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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Just redecorating! :)

Hey everyone! :D

Ok so today there was a lot redecorating all over my house today. It's a lot of clutter but it will be good to get it all decluttered and let the house breathe a little! :)

Other than that I've tried out the pens that I got it's really good! I think I'm going to use them of course I won't use them as colouring pens because I just want to add definition to things and I think it's the best way to go about it! :D

Anyways I think today I have been in a lot of pain so I am going to try and rest for the of the day..or what's left of the day! I'm also really going to start working on my story chapter more often so that I at least have a few chapters that I'm ahead! :D

So yeah that's all for today take care and think positive!! :D xoxox

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