Thursday, 1 June 2017

Ramadan Diary - Day 6 (Thursday 1st June 2017)

Hello Everyone! 😆

Happy 1st of a new month! I hope that everyone is doing well, I hope you all achieved everything you wanted for the month of May whether it is small or big. I hope you have another great month! 😄

So today my pain levels were not so great, I felt like I did when I first got the pain. I took my medication hoping that it will help. It does a little bit but now I feel drowsy from the meds. I'm going to go to sleep early.

I've decided to let you when I fast rather than constantly saying I'm not fasting. That way when I am fasting I can discuss how my day is going in terms of fasting. However, on days that I'm not fasting it does not mean I will not talk about fasting and such.

I think today was a good day, our weather here has been very interesting, one minute we have thunderstorms and lightning the next minute it's sunny and hot. Today was hot I must admit, that was great for someone like me because my body responds well to it. I think if it was cold I will not be able to function at all today (Thank Allah for not going easy on me!)

Anyway, nothing else happened that was interesting as most of this day went on my health but I hope that tomorrow is a better day for (In Sha Allah).



Ramadan usually gives people an excuse to have fatty food, in fact it should be the oppostite. Try not to over eat during Iftar as when Sohoor comes by you will be able to eat a fuller meal (again don't just stuff yourself but near to being full).

Did You Know?

The word 'Muslim' means anyone or anything that surrenders itself to the true will of Allah. So things like the Trees, plants, animals etc. are all technically known to be 'Muslims' as they are surrendered themselves to what Allah created them for.


That's an amazing thing SubhanAllah. Can you imagine that everything created are technically 'Muslims'? That is amazing. Hence there is so much love and respect for these things in Islam. 😊

Well I shall speak with you all tomorrow (In Sha Allah) and I hope you all had a wonderful day.

Take care and think positive
Tarana A beaming start shining with positivity for the world to embrace xoxox 

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