Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The belated winter and new year special

Hey everyone,

So I thought I'll share with you all the pictures that I took of the drawings. Hope you like them and again really sorry for not doing it sooner.

Also I thought I'd remind you all that I'll be focusing on my health and will be just blogging about daily happenings or so :) anyways enjoy the pictures :)

These pictures are all on the winter special:

This one is for another snowflake:

This was the end picture of my winter special: Doodle It ~ snowflakes

For the new year I drew this 2014 picture I hope you like it :)

Well anyways I hope you liked this. Like I said I'm gonna prioritise my health more than anything right now so I apologise for not giving any creative stuff although I had planned quite a lot but its important to take care of your health though :) a beaming star shining with positive for the world to embrace xoxox

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