Saturday, 14 December 2013

Yay new slippers!! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I just wanted to say that my sister and mum went out shopping and they bought me a pair of slippers!!! :D I needed one for a long time because my feet is always ice cold they are always useful.

Anyways I go overly excited by it as always so I just wanted to show you guys:

Oh yeah!! I love it!! :D

Oh and I think the crafty idea that I had would be a little delayed because I don't have the time to record and my health doesn't help either! But I would try and give you guys something this week hopefully!!! :D

So I just thought I update you all on this and I will always try my best in anything and never give up that's the best way to be :) oh and btw I am interested in Korean dramas now :) I'm currently watching the drama called The Heirs it's really good!! I really love it!! :D A beaming star shining positively all the way to share with the world to embrace xoxox

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