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Monday, 7 October 2013

Flowers blooming and some AWESOME news!!!!! :D

Hello Everyone!! :D

Today I am in an Awesome Awesome AWESOME mood!! :D Firstly I'd like to share some of the flowers that grew in my garden!! :D You might be thinking why am I so excited about flowers...well I'll tell you :P I LOVE flowers and roses!! :D they are like the best thing in the world and will put a smile on anyone's face!! :D They are the best thing! I'm telling you if you're down just look at some flowers or smell them they will give you a sense of momentary bliss at the bare minimum :P

So anyways I picked these flowers from my flower pot before they started to wither and thought to myself that I would make a bouquet of flower joined together and leave it as a decoration! :D So here they are! :D

Doesn't it look marvellous!! :D It's so cute and the tiny tea cup makes it even prettier! :D

Ok so I today was what made me feel so awesomely happy! :D I was sleeping in the morning when my phone started ringing and I picked up the phone - FYI I just woke up and I sound horrible in the morning (almost sound like a boy!) - so when I answered the phone I received a call from the Internship programme. A few weeks ago they called me telling me about some possible job opportunities and I said for them to put me down for it! So today they finally got back to me well the emplyers got back to them and they got back to me saying that.....I have a interview for one of the job!!!!! :D I am so happy!!! :D This is like a possible job I will be a co-ordinator and the best thing is that it's located right at my uni!!!! :D It's in my uni!!! :D so it's absolutely perfect!! :D I think it's for 3 days as well so I really can't wait to go for it!!!! :D I am absolutely ecstatic about it (i'm sure you can tell) It's like the perfect job for me at the moment - oh don't worry I still haven't given up my hope to becoming a teacher oh no no no :P - I think this would help me out in terms of my health as well!!

So yeah please please please! Keep my in your dua's and prayers!! :D I really wish to get this job so I hope I do. I know I know I'm getting WAAY too hopeful about it and it's not something that should be feeling but I just can't help it!! :D Also I asked my uni to give me a mock interview because I want to be fully prepared for this!! :D So I'm looking forward to it!! :D

Also because of my health I need as much vitamin D so I have been going out in the sun  whenever it came out and today and yesterday was no exception. Of course being a Muslim we always cover up so it's really hard to get the sunlight so what I do is at the front of my house I just cover my hair and expose my arms and feet and face to the sun - this is for medical purpose so insha Allah it will be fine! :D Afterwards, I spoke to my dad saying I'm going to the market and I was really happy that I went because it's been a week since I last went out of the house! So not good! Because I've been spending my time at home for too long! So I went to the market, but I didn't get anything for me because it was a Monday and there really wasn't anything good that was out so yeah, but because of the mood I've been feeling I have been so pumped and feel like I can do about anything! :D Including getting back into my jewellery making! Which I will start to do soon because I'll be going to another market called Roman Road Market tomorrow to see what I could get!! :D Jewellery wise I mean and of course any other things. But while I was at Crisp Street market (the one I went to today) I took a couple of pictures just to show you all!! :D

Market always have a lot of good stuff and it's always exciting to find out what they might have next! :D So I love going to markets!! :D

Anyways that's all for today again always and forever stay safe and think positive because there's no better way to  live a life then like this :P xoxox

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