Friday, 17 January 2014

Good morning!

Good morning everyone!! :D

Ok so today I woke up earlier than I had planned which is good ;) I went to sleep at 10 to 11 and woke at half 2 not that I wanted to just could t fall back to sleep so I went to the kitchen and had a mini breakfast - Weatabix - my fave ;) while I was eating my dad came down and he was talking to me afte he let I finished eating of course Aston during this whole time was meowing a lot because he wants to eat so I gave a very tiny portion of his food because he will be fed again properly around 7.

Anyways I went back to bed but I couldn't fall asleep so I was on my ipod and then it became 6am which the time I was planning to wake up when I had a full rest ;)

After I woke up I prayed!!! Yay!! I'm really happy about that because I actually feel quite good :) then I played a lot with Aston and then I went to make my filling breakfast ;)

A very filling and healthy meal indeed! For those trying to lose weight it would be best to have a glass of milk and probably cereal most probably Fruit and Fibre cereal it's really healthy (really good for those trying to put on weight as well) and of course not to have anything more than that. Those of you who are trying put on weight like me eat egg on toast and milk as well as fruits as well (good for both diets). I think breakfast is the most important meal that people tend to skip, if you want to skip a meal the best meal to skip would be lunch not breakfast! It's the most important that would fuel you all with energy to go about your day.

Speaking of day my day today is all planned out! Right now I'll be writing up my stories for about a couple of hours and then go on my laptop for a bit, pray, and then probably some reading or drawing and some more laptop time and then hopefully if I have more energy after I pray, to do some more story writing and then more laptop time (the laptop time consist of editing of videos by the way)

So yeah I really want to make today a very productive day! Hope you all have a wonderful and productive day as well and don't let the weather be a hindrance to you! I actually like the weather when it rains - makes me want to dance in it of course I wouldn't do that. Anyways take care and hunk positive Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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