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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

feeling SUPER content!!! :D

Hey everyone!! :D

Ok so today I actually woke up a little early for once (at 10:30ish) and I had a wonderful sleep!! :D The great thing was that I didn't have no pain for once in the last 2 months! :D but then it came back after a bit and I was back at square one - but I thought to myself I enjoyed that painless moment and really appreciated it felt thought to myself  'so this is what it feels like to be pain free' haha but of course it's back again but I'm still happy!! :D

I'll tell you why I'm so happy....I just went over to my community and found that I have a NEW MEMEBER!!!! :D I really REALLY appreciate it a lot!! I know that many people may not really feel that excited but to me every one of you are special I even feel extremely happy when I see that people are viewing this blog regularly!!! Today I had 25 veiws!!! :D I mean in one day I normally get half of that! I also have a comment on my blog too!! :D So I superly duperly extremely HAPPY!

I will make sure to become more active and also I am working on my stories and my Sims 2 Blog will be updating too! So again I'm really happy!! :D I really just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all those who view my blogs and read about my things it make me really happy!!! :D

Please continue to support me as much as you can!! :D As always stay safe and NEVER forget to stay positive ;) xoxoxo

Oh one more thing here are some of the blooming flower that have grown in my garden! I'm really happy about it and I check on them everyday I will definitely cut them off before their withering stage! Let me know if you have any ideas of what I can use them for ;)

 These ones below are the ones that are from a different plant pot and it's going to be a purple flowers so I'm kind of excited about that!!! :D

Lastly I would like to say it's my younger sister's birthday today and Aston decided to celebrate it with us sooooo cute <3 :

(Text on pictures: Aston celebrating my sister's bday)

Yep he really held on to the balloon it was so cute!! :D So yeah Happy Birthday lil sis :) xoxox

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