Monday, 22 April 2013

Wow! :O Didn't think it would take this long for my next blog :O

Hey everyone! :D

Ok well a lot of things happened so that's probably why I couldn't blog daily...ok firstly it was my younger brother's birthday on Saturday (Happy birthday bro) and we ALL (except my dad) went out to a restaurant to eat!! :D It was great!! I had the most expensive meal...I had the lamb steak :) At Sarah Grills! :D Very yummy and delicious :D I really enjoyed especially since it was a whole family outing...although I would have loved it if my dad joined us!

Another thing is that I haven't been feeling too well so I wasn't able to blog much and started feeling a little weak :( But I'm getting better :D

Lastly my big bro left for Egypt today! :O I wasn't able to say goodbye to him properly today (I was sleeping - regrettably) Anyways he left dad dropped him off the airport he hasn't come back yet he's going to see him off and then come back. My bro is going on a training sent from work for 4 days so it's pretty exciting especially since it's the first time in my household! :)

I really wish one day I can go on holiday like this of the places I have to visit is Korea!! Where my friend lives from abroad! I really want to surprise her a visit!! :D Not only visiting but to learn her language!! I'm thinking of learning I'm going to definitely start! :D

Here are some of the pictures from the meal :) It was really good I must say although they should have provided me with a steak knife since it's a steak that I was having but I still enjoyed the meal :D Very VERY nice :D The last picture is my actual meal and the first picture is the drink that I order - a vanilla frappe :) SOOO good!! :D


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  1. Yummy food, that sure looks like a yummy vanilla frappe!