Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ramadan Diary - Day 7 (Wednesday 24th June 2015)

Hey Everyone! :D

So today was another day. I can't believe that it's already day 7 done. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Ramadan and make sure to always stay optimistic and busy not only is it a good exercise mentally but physically too. Men you should help your wife with the chores to help them be at ease and make things easier on them too, it's not a responsibility that was said for only for women to serve her husband and do housework. It's for both. Women you have to make sure to understand and appreciate that your husband is working and providing for him, his family and that family includes you. Be patient with each other, the Prophet (PBUH) helped his wives with their housework even after coming back from a hard day of labour. As did his wives who took care of the home that he provided for them.

There are many things equal to men and women but there are some that can't be the same because us being humans will make mistakes and we have to learn from them and also we sometimes find it difficult to come to a resolution. It's important to COMMUNICATE with each other. Stay true to yourselves and always have faith Allah is all knowning. He knows what his slaves are doing and what they will do.

I think I would just leave you all with this. My day today was interesting, when I woke up I had this feeling of not wanting to pray (the inner shaytan) so I ate food (not fasting health reasons) and literally said mentally that I won't pray but in my heart I said that I would and Alhamdulilah Allah knew what I wanted and he made them come true and I was able to pray. It felt amazing! :) I truly felt grateful and felt closer to my Lord. I felt completely blessed with such a thing that may seem small to others but to me and Allah it something that is much greater. Unfortunately though I won't be fasting tomorrow as my eating isn't going so well so I'll In Sha Allah fast on Friday. Please make sure to pray and make dua for yourself and your family and me and my family and most importantly for us all to enter Paradise In Sha Allah.

Take care everyone and think positive :)

Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox

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