Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Great News a must read!!! Please join! :D (Monstly Special)

Hey Everyone!! :D

Ok as you know I have been really ill (that still hasn't changed) however I felt that I really need to start working on my social part of things such as my blog and other things that I said that I would do when I get my laptop but I didn't. So I've finally made a start on it!!

Basically, I had the idea of creating a sort forum like place where people can discuss and talk!! I know there are probably a few of you out there who want to comment on my blogs but for some reason it doesn't work! so I've come up with something that I thought I might share with you all!! It's a community!!! :D That's right everyone I've created a community for you all to join on google + so that you can post and comment as much as you like on there!! :D

Also I am using this community as a forum for other conversations such as mangas, anime, my other blogs too!! :D So no will be left alone and anyone can join in when they want!!! :D

The name of my community is called The Conversations! here's a link:

The Conversation

So do check it out please!! and please join and tell other's about it!! just remember it was born today so there will be many special things coming up!!! :D

Also I'll tell you all what happened yesterday - I went for the interview and my interviewer loved my CV! :D She accepted me onto the agency!! :D Now today I'm filling out a few things and should be getting work soon!! :D Exciting or what!!!

Anyways think positive people if you're ever in a pinch you will definitely see the other end of that tunnel one day you just have to be optimistic oh n make sure to stay safe!! :D xoxox

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