Friday, 5 April 2013

I just really need to say this to you all

Hey everyone!

I really want to say that I'm sorry to you all, my life isn't the same when it comes to the holidays like most people would. Honestly, in other's case they will be able to get more things done....but me? Nope. Doesn't work like that...I really want that though :( It's not that anyone is stopping me but it's just how things are at the moment in my life.

Honestly, I thought I was over with the fact that I'm not doing my PGCE course but it's clearly not over. I think from the whole experience it's left a mental scar that I need to patch up one way or another...I had the same issue with something else when I was younger and I always try to strive and challenge myself and always feel that I can get through anything. Don't get me wrong I still do. It's just that I feel that I need to work extra hard on everything...One of those things is getting a job!!

As soon as I get a job I'm telling you all I will definitely become even more ACTIVE!! However, at the moment I will be working on sorting some things out at home and me personally so please bear with me :)

Anyways in terms of creative stuff...please don't think that I have given up - I haven't (That's one thing I'm sure of that's my strong point! - Or so i'm told). I will definitely be showing you something tomorrow (Well it's 12:18am - so when I wake up).

Also I have one last thing, I just want to tell everyone that you will know yourself better than anyone else - if you want to change then you can make that happen - no intention no change. It's your life and how you choose to live it will be up to you! I feel that I am me all the time I don't want to be like a materialistic kind of girl. I want to be unique in what I do and please myself and my lord! It's a struggle in life to change something about you but it's you who knows how much effort and your capability in doing something, so don't blame anyone other than yourself...Something that I feel I am aware of but need to take actions personally. 

~~~ This last message is not implying that you are not trying hard enough or that I'm saying to blame yourself...I'm trying to say challenge yourself...if you know your limit get that extra support and overcome it! Nothing is impossible! :D ~~~~

**Anyways I think I've rambled on long enough...feel free to comment and follow....I would love to hear you views! :D **

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