Monday, 9 September 2013

Things are looking up!! :D

Hey hey everyone! :D

Ok so today it was a kind of slow but normal day :) firstly I went to sleep kind of early last night - 12:50am (ok well early for me lol)  I was writing up a little but of my story and I can honestly say I'm almost done with this chapter! :D I know it's taking WAAY longer then predicted and some of you would probably be frustrated by it but honestly saying I'm finding it really hard to write when I'm ill but like I said I would not be giving up so please don't worry about it! I'm getting there slowly but surely :D

Later on I got a phone call from JSA and it was about TA recruitment!!! :D so I'm feeling hopeful but not too hopeful at the same time :) but because if this I'm now feeling really energetic for the rest of the stuff I should be getting on with my life :) like my life skills and my writing and such!

Well anyways I don't have much else to say other than being really hopeful for tomorrow :) hehe excited a little :D stay safe and think positive because it really does help especially when your in a bit of a pickle :) xoxox

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