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Longest post yet and.....MONTHLY SPEACIAL (April 2013)

Hello Everyone!! :D

As the title says, this one is going to be the longest post yet! :D Few things I wanted to let you all in on just didn't have the chance to say it!! :D Look at the list below to see what's this post is about:

~ Went shopping (10th April 2013)
~ Tried a new kind of desert! (11th April 2013)
~  Insomnia night (12th April 2013 through to the next next day - 13th April 2013)
~ Drew a little something special (13th April - Morning - Monthly special)
~ Went clothes shopping (13th April 2013)
~ Overall day so far and plan for the rest of the day

Ok...Like I said there's a lot to talk about sooo....let's get to it shall we?

Went shopping (10th April 2013)

Ok so that day I'd planned to go to the supermarket with my mummy...because as we all know we all run out of food. and my mummy went together. It was good...honestly speaking I was reluctant to go at first....only because I felt that the rest of my household should make an effort to go...but do they? nope. Well sometimes. Anyways...we went in the end (didn't take much persuasion then it usually would have :P Honestly sometimes I can be stubborn - I hate that!) it was all good....until we came near the end of our shopping and my mum forgot something....she forgot to bring her card!! :O I was so surprised...bearing in mind that it takes about 25-30mins (on foot) to get there (with the speed that me and my mum was going). We called the only people left at the house at the time (who were my younger sister and my youngest sister too) to see if my younger sister could bring it out - In the end I went ALL the way back home got my mum's card (and phone) and went back (Trust me my legs were tired!!) so we finished the rest of the shopping and was making our way back home where I was finding the most difficult to walk because of my legs....OH! and I forgot to mention I haven't eaten breakfast (or lunch) since I woke up late in the afternoon (bad sleeping habit I know - I'm still working on it....sort of). So not only did my legs gave out my arms did too!!

Although it was very exhausting there was some perks to it too :D For example I got a MASSIVE exercise! To be honest I love fact I've walked a couple of miles from my house a my volunteering place (just searched on Google 2.8 miles!!!) Anyways it's just that I haven't been walking like that in some time so I wasn't very used to it! I also had a lot of fun with my mum! :D (got myself a chocolate bar - with nuts (yum, yum, yummy!) Which I finished it off as soon as I went home - too good to save). 

So yeah that was my journey shopping with my mum (and probably my last! LOL)

Tried a new kind of desert! (11th April 2013)

So when I went to that exhaustive trip to the market there was another benefit! I've bought myself a treat (no no not just that chocolate bar! ;) ) I also bought this very scrumptious looking desert!
Images to show you guys:

It truly was heavenly! :D It just looked soo appealing, but I also wanted to reserve it for a bit and make it when I felt up for it. Which is basically I just couldn't resist long and had it the next day!!!

This is the preparation! It was amazingly great! :D So simple to make and it even gives you tips to make it more scrummy!! :D I was going to add some Smarties! but I just thought the flouring right now is already my favourite so why not?!? So I gave it a shot! Very simple and I must admit  - it's perfect for those little children (I know I know I am no child....oh heck I love it anyways!!)
 ....and here's the finishing desert! Doesn't it look good? I really loved it soo much that I'm planning on getting more of this the next time I go! :D Sooo good by the way the flavour is vanilla and banana (perfect!) 

Best to serve a desert right? :P

Insomnia night (12th April 2013 through to the next next day - 13th April 2013)

 So today I did not sleep at all!! :O Very hard to sleep for some reason!! I was awake throughout the night (while I was on my ipod and playing this laser game that my big bro downloaded :P) Just before then I was on my laptop on Youtube (this was before I went to bed) and I was watching my favourite Sims LPer called: lifesimmer!! :D She is awesome and honestly I think (if you haven't already) go and check her out! :D

So anyways she was doing the lets play for the sims 3 University life! Which I must admit is something I really wanna play!! :D But I don't have it so yeah I just watch her playing and they are just awesome!! :D

Anyways I ended up in my living room at night (because the light coming from my iPod was waking up my mum) So I just went there and watched another one of my favourite youtuber (on drawing as well) named: TylersArtShack!! :D Awesome, Inspirational!! :D Advice you all to check them out!!

Even though I didn't sleep that didn't mean I didn't sleep at all! I actually slept a little later on....

Drew a little something special (13th April - Morning - Monthly special)

Ok so like I said I would give out some Monthly Specials!! :D and here is a drawing I did today morning (because of an Insomnia night):

Oh and I did this with colouring pencils by the way I Sakura tree (the Cherry blossom tree) looks a little dark there because of the wall I did beforehand I realised that there are some things that needs to be done first and then work around it. So apologies if it doesn't look so good! I'm still improving so don't worry I'm always trying to do my best!! :D Let me know what you all think?

Went clothes shopping (13th April 2013)

You know how I mentioned before that I did sleep for a bit? Well it really was for a bit (about 2 and half hours or so). My mum comes in the room to wake me up and she tells me that I'm going to the long awaited clothes shopping with my parents and my youngest sis - Now that's not something that you want to here right after you wake up from such a comfortable sleep so honestly at first I wasn't being grumpy and stuff but then I did because she was forcibly waking me up from such a peaceful sleep - I know I shouldn't have done it so I do feel regretful - as always never do something that you might regret later - So yeah but it wasn't like I was grumpy all the way just so tired is all.

Anyways....I would've shown you the stuff that I bought but it's not anything great (and I didn't take pictures of it!) But yeah I really enjoyed it and I FINALLY have my own bathrobe!! :D Always wanted one just never EVER have the opportunity to buy it! So I've finally managed to get it!! Woohoo! :D and of course it's in one of my favourite colours - Chocolate brown - just love soo many colours!! :D 

My dad wasn't really in the mood to shop, I don't blame him though. Today's weather was so wet and ify it just didn't fit for shopping - also most of the market shops were closed!! :( but the good news was I managed to get some stuff...oh and I also saw these very gorgeous style head-scarves but they weren't worth (I could get it cheaper from other stores) and there were some really REALLY beautiful long dresses that made me want to wear that for the upcoming Eid! Which I plan to!! :D I can't wait to buy clothes for Eid I'm excited!!! :D :D :D

Overall day so far and plan for the rest of the day

So overall I have to sat that I really enjoyed myself even though there wasn't much that I thought I would enjoy at first but to be honest it's fantastic!! :D Right now I feel so optimistic as usual and really happy (I think being sleep deprived is having an effect on me ....) I just feel like I can do anything!! :}  so speaking of doing anything I think for the rest of the day (or what's left of it - 9:40pm at the moment) I might watch some more Youtube videos for some ideas on creative stuff and may spend some time doing something crafty tomorrow! :D 

Like I said everyone it was going to be a long post :P But I'm glad you stuck by to the whole thing! I enjoyed writing about myself and sharing it to you all!! Until next time!! Take care and love you all so so much! 

Tarana xoxox 

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