Sunday, 7 April 2013

So nostaligic! :O I just have to share! :D

Hey everyone! :D

So today I cleaned up a lot of my stuff!! (when I mean a lot I mean A LOT!!) It was soo amazing the things I found!! Some of the things that I've found were really quite surprising as I didn't think I would do stuff like this...

Like one of the things that I've found was some old stories that wrote up! :O Including a script I made myself!! :O I was soo shocked to see those kinds of things I never expected to find stuff like that in my room but I've now put it in my memory box! It really made me feel shocked at the things I used to do! :D

There was also a lot of things that I found when I went to trips!! :O I was so shocked to see those thinking how I actually went to these places made me kind of surprised! I just wanted to share some of these things with you all!

Check them out below - don't worry I'll even explain what they all are!

 This is a sharper I got from a school trip to London dungeon (I think - although I do remember the trip :) there was this zombie looking man slits of cuts and stitched on his face with dripping blood - All make up by the way lol It was really amazing I also remember this shop where they sold all these interesting thing. I think there was this alien egg that was in fashion back then and basically there was this alien and you have to give it love (it looked soo real! was kept in an egg and everything!) You weren't supposed to open the egg container because it would die and it actually produced ANOTHER alien! How cool is that?! :O) I didn't buy it though wasn't worth the money I thought but boy was I tempted!! :D Then it went out of fashion and came back again a few years later and I saw it in my local newsagents! :D - But ssadly I didn't buy it but my cousin did have one and I was so excited about it!)
Lol sorry got a lil side tracked...anyways....this was from there (I think and I really did love it a lot I even use it....sometimes! :D 

 Moving on...This I have to be honest with you have NO CLUE whatsoever as to where or who gave it to me lol not really something that you would like to hear I know but I honestly don't know! But it's such a cute Pokemon seahorse..i think?...I just loved it sooo much!!! :D I do know one's that I've kept it after sooo many years!! :D
 OMG!  I remember this!! :D This was back in Year 2000 (when I was in primary school still - in year 6) This was when the Millennium Dome first came out! I remember this because I went there with my aunts and cousin and it was soo fun there was sooo many different types of events!! :D There was a booth place helping those to look for a job, places where they sold some suveniers such as the badge <<< It was soo cool!! :D There things to eat, drink (of course) and also things like a concert (don't remember what it was though) it was a great day I remember we had a lot of fun - and I'm the only one from the trip who still kept the badge! :D Also it's now called the O2 which I'm sure everyone knows - That's also where I had my graduation ceremony!! :D For my undergraduate degree - I still remember the date (28th November 2012 - Oh yeah!) Definitely something to remember! :D

 This is actually something that happened in primary but I vaguely recall it (I'm sorry! Awful memory I know). All I remember was that there was a competition for reading (and I LOVE reading!) so I signed up for it (I think) and then I went and won second place!! :D (Got the silver medal as you can see! :D) I'm happy about it! and proud. Oh and by the way it says 'The reading relay' lol Something I really enjoy doing and plan to continue :D
 This was a tragic one :( but a survivor I must admit :D basically what happened was I went to Southend on a school trip and bought this blue and emerald green spiral looking wind chime...somehow it broke! and these are the remains! :'( However :D it was only a side of it and it wasn't that noticeable and it's actually amendable (I think that's the word lol). So I will fix it up and then show it to you guys!! :D The trip was fun I really loved going to Southend :D
 Ok this waas from my cousin (whom I'm actually very VERY close with). We pretty much grew up together since childhood! :D (but things happen and unfortunately we lost that connection). However this was a time when we did a lot of stuff together. Oh I forgot to mention that I was REALLY quiet when I was young but I kind of let myself out more! :D So anyways, my cousin was making something (of course I was there too) and then we had some left over glitter which I said I would keep - and I've kept it for many many MANY years!! :D I'm thinking of making something with it though ;)
 This is very special to me I call it....The Bits and Bobs box :D (awesome name I know lol) I made this box with the intention of making making a jewellery box - ended up looking like a normal box - so I thought I'll make it as a bit n Bob's box. It's exactly what the title says! :D It's a box full of different bits and bobs that I can use to make things!! :D I've had this for years now! I really love it  a lot. My big brother thought I actually just got a box and wrapped it up...oh no no no no I actually MADE the whole box myself and then wrapped it up lol :D I really like it a lot!! :D
And finally...These are shells that I've collected when I went to Southend another time!! It was great! and the seashells are amazing...I even got myself a starfish :D it's soo cool!! :D This was actually the second time I went to Southend because I remembered that the first time I went was actually when I regretted not collecting any seashells! So this time around I made sure to collect A LOT!! :D But sadly I remember throwing away a lot because my mum wasn't happy with me keeping so much :( so I've kept some of the best ones :D

Thank you guys soo much for reading and learning a little bit more about me!  because I've got so many different kinds of things I thought of making something very special!! So I will share with you guys soon! Please comment and let me know what you all think about it!! :D

 Love you all so so much until next time bye!! xoxox

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