Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Overcame one obstacle two to go!

Hey Everyone!! :D

So like the title suggests, I have just been through one obstacle and would face another two more soon. One of the obstacle would be tomorrow, it's not really an obstacle just more of a result in waiting. Which if it turns out to be a positive then I have officially past this obstacle, and if not well then I'd have to readjust my life for the next year again. I know what you're all thinking, what on earth is this obstacle she's going on about? Well I would tell you all but first I would like to overcome it and see the result (hence waiting for tomorrow) then I can spill it out all to you as to why I'm not as active as usual. The second obstacle may take a few weeks to take affect but I don't want it to become too much of a stress so I'll just tell you all about that soon (soon meaning proabably tomorrow as well).

Ok now enough about the obstacles and on to some good and exciting news!! So when I told you all I ordered some art supplies on Black Friday, it was finally delivered to me last week Friday!! :D I was soo excited but I had to contain my excite because of the recent happenings in my life. However now that they are over (sort of) I should be able to talk to you all about it.

Now, I order really good and quality acrylic paints, and watercolours and some water colour papers. I noticed that I don't have watercolour paints or papars so I ordered them, I do however have watercolour pencils so I didn't splurge any money on that. I bought mini canvases and other board canvases. I also bought oils paint, the good quality one, I'm a pretty fast learner, so once I observe something I pretty much obsorb everything I can (in most cases) so I'm currently learning about that too. I also bought Turpentine to thin and clean my brushes and oil paints with them. I've done some research on Turpentine and found that you should use it in a well ventalated area and to be careful on using it as it is toxic. Finally, that last thing I bought was AIR DRY CLAY!!!!! I've been overly excited to work with clay!! I know Sculpey is a good baking clay but I wanted to start off with air dry clay. I bought two different brands so I would be using them soon I'm just overly excited with it!! I really can't wait to get stuck in to it. I just need to order a blade and rolling pin for it and I'm good to go because I already have the tools that I bought over a year ago so I'm really excited for it a lot!! :D

I shall show you the pictures of what I got but in my next post as I can't go on typing too much and need to rest up (and calm my hype) and just research and learn more about arts and crafts! :D Please do look forward to upcoming creativity I'll be working on a lot (slowly but surely). Also I apologise for my rambling but I wanted to keep you all updated on my happenings and missed telling you all about things.

Also my creative writing is sort of on a hold because I need to do some Islamic research to see what I can add to my story content without it clashing with the Islamic rulings. So don't worry I shall be on board with it soon (most probably next year - I'M SO SORRY!) but I do really want to put a lot of effort into it and because of my health I can't strain myself too much.

Well I think that's all for now, I will chat to you all in my next post (likely tomorrow) and keep you all updated. Sorry for not making this as positive as I hoped but I shall end on a positive note! Work hard and the result will be a fruiteful success, you may not see it directly dig a little deeper and search for the hidden message because I can almost say for certain it would always end in something good. Take care and think positive Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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