Tuesday, 24 December 2013

One of the most important thing is health :)

Hey everyone!! :D

Giving how late it is I wanted to post something because its been a long time I know!! Firstly I wasn't able to being out the creative crafty idea to you because of health reasons and also because my mum had an operation last week and now she's in the midst of recovering! I've been helping around but I shouldn't have because now my health has gone A LOT worse so I've been resting today and yesterday and have been watching the Harry Potter series that's been giving on TV :)

Honestly saying this is just to inform you guys that I would love to bring out a whole lot of creative and artsy fun but I know there's no point in pushing myself with my health the way it is. So I've decided to just give on guys posts on how I'm doing and if possible to share some artsy fun that won't hinder my health too much!

So this is all I wanted to say today I hope I haven't disappointed any of you because I'm sure you know that's not my intention at all! One good thing is that my hospital appointment is drawing near which allows me to anticipate the happenings of my health a little further!!

On the hand in the last few days the weather hasn't been so great it's surprisingly windy like a very howling wind and raining too which isn't really like London well the raining is normal but not so much the wind though! Anyways I just hope every in the UK and around the world are keeping say and are enjoying their holidays I know for most people it's special because of it being Christmas and all :) I can't wait when it's New Years because every year me and my family watching the mid night fireworks that happens on the London Eye on TV!! It's a very special and almost traditional family time that we have which I truly enjoy and I think it's very cosy especially if you have a loved one by your side ;) and those who feel like they are alone in this world just remember that there is always someone who will look out for you with or without you knowing it and that's I feel is Allah and also believe it or not I always think of others such as family, friends and even strangers so believe me when I say I do care!!

Anywho I'm really sorry for not giving something to any of you but I hope that I can at least once soon so inshaAllah I can deliver something to you all ;) A beaming star shining positively all the way to share with the world to embrace xoxox

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