Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Some progress on my health! :D

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so today I had my hospital appointment! I was really looking forward to it and it finally came, I know yesterday I made it seem like it was far away but I did that for a reason and that was because I didn't want anything to jinx it. I know it may seem like I am being paranoid or that I'm being superstitious but I don't want my health to end up like my job hunting remember?

So anyways, I went today and my doctor told me that she would have to do more tests - I was a little disappointed but then I thought that it was neccessary since they don't know what is the cause for all of this - She then wanted to confirm a few things with another doctor and when she came back to told me that the other doctor said not to do more tests but to be injected with some steriods to help with the swelling and pain and that it will take affect in a week time and should last about 4 months :) but my next appointment is on April so they could check to see what my condition is like which I think is really good!!

Personally I'm actually happy with the results because it's a lot more than just a consultation and also I hope they find out what the cause of it is. I think the injection would help to the point where I hope that I could go outside again. I think that after 4 months of being house bounded I can finally leave my house ~ slowly but surely :) I'm really excited and I hope that my condition gets better :) well anyways I wanted to share that with you all I hope you're all taking care of your health and I would try to talk less about my health because I know I talk too much about it and I think I'll stop that. Take care all Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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