Monday, 30 September 2013

Making progression...

Hello everyone!!

It me again been some time right? Ok well I will get straight to the point :P firstly I got a letter from the doctors to make my hospital appointment which I received on Saturday. Of course during the weekends I couldn't make it so instead I made it today :) the earliest appointment they have is on November 6th! :O so I thought I might as well take it it's better than nothing oh and it at 3pm of course I'm not going to just keep it like that I will definitely check to see if they have cancellation! Also today I found out that my cousin who just recently had a baby has cancer so please keep her in your dua's and of course for me too :) it just made me feel that there are a lot of people in my family with cancer andTumour or other serious illnesses and I feel that I might be suffering something serious too of course it's only a thought and I don't think it would be, but you know I think this is a sign for me to start praying as I really regret not doing so.

Also about my illness the good thing is I might go to Saudi Arabia to do my Umrah!! :D (to those who are non Muslim Umrah is like the shorter version of Hajj - one of the 5 pillars of Islam - it's a must for all Muslim who can do so to complete it (if you would like to know more search Umrah on google and you will find it)) I would love to do my Umrah!!! I think it will increase my faith and I feel I will become a much positive and stronger person spiritually. Plus Saudi Arabia has A LOT of sunlight which is exactly what I need, of course if I do to I will definitely take pictures and video as much as I can :)

Also our new cooker arrived in my house it was supposed to be installed and stuff today but the gas pump is too low so now we're waiting on the council to's a picture of our current cooker which has not been changed for more than 30 years nearly!!

Excuse the lots and pans :P

Now here's our new one all wrapped up and ready to be plugged in :P

It looks huge but actually some of it is the packaging!!! :P

Anywho that's all for today...oh actually there is one other thing I was watching bubz video on YouTube in her wedding and honeymoon video really made me happy for her and motivated me a lot to work on my thang :P so I definitively will do so :P

Anyways take care all and think positive with that irresistable smile ;) xoxox

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