Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sitaution like these calls for being optimistic :P

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know it's a late post (as it's alread 1:40am) and practically the next day. But I really wanted to make sure I post something today (trying to post daily again - lets see if I could get back up!). So I went to the hospital by myself because I needed to get my scan done :) Of course I explained it last night to my dad he started stressing over taking me today (such a worry wart lol) I said I can manage as I did so before (like when I needed to take blood tests and such) and he didn't say anything but I could see that he was at ease a little which was good :)

Anyways when I arrived at the hospital, I showed the receptionist my letter, after a little waiting in the waiting room she calls me again and asks me what hand am I getting x-rayed, I thought to myself I'm assuming it's either it's not specified on the letter. So I told her this and told me to continue waiting! Which wasn't long, a man who walked by the waiting seemed like a worker there but in actuality was the guy who was going to my scan! :O I was a little surprised honestly! When he called my name and I went into the x-ray room I have to admit I was a little intimidated and uncomfortable.

The reason being that the room was so huge! :O I mean there was a bed in the middle and on one side there was this glass side board that had many buttons (which I'm assumming controlled the x-ray machine on top of the bed). I mean I have had x-rays done before but not like this. The good thing as the x-ray was actually for my hand so I really didn't need to lie down or anything.

Before starting the x-ray however, the doctor told me what hand I was supposed to get x-rayed I told him either because my GP didn't mention any specific. He asked me about my pains and such I explained is everywhere but the GP said to only get the hand done that way we will know more. He was feeling a little unsure and explained to me that it's important to know exactlly which one as it's unprofessional if they don't I suggested to call my GP to find out but he said he can't so then he asked me which hand is hurting now and I said my right hand so we did my right hand :D

The x-ray was really easy I just had to put my hand on a board looking thing and the machine did the rest of the work. After that was done the doctor said he needed to see if that was enough and went off somewhere. He came back and told it's fine and that I would need to make an appointment a week from now with my GP (which I already knew) I said to him if it was something that would refer me to some specialists and he said that it will be a posibility and also I would probably have to stay there (overnight) for more tests to see what's exactly wrong.

So now I have to make an appointment! which I will do on Monday (as I was SO tired when I came back and my body was exhausted! :O) Anyways, I'm not too worried because on the bright side I'll be able to at least find out what is wrong and take the neccessary precautions and steps! :D Optimism is the best policy right now I'd say :D

Anywho that was pretty all that's happened! :D Oh and I forgot to mention it was Aston's 1st Bday yesterday (5th Sept) but we actually took him in on the 28th August! :D Here's a picture of him on his bday!! He is just so cute!! :D

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