Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Just stay calm and everything will be alright! :D (Monthly Special)

Hey hey everyone! :D

Ok I know I left you all in a bit of a cliff hanger with my illness so I apologise about that and the reason why I haven't been updating was because of this illness it makes me feel really weak and exhausted.

Anyways I'll start from the 23rd August 2013 when I went to the doctors I was happy that my doctor was nice and get this whole I was explaining my symptoms she was writing a list down on a piece of paper I was thinking to myself I wonder if these are names of the possible illnesses I might have at the end of the consultation she gave me the paper and said I need to get a blood test for everything on the paper. I honestly was surprised thinking no way another blood test? And this time it's a lot more serious because one of the blood test was for Arthritis. Yep, that's right people I might have arthritis the doc was thinking the same thing as I was that I'm too young but it's still a possibility, but she also said that it could be a virus that's taking a toll on my body. 

So on Tuesday 27th August I went to the hospital to take the blood test turns out they don't do GP patients on Tuesdays and only do them on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I thought great now I wasted a lot of time for no reason but it was not in vein as I learnt something from it :) always check the details of opening times - really I blame myself for it I mean if I had checked I wouldn't have went to that hospital and would've actually went to he other one that does weekdays :)

So the next day I went and I did managed to get my blood test done and they said it would come a week later :) thankfully when I went home I made myself an appointment for the following week on Thursday 5th September 2013 :) 

Anyway other than that I went to an event with my mum it was a charity sale to raise some money for our local mosque and what attracted me on the leaflet was 'canvas painting' which straight away in my head I thought of Bob Ross (the joy of painting series) so I assumed that we were probably going to be doing canvas painting of course it made more sense later that they were actually SELLING canvas painting :P

Anyways I had my henna done and I took a few pictures of the place so yeah I thought I'd share that with you all :) 

Also these are pictures from a day after my bday as I did my own henna so yeah so I show you that too :) 

This is the henna I done on my youngest sister copied from the design book but only parts of the design :)

My youngest sis did this on me after she made me wash it the first time you can slightly see the previous design :P

The next two were me using my left hand on my right :) (btw I'm left handed :P)

Here are the results from the couple of hours that we had it on for (I would've had it for longer but my hand started aching :) 

And these are from the event I went with my mummy (yep I'm 23 n I still say mummy lol)

Also I had a Bob Ross inspiration on 1st of September and I put it into motion and I ended up with this:

This as done on my mini easel :) it was kind of hard because the paint wasn't thin but I worked around it :P

Anyways today is the day I'm going to the doctors to find out my results I tried really hard not to burden others with this but when your nervous who would know you better then your family? So yeah I didn't say I'm nervous or worried but I think it kind of showed on my face :) but one thing I didn't want is for anyone to go with me and my big sis kind of forced me to let her come with me but I was trying to say it to her indirectly but she still insisted. Honestly I think I would be feeling more anxious if she was around but don't get me wrong I really appreciate her concern. End of it a I would defo find out something whether I have Arthritis or a virus or probably something else! :D honestly saying I made my peace with it being Arthritis so I'm not so worried! :D

Also a few weeks ago I have been feeling down because of my illness if I tell you the truth :P I just didn't want to worry anyone about it you know? But I don't want it to seem like I don't want anyone to share anything with me honestly saying I would LOVE it if people needed my help!! :D but anyways coming to the point I recently am back to my old optimistic self again because I was able to get past the problem of my illness and find a solution and what cheered me up was this anime called Brothers Conflict! It's Genres are: Shoujo, comedy and Reverse Harem!! A harem is when there is a guy surrounded by many girls and a reverse harem is clearly the opposite!! :D I just LOVE reverse harem! It gets my heart beating so much!!! Ohh I feel excited just by thinking about it! :D anyways that is one of my favourite Anime :D so yeah I just thought I share and recommend (to those who watch anime) this for everyone :)

Anywho that's the major update and again I will always try and make it a daily one post!! Ohh also I have to let you gamers know (if you don't already) that I have redownloaded the Sims 2 complete collection with EVERYTHING including mansions and gardens, ikea and kitchen and bath!!! Hehe I've been playing it although I have a couple of glitches still but yeah it's there!!  Yay!!!

Anyways that's all for this post I will repost again later on if im not too tired and to let you all know what's going on :D stay safe and be positive people ;) xoxox

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