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Watercolour Painting! Step-by-Step Tutorial and Writing Event Information.

This Post Includes: A tutorial on how to make a watercolour rose painting. Writing Discussion.

Hey Everyone! :D

So as the title suggests I did a watercolour painting yesterday! I wanted to share it all with you so I decided to do so. I will break down what I've done and explain the pictures to you clearly. After I do so, I will talk to you all about the writing event (or you can just skip all the artsy stuff and go right to the bottomg of the page where I will discuss my writing part to you all! Lets get started :D

So this is the A4 sized Daler Rowney watercolour paper that I used for the painting. I bought this from the artstore but it arrived a two-three weeks later because it was out of stock. The weight of the paper is as shown - 300 g/m2 New Grain. It is a very heavy weighted paper and it's absorbent to the water. This kind of paper requires a lot of water which is very good!

Below is two pictures of the sketch I did of a rose painting. I used two google images pictures and merged them into one and created my own design the main rose was from here and the other small rose buds are from here. To sketch a rose is quite simple. Just follow the outlines of a plain drawing and make your own changes to them as you see fit.

Also I bought my first ever watercolour paints. I've always had watercolour pencils, but no watercolour paints or paper. Which is why this project was really fun for me! This is the Winsor & Newton set of pocket watercolour set. I showed on my precious post some of the arts and craft that I got this was one of them. I was really excited to use them and decided to use them for the painting. I really spent a lot on my arts supply. Honestly saying, you don't need such expensive supplies but I wanted to because I wanted to spoil myself a little. :)

As you can see below I haven't used this set at all until yesterday:

First step: I used Alizerin Crimson mixed with a little bit of Lemon Yellow to add a small and light background to the roses. This gave it a peachy pink effect. As for the background I used Sap Green with a little bit of Lemon Yellow to give it a nice greeny affect.

Step Two: Once the background dries, (Note: this did not take long to dry because the paper absorbed a lot of the water really fast), I used the Alizerin Crimson and a dab of Lemon Yellow and painted with the thick paint the darker outlines of the petals where the shadow would form.

Step Three:  Get rid of the excess paint from the brush on the paint pallette. Then dip the brush into water and dap the excess water onto some tissue. Use the brush to pull out the paint from the dark edges until if it fill the petal. Make sure to know where your light and dark sources are.

Note: Step two and three would be easier to carry out if you use a small, thin round brush rather than a flat brush.

Step Four: You should have something that looks like this:

Step Five: Make sure to do step two and three on the other roses and the rose buds. To have something that looks like this:

Step Six: To finish by completing the leaves, start off by using the Sap Green, and painting in the veins of the leaves. After they are sort of dried, add a little bit of Lemon Yellow to the sap green making a lighter green to paint in the rest of the leaves.

Step Seven (optional): I wanted to make my background a little intense so the rose would really pop out of it. To do so I used the Lemon Yellow with a little but of Sap Green towards the centre of the drawing background giving it a lighter green effect. Then using the Sap Green I darkened the rest of the background to really give the leafy green affect.

Step Eight: Once it is dried make sure to sign it and date it :)

The finished watercolour painting should look like this: Or something similar depending on how you did yours.

Thank you for reading this I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial of watercolour painting step by step.
End of Tutorial.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Writing Event Discussion Read Below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ok so as you all know that I am working on my novel. Yes, I am still working on it. It's going to be a very long process as my mind is exploding with so many new ideas. Sometimes I want to take a break from my own writing and work on something else, which is absolutely fine.

If you feel like you need some inspiration I would suggest you go to Cowrite.Net It's a great place to really open your creative juice and also participate in some writing too. You don't have to be a pro at writing (I'm not as you can see), and the community is very friendly. Once you click that link, you will be taken to the introduction page where it outlines how the website works. I will explain below how it works so you all can get a gist of it. *Declaimer: I have not been paid or told to advertise this website I am doing this of my own accord as I genuinely like the website a lot.*

Brief explaination of how the site works:
1) You will be taken to the Introduction page.
2) You would be given a generated user (which you will see on the left panel of the page, near sign up and login. It will also be shown on the Global chat - on the top right panel of the page)
3) Sign up Process is easy, just enter a username and password and that's it!
4) Once you are logged in (or are just there as a guest) you can participate in current writing tournaments, start your own tournaments, start your own story or even participate in other stories!
5) The way it works is you type in a sentence (in the centre panel noted as the main story interface) live, and people can vote on the sentence (as well as you can vote on others too) and the one with the most vote in the given amount of time would be selected in that story! (If there are two sentences with the same number of votes then it will randomly select a sentence.)
6) Once you are in a story you would see below the global chat the title of the story you are currently on a chat box for it. It will show you who else is online in this story and also the participants.

If you want more understanding speak to @malie129 and he would be able to help you out! You can find him on the site and of course on twitter! :D

Here are a few that I have participated in, this includes tournaments and general story and a demo to understand the gist of it:

My Story: Expect the Unexpected
SunDec21st Tournament
My First Writing and Demo Story

Also every 9pm (GMT) I will be trying to participate in the 9pm tournament :D Hope to you see you there!

Also if you do check out hte website I mentioned, be sure to let them know that Tarana or TaranaBstar sent you there! Thank you! :D

I hope this was a very insightful and useful post stay tuned for more!

That's all for today, happy holidays and have a lovely new year!

Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox


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