiling and they ask why are you smiling? Just say because you have something that was blessed to you (it could be something big/small) it can even be something you're blessed with just enjoy it! There's no reason for you not to smile! Ok i'm done with the smiling lecture! Hope I made you smile! xx
(With smilies and hearts all around)

I think it's amazing to be able to feel like that, and honestly why must you have a reason to smile, if you need one then think of all the blessed things in you're life, such as family, friend, food, water, money (even a little), clothes, eyes, fingers, nose, a body, the ability to talk, hear and smell. You need to be more appreciative with your life because once you lose it it won't come back and then you'll realise it's value.

Today I managed to find  the two books in the series that I'm currently reading and I'm excited to start them!!! :D I will start my reviews on them as soon as I'm done because I want to be able to give my thoughts into them.

The Art Cards are in my mind but I also had another thought: How to make you're own envelopes and measured envelopes. I shall be making one soon and show it to you all!!

Really feeling the crafting side, writing wise I haven't done any writing today (although I might after this) but I did some writing yesterday. Just want to catch up on my chapters before advancing my stories any further.

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