Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ramadan Diary - Day 9 & 10 (Sunday 4th June 2017 - Monday 5th June 2017)

Hey Everyone! 😊

I apologise for not posting yesterday on time, I got a little sidetracked. So I have decided to combine yesterday and today together for your convenience. So you will also get double tips and facts too! 😃

Day 9:

I didn't really get up to much yesterday. I wasn't feeling too well to get up to anything to be honest. I was trying to distract myself by playing games (The Sims 2), I just needed something to get my mind off my pain so I try to do things here and there. By the time I looked at the time it was already so late and I thought that there would be no point in trying to post anything. Hence why I decided to post today.

Day 10:

Last night I couldn't sleep, and by the time I fell asleep was around 9:30 am. I woke up quite late today and most of my day went to sleep, even though I didn't get full sleep it was enough to make me tired to sleep sooner than later tonight.

Once I did wake up I ended watching tv, the news in particular. I already knew about the London attacks just after it happened and it made me feel so worried and concerned about those who were in the crossfire. Just like with the Manchester explosions, this is just another dreadful event.

Now I usually don't like talking about these sorts of things here because it's such a touchy subject for many people but I feel that it needs to be addressed a little here for those that might think that I don't care or that I'm offending someone.

Firstly, I want to express very strongly, as a Muslim, these acts of terror are NOT what Islam is about. We already know that Islam is a religion of peace, now what these people have done is not anywhere near being a Muslim. They have, in my opinion, lost their way and now believe that murder, threat, attacks etc are all for the sake of their religion. Any Muslim would agree that a murderer is known to be one of the biggest sins in Islam. So how can they say that they are doing for their religion? It's just not right.

Secondly, kindly understand that those who do this are not what we call a Muslim, and try not to associate that all Muslims are like this because that is wrong. If one person does an act of crime it does not mean to condemn the rest. It's like saying a white Christian man committed a crime of terror, now does that mean all white Christian men are like this? Absolutely not. It's the same for us Muslims.

Thirdly, I want to how deeply sadden I feel for the loss of many people. It's cruel and unfair, I hope that you receive the support you need. I am so sorry for your loss, whether it be a friend, family, or someone you never knew, you are all people and you shouldn't deserve something like this. Please constantly pray and stay safe as you will all be in my prayers. Seek help if you are feeling alone, scared, upset, hurt, in shock etc. It's nothing to be ashamed of and I hope that there is peace in this world.

These are just some of my thoughts on this topic, I feel that I don't want to say anymore because one way or another it will offend someone if you are that person I want to personally say that I'm sorry that was not my intention at all. I am just staying my opinion, it's not in any way trying to belittle or offend any of you at all. I am someone who cares deeply about people, whether you are a boy, girl, Muslim, non-Muslim, young or old, any race etc. I am not the judgmental type, I respect others opinion because I feel there is value in what everyone has to say.

Aside from this, I don't want everyone to feel sad reading this post so I wanted to say something lighter and nothing so serious. I have been thinking of doing some more crafty arty stuff, and share it with you all, of course, this will be taking place after Ramadan though. I don't want to overwhelm myself too much especially with my health not being so great recently. I have a few ideas as to what I want to do.

I will make an update post soon to talk more about upcoming activities and I will also be posting about what I've been doing in those past few months that I've been away, so please do look forward to that. 😆



1) If you are looking for ways to spread positivity, try not to force it on someone, really try and understand them before portraying what you want them to know, feel or act.

2) If you are triyng to finish reading the Qur'an in this month a good way to go about it will be to try and read one para (chapter) after each salah. Of course you may want to try and read 2 para in one salah as some of the prayer are spaced with a lot of time allowing you to read more, of course you don't have to read for some of the others. So basically, 5 paras a day.

Did You Know?

Fact 1: There are six points of faith in Islam, these are the basic belief an individual must have in order to be considered a true Muslim. They are:
A) Belief in One God
B) Belief in the true prophest of God
C) Belief in the origional scriptures revealed to Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad
D) Belief in Angels
E) Belief in the Day of Judgement and the Hereafter
F) Belief in Destiny

Fact 2:  Islam is a complete way of life that allows one to be guided in all aspects of life such as moral, spiritual, physical, intellectual, etc


I hope you liked these tips and facts. I know I did, this just made me want to read more about religion to learn more about it.

Anyway I hope you all hada wonderful and peaceful day I shall speak with you tomorrow (In Sha Allah) and stay tuned for the other upcoming posts.

Take care and think positive
Tarana A beaming star shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox 

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