Sunday, 8 September 2013

No pain no gain :P

Hey everyone! :D

Lets just say what happened today shall we? (Well technically yesterday now giving that its now 1:15am). I guess I woke up late (same situation as usual) and then I went on m laptop sorted out my JSA log for Tuesday and then played the sims 2 all the way :) but honestly it didn't help as I was in so much pain but I still played and that was about it!

Although I did have the sudden urge to write up m overdue chapter that I have been delaying!! So I think I will do that right after this post! And this time I think I should probably post it by the end of the weekend honestly saying this story should've been finished by now as my aim was to finish it before my 23rd bday and then aimed to finish before the end of August obviously neither one of them happened so yeah I think I have more of a chance to complete it soon as the ICT course will be starting by the end of this month so yeah I'm pretty excited about that!! :D

Anywho I haven't much else to say so I'll end it here and say as usual stay safe and think positive and the situation will definitely become better!! :D xoxox

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