Thursday, 24 October 2013

Drifting into endless motivation and searching for some redemption

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so I know it's been awhile but I must say that it was only because I haven't been feeling so great! However I thought that I would write something today because I would feel bad if I didn't. So I thought I'd talk about something that I really love and motivates me to move forward! :D

It's the thought that this illness that I have is actually a blessing in disguise! I think that even though I'm in a lot of pain it means that Allah loves me a lot! :D He only thinks the best of people and never gives any trouble or illness that a person can't handle. By thinking like this it makes me feel that I am closer to my redemption then ever before. I feel motivated by the fact that I will be able to do some creative things (although I haven't done anything yet) but I know I will be able design great clothes and create an whole new world when it comes to story writing so yeah I think I will definitely be able to work from something! At the moment it would have to be my story, I have made a start on my next chapter (handwritten) and I will work on it and of course I will work on my clothes designs because I feel the creative juice flow bursting inside of me! :D I will definitely work with that and also I hope that I could start - after my hospital appointment in November - my charms and jewellery making stuff to share with people! So do look forward to that! :D

So I thought I'd pass on some positive thoughts around the world because I'm sure somewhere someone will feel that they are in a very bad situation and feel like they can't go on any longer. My advice to you would be not to worry so much and be yourself because it does become better than you think I know because I had glimpses of the good fortune! Even now I feel fortunate that my suffering is not as bad as some because there is always someone out there who suffer something even more worse than you. So just be patient and do positive things and good will come your way when you lease expect it! :D Don't feel like you are alone because there is always someone out there who is willing to help and if you feel like there is no one then think of Allah and you will be in a good place. Allah has always said: Think of Me when you are suffering and you will be rewarded because I never leave you. (This is not the exact words but it's something like this) Also if you feel like you need someone to talk to I will always be here for anyone! Because one of the things that I enjoy doing is helping others the most! :D 

Anyways take care and think positive! :D as always with love! xoxox

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