Friday, 6 September 2013

A midnight update ;)

Hey everyone! :D

I thought I give you a quick update of what happened at the docs. So when I spoke to the doctor she said that I don't have arthritis just low in iron, I explained to the the conditioned has worsened and she said that I would need to have an x-ray to find out if I have an inflammation as its not always definite from a blood test. She said if they do find anything then she would refer me to the hospital and they will give some pretty strong drugs with some serious side effects - well that's depending on the condition - if they don't find out what's wrong I'll still be referred to the hospital to find out what exactly is wrong with me. 

Honestly saying I'm a little relieved! :D I mean I know I don't still know the cause but at least I can almost check off one the illnesses right?

So anyway I will let you all know about it tomorrow after the x-ray! Take care and stay positive please also keep me in your prayers and dua's!! :D xoxox

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