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200th post Part 2 of 2

Hey Everyone :D

Note: This is part 2 of 2 in the 200th post! Hope you enjoy :) If you would like to read part 1 please click here

So here is part 2. Now let me tell you what I've been up to (hehe sort of rhymed lol). Firstly, I've been so engrossed in wattpad reading books and just LOVE it some much. I have a guilty pleasure on reading reverse harem books/mangas and so on. I love the romance and drama in the books especially those that are reverse harem (search it up if you don't know what I'm talking about). Now as a Muslim I know these kinds of things is Haram so I'm not going to promote it and I don't write stories like that either I just read about them. So don't be thinking I have lost my faith in my religion or anything I'm still strong rooted and still learning.

So I joined Wattpad, which is a place where you can read books and stories online by many authors. I'm sure I told you all how I was engrossed in a story completely. Well I recently started another series and pretty much up to date with the series and craving for more (secret indulgent in mind I love reverse harem so it's along those lines) but it's not updated and the next book comes out well tomorrow so the book that I want to read is a book before and I haven't read yet because it's not available yet (online I mean, I couldn't find it in the libraries near me so I'm going for online). So this author actually does cheat sheets and behind the scenes and answers questions of the readers and much more. One of the sneak peak she showed how her thought process was working and how she does her writing. She took a screen shot of her current writing work and I thought to myself I want to know what programme she is using because it's very organised and I can do a lot. So I found out it was Microsoft OneNote! One of the best programmes ever!! You can literally click anywhere and start typing and it would or input an image or draw literally very precise and convience. So I decided to start using it and here is a screen shot of my work at the moment:

If you look closely at the image you can see that I started using this on 2nd October 2014 and also if you follow my writing blog you would also know that I have already started on chapters 1-7 and working on my 8th chapter. Which I actually wrote quite a lot but I would continue it as soon as I come up to date with the other tabs. On the left side of the tabs you can see names of other stories - which I am collabing with others and I thought this would make everything so much more organised and motivates me to actually do more writing which I have been. I love using this programme. (Also I have not been paid to advertise this programme this is just from my opinion and personal experience). So that's what I've been doing with my writing side (that's for those of you who were curious to know and follow my writing blog).

Moving on last Satuday I went out and met with my friends because it's been a LONG time since I've seen them and well when I did I was really happy because I was able to catch up with them and it was nice. My friend and I all exchanged gifts as well because we were expecting to gifts (well I know I was so I wanted to do the same) and my other didn't forgot to bring her gifts for us but she said she would post it to us so I'll show them when they arrive. So anyway me and my friend went to order while my other friend stayed behind to watch over her son (who is adorable by the way!).

They guy that took my order was really nice and friendly, so I gave him my order while I went over towards the drink when I got there me and my friend just started talking. When we arrived to our table, my other friend went to order and told us to keep an eye on her son which we did and we started talking and playing.

Which I then thought was a good time to give my friend her gift, I gave her a mini canvas, a mint green candle set with a ceramic candle holder plate and of course some Maultesers. Which then I was surprsied with the gifts my friend gave me. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular or big but she gave me two gifts which was wrapped (I love opening presents I mean who doesn't?).

She bought me a sketching set, a sketch pad and a canvas! :D I LOOOOVE it so much!! I'm like super eager to start on my drawing too.

Then like about few minutes (literally) my order came! I was so shocked and my friend was asking me how come my order came and hers didn't which was what I was thinking and then I thought to myself I think that the guy liked me lol. But anyways this is what I order, a chicken burger with chips and of course the bottomless drink.


Here is what my friend ordered and her son as well got some food too <3

After that I order some desert, frozen yogurt and BOTTOMLESS too!!!! I loved it sooo much I enjoyed the amount I had I the fact that it was bottomless meant I could have as much as I wanted (which I did!!) Oh the joy I felt!! I loved it!
So when I came home my friend put up a picture of what she did with the mini canvas. She made a foot print of her nephews feet and hung it up it's sooo adorable and was soo cute!! Afterwards I has to stay home for a good week to recover from the event because I was in a lot of aches and pains. Then on Monday (two days after the outing) I wanted to paint on the canvas my friend bought me and so I did with the help of Youtube and this was my result:

Honestly saying I think I'm improving a lot more on my artwork and soon I would get it to the stage of perfection (in my eyes) and feel that satisfaction. There would've been a few things I would change in this painting, firstly I would use a lot less highlights on the clouds and make sure the sun's light really reflected and the reflection on the water too. But i was out of paint nearly so I need to stock up on my acrylics!

Then a few days ago I felt really creative and wanted to draw so I started merging many drawings and practices of them all into one. And I created this: (started on 23/10/14 and actually worked and completed the next day but it really took less then a day).
The drawing may not be clear because of the photo but it's actually a lot more darker than it looks.

And so now that I have catched you all up in my current life happening let me tell you a little about my health. Previously I mentioned I went to see a private doctor and so the results helped me out a lot more than I expected. I'm feeling a lot better and I can move around a lot better but it's still not 100% but it's getting there. I have hospital appointment coming up soon with the pain clinic and I'm looking forward to the outcome of that. Hopefully, I would be able to work even if it is part time and I'm hoping to improve on it by attending the pain clinic.

Well let me see what else should I tell you all? Oh yeah, I've also recently been taking a short course in Adobe Illustrator which is helping me in my graphical art. I really enjoy the class! It's fun to learn about the programme and I'm enjoying it a lot. I started this programme at the beginning of October and missed one lesson because I joined late. I will also be starting a sewing class in the beginning of November too so I'm looking forward to that. I love learning in general! :D

Umm well I think that's about it. Now let me talk about updates here and there:
Other blog news:
Firstly, I'm taking a break in writing on my writing blog for now because there's a lot of things I need to work on and like I mentioned upbove I'll be using OneNote to progress. However I should be still posting poems here and there.

Secondly, my gaming blog would also be on hold because I don't want to do too much at the same time but I should be taking it slow. Everything would continue but at a really slow pace. So my Youtube channel will be on hold as well.

General news for this blog:
So in this blog, I shall update you all with my life again regularly, and I'll try and keep it limited and not make it soo long like these two post have been. I would like to say I want to blog daily but I know if I say it then it won't happen because I don't think I would be able to blog daily, but regularly I can manage :D

Also when I went to meet with my friends, I bought two packs of cards and one pack of pastel paper. I came up with a great way to use them. I'm going to create, what I called, #ArtCards (Art Cards). All you do is create small drawing, painting, inking etc. on a certain size card and you can collect so many. The only thing you can't draw is people and animal (for religion reasons of course) and then you can distribute them online (by selling your #ArtCards in packs that people can buy and collect. There would be themed cards (such as special occasion, seasons, food, etc.) and limited edition cards and much much more! You can start it at your home with cards or even paper in the size of cards you desire! I'm going to be creating some soon and I'll share it with you all.

That's all I have to update you all on. I hope you enjoyed this, I'm sorry for taking so long but like I said I had many things happening that I wanted to share and it was keeping me busy. I like writing long posts but I know many would not be able to spend that time to read it, but I appreciate those who do. I'll try and keep it limited like I did with my Ramadan Diaries so don't worry.

I shall talk to you all soon, until next time take care and think positive Tarana A beaming star shining with postivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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