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Monday, 29 May 2017

Ramadan Diary - Day 3 (Monday 29th May 2017)

Hey Everyone 😊

Alhamdulilah 3rd day of Ramadan done. I wasn't able to fast today because I need to have my medication so I opted to not fast. I felt kind of bad for not fasting but it needed to be done though, although I am looking forward to fasting tomorrow though. 😀

Today I spent most of the day tidying my room since it was very messy of course. I think that's another reason as to why I didn't fast since I would be tired and exhausted. I'm happy that I didn't fast even though I felt regret but it was a good thing. I needed to do other things which meant that I didn't want to compromise my health.

Anyway, I think the weather today a lot of people may feel unhappy about since it was raining and given the fact that there was thunder and lightning last night it might not have been such a motivator to a lot of people to fast.

It's good to remember how blessed it is that we have rain, it's a blessing, some countries it's like a sauna and other places it's raining. I think you should remember the good things in life, such as what you can do when it rains. Where appropriate attire for the weather to help you to move around outside. Always look at the positives. This is why I would say I am one of those people who the weather doesn't affect my mood at all. There are always options. 😊

Anyway aside from the weather today's day went pretty fast I would say. I think it's because I was busy and keeping myself distracted. Although I am in a lot of pain currently, I just need to rest up for tomorrow.



If you feel like your day is going kind of slow, read an Islamic book or even the Qur'an to take up that time. Really helps to understand your religion and feel a refreshed look on your beliefs too.

Did You Know?

Islam is one of the fastest growing religion in world. It's very common to see newcomers to the religion.

This fact is something I'm so happy to hear about. I really feel happy knowing that this religion is growing and helping people around the world. 😊

Anyways, I shall speak with you all tomorrow (In Sha Allah)

Take care and think positive

Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox 

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