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Saturday, 28 September 2013

It life's way of telling you to slow down

Hey everyone! :D

It's been a long one I know, so ill tell you what's been happening then, I won't give the nitty gritty details except that I was one step away from changing my doctors.

Before that I'll start with my x-ray result, basically they found that my bone is getting softer and that I am basically lacking in vitamin D the two main source of vitamin D is sunlight and fish! Thing is I can't have fish because I'm allergic to it so I basically need sunlight meaning I need to go somewhere with a lot of sun as you may know London doesn't really have much sunlight! So the good news is that I MIGHT be going on a holiday :D sounds wonderful!! :)

After finding out my results I wanted to be referred to a specialist because my condition is getting worse, so after I finally got to see the doctor they referred me and I have been taking the vitamin D tablets and also been prescribed a Vitamin D capsule AND a letter from the doctors about my referral to the hospital. This happened on the 20th of September 2013 and hey said it would take about two weeks to get a letter and to schedule in an appointment so now I'm waiting for he referral :) it's been a week now and I still haven't received anything so I'm still patiently waiting :)

Today I started my ICT course well it's called ECDL :) and it seems really easy so I'm sure I can manage to get a pass at level 2 but I need to look into getting a level 3 so it's of a higher qualification :) I enjoyed it the teacher was strict but not too strict which was good and the people were wonderful as well :) although my health was giving a little trouble but I think I'll be able to manage! :D

Yesterday I was talking to my sister about my health and how I'm worried that this may lead to me not being able to work or study as its quite bad and she told me its just like the saying: it's life's way of saying to slow down. While that may be true and all but I feel that I'm wasting y precious time right now and that I don't want it to be like this at all! I want to take up more course work as well and apply for the PGCE course again next year :) but my body is telling me otherwise and this is a great challenge that I need to face I believe :) it may be hard but I just have to deal with it :)

Anyways everyone, I'm going to leave it like that speak to you all soon until next time take care and think positive xoxox

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